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Dream of 1st November 2015 – 4.20 AM (ish)

Published November 6, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

We are all Human Beings having an experience – an experience of ‘being’– and we are all free –thinking individuals with the ability to put those thoughts into a symbolic representation through sound – i.e. the spoken word.  And in some countries we are told we have “freedom of speech”.  But in today’s world we are living in an illusion of freedom, because we are not free to speak those thoughts without fear of ridicule, condemnation or persecution…

…Last Saturday night, or rather early Sunday morning I had a dream.  And in that dream a debate was taking place in a public space, and it was being filmed for television.  It was between several scientific leading authorities.  The chair person asked each of them to put forward their point of view – of course – the nature of a debate – and each gave a very eloquent and rather complicated version of their scientific viewpoint on how they experience the universe through their own “scientific” understanding.

I stepped forward and began to articulate my own viewpoint and with my eyes closed I spoke of the love of God, and his love and my consciousness meeting in an inside space not in an outside space.  The chair of the debate threw out my comments and said they were not relevant to the debate.  I said that a debate by its very nature must accept different viewpoints, but how could there be a debate when ALL the viewpoints are from only one perspective – the “scientific” perspective?  There may be many arguments but at the end of the day all the arguments were from the same scientific viewpoint.  I said that I was still a human being having an experience of “being” in the universe.  I am free-thinking and have the ability to articulate those experiences, so why should my thoughts, my experience, my understanding be any less worthy of a debate – just because I haven’t had the same “education” or got the same “degrees” as another person? She said that it was just not how we did things and that my point of view would not be shown on the television.

As I came out of the debate and out of the dream, God spoke to me and said: “Write this down…”

…Humanity is on the brink of an evolution in understanding – an awakening of awareness.  And that awareness is that Space is not just about what science dictates it is – Space is not the Universe, the Universe is more than just space – it is consciousness, it is the love energy of God, it is a gift given to everyone to experience individually but to share together.  And no one person or group of people should dictate to others about how they should experience or share their experience of “being” in the universe, because by putting the universe in a box, they are putting people in a box and that box is like a prison for the mind.  It is time for the mind to be set free…



Published October 8, 2015 by Laura Crean Author


Something has changed!

I opened my eyes this morning and something has changed;


Vision clearing…

…There’s something wrong with the picture on the wall –

Is it crooked?


Something has changed!

No matter how hard I try I cannot straighten it;

It won’t go back to the way it was before.

Perspective’s altered.


Eyes straining.

What is it?

What is wrong with the picture?

It has always been there.

It hasn’t moved.

Why has it changed?

It doesn’t make sense!

Who is the artist?

What is he trying to tell me?


Look deeper!

Look with different eyes.

Look at it from above, from the side,

follow the lines, join the dots.


Who told me it was meant to be viewed that way?

Was it the shop-keeper?

He sold me a lie!

I have been looking at it from the wrong angle for all these years;

Better to see with the eyes of the artist.


Now I see.

The painting hasn’t changed;

I have!

© Copyright 2015 Laura Crean

My Sickness Eclipse – A poem by Laura Crean

Published March 20, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

image by Luc Viatour /

image by Luc Viatour /

A strange day
A trilogy of celestial mystery
The eclipse has been on everyone’s mind
Another moment in history
A super new moon
A Spring equinox
The Luna’s Passover gone too soon
An odd effect came over me
A day my mood so low
A sickness in my own psychology
My biology seemed to know
As the strange twilight darkened my space
And my stomach made a turn
A silence and a turning point
But the sun continues to burn…

Copyright © Laura Crean 20th March 2015

I’m getting ready to post a poem a day for April – also on Linked in:

More to crop circles than pretty pictures!

Published May 4, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

I love this video. It links the crop circle phenomenon to our evolving spirituality and basically how sound and love are linked to the universe expressing itself in an ever expanding entity that grows more and more with love and understanding as it expands, expressing itself in all entities that it creates. UFOs and alien beings, in this explanation, are entities that are trying to help us discover this encoded vibrational expression of life and want us to understand this spirituality before we jump ahead with creating technology that we don’t understand fully and may misuse i.e.. not using it in love and understanding. Makes sense to me!

Dream Blog – Unlimited Potential

Published December 20, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

I have had 3 dreams in 3 nights which I seem to remember pretty well and they have impressed upon me the need to reflect on what my subconscious and the Realm of Dreams are trying to tell me.  I will record the  dreams in as much detail as possible and then later when I have time I will reflect on any interpretations I can give them.

The first dream, the dream of Tuesday night took place in an immense supermarket which my brain was telling me was Asda, but it was vast inside.  It was also really light, made of lots and lots of glass.  As I began to walk around with my children I realised there were far more shopping options in this store than the usual mundane food and clothes of my local Asda.  In this store we moved through various D.I.Y home imorovement areas which included showrooms for the various rooms you would find in your average house – bathrooms and bedrooms etc.  The first thing I remember clearly was walking through the bathroom area.  There were rows of really extravagant baths, made of gold or marble, basically expensive materials.  The taps were like ornaments, I remember one of the taps was a mermaid and the water was flowing out of the taps like fountains and the water was hitting the light hanging over the bath.  I was concerned that this was going to cause a fire and my 9 year old daughter proceeded to climb up onto the bath with the intension of unscrewing the lightbulb.  I shouted for her to get down and pulled her down.  I wanted to smack her and tried but my arm wouldn’t strike her (this is bizarre because I have never smacked my children, I barely raise my voice) but in the dream I really wanted to smack her but my arm wouldn’t follow through.  Then my 15 year old started to do the same thing and I pulled her down and tried to smack her too but again my arm wouldn’t let me.  I remember feeling a great rage like i had to smack her but my arm wouldn’t allow me to.  I gave up and we continued walking around the shop.

Ideal Home Show 2012

Then I remember we walked through the bedroom department and we were looking at this big double bed when I suddenly looked round and couldn’t see my youngest daughter.  Then I saw movement from a drawer under the bed so I pulled the drawer out and underneith the bed was a whole bedroom set out – a double bed with 2 bedside lamps on bedside cabinets.  My daughter was playing under there.


I told her off and told her to come out and started apologising to the sales assistant who i noticed was this really young, sexy Italian man.  He said it was OK and said something wierd about me being a child carer.  I felt insulted and told him they were my children as I helped him to re-make the bed.

I don’t remember much more of the dream except that as we continued to walk through the store it seemed like we were outside but I knew we were still inside, it may have been because of all the glass.  At the edge of the store there was a huge rollercoaster that was a dragon but I don’t remember any more than that.

The second dream, the one fromWednesday night was set in a huge white house that was a complete mess, it was run down and full of rubble and rubbish, with walls missing in some places.  The house belonged to my sister, she owned it with her ex husband, they seemed to be back together in the dream.  I was there to help her do it up.  We seemed to do this almost instantly in the dream.  Soon it was this beautiful, beautiful house – all painted white with great big rooms all white and clean with lots of huge glass windows looking out into a big driveway and gardens and the house had hardly any furniture.   It seemed like a small palace to me and from the outside it looked like a miniature version of The White House.  I asked her how she could afford such a big house and she said it was cheap because it had been falling apart and needed lots of work.


As I looked around the house I remember thinking how lovely it was and how big the rooms were.


Then as I began exploring all the rooms I noticed that most of the bedrooms were crammed full of old children’s toys.


I immediately knew that I wanted to sort it all out for her and started planning in my head that I would take lots of boxes into the rooms and sort out all the toys into the boxes.


I was very excited to do this and thought the rooms would look beautiful once all the toys were cleared out.  I explained to her which rooms I thought would be better for her children. Oh yes she was pregnant in the dream.

At one point while I was exploring the house I seemed to wander into a public library but it was a part of the house somehow.  The library was filled with glass partitioning walls and great staircases.  I can’t remember what happened while I was in the library but I think it had everything you could want to know in it.  when I was back in the house I was exploring and I came across my sister in a shower – she was giving birth and I was appalled and disgusted when she gave birth to a rag doll.  I can’t remember anything else about it other than this overwhelming feeling of disgust.  Then I remember also being disgusted with all the amniotic fluids all over my hands and I put my sister in the bath and had a shower myself.  the last thing i remember is sorting out the rooms with toys in them and something about an old out house or shed or something that also had old toys in in that needed sorting out.

There was a third part to the dream but it seems to have gone into another dream actually.  I was in my own house now but it wasn’t the house i live in, in reality, it was the end house in a lovely little countryside cul de sac and my house was next to a big green field and beyond that was the countryside.  All the houses in the street were beautiful houses, really well cared for and expensive looking but an ordinary street at the same time.  I was standing in my front garden and I noticed a small plane coming towards me.  I thought it was going to crash at first but it just came to land in the field and as it landed i could see that it was half car and half plane so it landed and skidded to a stop as a car.  The man jumped out and ran towards me saying he had something for Zoe, who I knew to be my daughter’s friend from school (very odd) it appeared she lived across the street from us.  It was a business card and leaflet of some kind, something to do with flowers or a florist!?!  Then he flew off again.


I took the stuff over to the house she lived in and gave it to her Mother.  Then I seemed to jump to another point in the dream where I was walking along a row of quaint shops in a beautiful little cobble stone rural village and I went into a shop to talk to this girl’s mother again.  It was some sort of gift shop and she was doing a display on a shelf with these beautiful glass objects, they were like vases with candles in them and coloured glass flowers molded to the front of the clear glass.

Then I was back in the street again.  I noticed the plane/car thing was coming towards me again but this time it crashed into the houses on my side of the street.  I screamed and was thinking ‘No not my house’ but luckily for me it seemed to only clip the front of my house taking out a shed but comletely went through whole portions of the other houses leaving bedrooms exposed.  I remember feeling overwhwelmed with relief that my house wasnt too damaged but guilty that all the other houses were really badly damaged.  Then I looked at my house and realised how poor and rundown it looked compared to all the other houses in the street but it didn’t matter because mine wasn’t damaged and theirs was.  That’s all I remember.

Last night’s dream was very bizarre.  I had a baby with my ex-husband (we were still together in my dream which seems to happen quite a lot in my dreams – I truly have no desire to be reconciled with him and he has a new family now anyway) but in the dream I was at a nursery with my baby, now this baby was a black baby boy called Alex – we are both white, so I am not sure of the significance of this yet, plus my daughter’s name is Alice which sounds similar, so again not sure of the significance of this yet.  Anyway I was in the nursery garden with my baby who was a toddler and he was wandering around in the garden and I was just sort of watching him exploring, letting him experience his environment.


At the back of the garden there was a little niche in a brick wall and inside the niche were growing different fruits.  There were grapes and I think strawberries and blackberries and round behind the wall, apples and in the niche on the other side were apples that were picked and just sort of lined up in there ready to be picked up and eaten.  One of the Nursery Nurses was standing by the niche eating an apple and she offered me one and I asked her why there were so many apples and why some of them were different varieties.  She said that children often bring apples in their lunch and don’t eat them so they put them here for anyone to help themselves.

I noticed my son start to examine the fruits on the other side of the wall so I went back to him and encouraged him to pick them and try them.  He went for a grape and picked it.  It was a huge grape and looked really juicy and he seemed to enjoy it.  I felt really happy that he was able to experience the world in this free environment.


Then my husband came to pick us up.  He pulled up in his car but for some reason the next thing that I remember is us sitting on a bus.  I asked him why we were sitting on the bus and I overheard one of the Nursery Nurses who was also on the bus talking to another Nursery Nurse about their concern at leaving their cars at the nursery in case they couldn’t get back in to get them and I shared my concern with him.  He told me not to worry and he would go back and get the car later.  I asked him where we were going and he said a company meal.

Then he seemed to leave me standing on the path a little bit away from the restaurant, or club or whatever the building was and said he was going back to get the car now.  I felt completely abandoned and really vulnerable standing on the street corner on my own (I don’t know where the baby was).  As I was standing there waiting it was getting dark, a work colleague of my husband’s came up to me and said something like, you don’t want to go in there Laura the boss has lost the plot, he’s talking rubbish these days and keeps going on about consciousness and other dimensions.  So I say that that’s OK and that I like conversations about those sorts of things and I head towards the building.

I go into the restaurant and all the men are wearing the same suit, I can’t remember the colour, possibly a lime green, but they were all wearing exactly the same suit, even the boy children of the employees and I thought this was odd and wondered why my husband wasn’t wearing the same suit but then he walked in the door wearing the same suit with a little black boy in the same suit and I said something like ‘aww cute but what’s with the suit?’ and I continued in thinking my husband and son were following me.  He looked at me and asked ‘where’s Alex?’ and I looked at the little boy as he ran past and thought ‘that’s not my son!’ and felt overwhelmed with grief and guilt that I didn’t recognise my own son and couldn’t remember what he looked like.  We both panicked and were looking all around for him calling his name and then I opened the door and he was standing in the foyer crying and dripping wet.  I remember thinking ‘how could his Father just leave him out here, knowing that he had been in the car with him and I picked him up and started cuddling and comforting him.  For the rest of the dream he was a baby!


We walked into the restaurant and my husband led me off to a corner table where he thought nobody would see us.  I don’t remember too much more except at one point I went off to what looked like a school medical room and on the bed was lots of medical equipment that my family seemed to need and my husband told me to leave it all there while we were in the restaurant so nobody would see it.  It looked like some of my eldest daughter’s old asthma medication, the large plastic breathing device she used to have when she was small to help her take her inhalers and her puffer for recording the strength of her breathing and various other pieces of medical looking equipment.

The last thing I remember was that the boss was letting people in the company go and he was presenting them with cheques.  My husband went up and received a cheque for something like 2 or 3 or possibly 4 thousand pounds.  He was so disgusted he tore it up in front of everyone.  There was more to this dream involving water – a big river in the middle of a city and boats but I can’t remember anything else.

So there you are 3 days of quite a detailed dream blog.  I may have to think about these dreams for a while before I offer anything – I had a few ideas yesterday but didn’t find the time to write them down and I need to get it straight in my head first.  Maybe someone out there in WordPress world wants to add their own observations or interpretations.  It doesn’t have to be relevant to me – it could be an interpretation relative to society and social issues.  I usually see my dreams as reflecting my own mind and situation as well as what is going on in a wider social setting also as we are all deeply set in a wider social context – even more in these days on instant media.

Captain Ozone – A real live Time-Travelling Super Hero – Ecology Champion for Today

Published October 23, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Captain Ozone – A real live Time-Travelling Super Hero – Ecology Champion for Today.

I thought this deserved a re-blog.  I stumbled across this interview with Captain Ozone and thought I should give you guys a second chance to find out all about this time travelling Super hero with a super green ego – he certainly is an ecology champion for the 21st Century and beyond…


…so check him out!

Book Launch Date…

Published October 6, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Hello everyone. I am tentatively setting my book launch day for “Vision – Space Between the Universes” for Friday 18th October. You can join my Facebook event here –

You don’t have to buy a book to join the event – I appreciate the creative and emotional support too – although if you buy a book later that would be nice too 😉

Please come and join in in my excitement at launching this book that is very close to my heart. It is a book of poetry, prose and short stories – set on the shoreline of my consciousness and asking the question “What is vision and how can we use it to see our place in the world more clearly?”

The secret kiss is a poem from the book and is basically sets the scene for The Space Between the Universes. I am hoping to create a new video for the launch day that will feature another poem taken from the book.

I will leave this post with a quote from the book…

“What is reality? What is the soul? What is God? What are the processes in our brains that ‘do’ all this experiencing? Are we just biological machines with the accidental side effect of ‘experiencing self-awareness’ that leads to us labelling such things as the soul, spirits, heaven, angels, aliens, God or gods or goddesses? Are the senses just mechanical? Or is there more to it than that? Are our sensations and perceptions linked to the ‘unseen’, not yet understood realms that I call ‘the space between the universes’?”

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