The House of Many Secrets

The House of Many Secrets is a paranormal / fantasy book idea that I had  a few years ago that may end up being a collection of short stories woven around items that were left in a box on a rocking chair in an attic in an old house.  The chair and all the items are energised by magic from another dimension.  You can read how this took place in the story Spinning into Alfheim.   

The magic leaked over everything after a wooden spinning top, made using a magic axe, was left in the box.  I have chosen to write a collection of short stories rather than write this book as a novel because I was interested in how many completely different stories with different protagonists I could weave into this project.  With this in mind The house of Many Secrets may well be a very long term project… no surprise there! LOL

The first story I am writing as part of this collection is  The Rocking Chair and it is effectively the beginning of the adventure, with Spinning into Alfheim acting as a prologue.  I will continue to add links to excerpts as I go, but as I said, it may be a long time coming with all the writing projects I start and never seem to finish.  So once again, one of my favourite expressions on here – watch this space…

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