The Well in the Garden


I would just like to take this moment to invite one and all to step into my garden and stop by the well.

The Well in the Garden –


A well is a source you can draw from, it can quench a thirst but can also be a place to rest awhile. A place to gather your thoughts and rejuvinate. Perhaps you will meet another who comes to draw from the well, or perhaps you wish to throw something in, usually it is a wish…but maybe your own words of wisdom that will echo back at another who looks into its depths.

So please drink freely from the well – make a wish and I hope you will add your own wisdom that others can draw from.

…stop by for a visit sometime, I would love to meet you. We are a friendly group so don’t be shy – come and say hi! 🙂

Our challenge in the garden  is to write some flash fiction of 200 words or less or a poem on different themes.  The theme of the well is always there for inspiration but different subjects are being added to the well all the time.  So far we have had the theme of Angels and Heaven, Time and Time Travel and the Universe as a simulation – so maybe you would like to come and add your thoughts…

A poem of mine inspired by the theme of the well…

The Well of Wisdom willingly waits
for the chance to catch a lonely soul
who throws a coin to pay the fates
to help them with their chosen goal
so many come and make their wish
and hope that wisdom finds them
they learn that fate serves a rather cold dish
to those without true freedom
So do not look to wishing wells
to give your heart’s desire
no outside force or simple spells
will ever quench the fire
because that thirst for vision
can only be found in you
the power is in your own decision
to your own heart you must be true
But then there is another magic
to be found inside the well
the gods can be so cryptic
in the advice they choose to sell
for if you look into its depths
the well will show quite clear
a reflection of your hidden strengths
beneath your own veneer
© Laura Crean 2013


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