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The Royal Wedding, my dream and “The Candlelight Club”

Published May 19, 2018 by Laura Crean Author

I had a dream on Wednesday night and I posted it to my Facebook page and then each time I went online I seemed to find something else to add to my observations of it. So here we go, I have decided to share it here and yes, more came to me and has been added.

I spent my day off Wednesday preparing for Children’s church on Sunday and so I think that has a lot to do with this great dream I had Wednesday night. Anyway I thought I would share it.

I dreamed I was at a big fancy hotel somewhere where an event like an awards ceremony or something was going on, like the Oscars or something and the place was filled with celebrities of all kinds; actors, producers, musicians, artists etc. and their families were also staying with them.

One night a group of the children of these celebrities were bored and wandered around the hotel looking for something to do. They all sort of stumbled together in a vacant area and met me lol – we all got chatting and I realised they all had issues of feeling in the background- being in the shadow of their celebrity relatives’ fame and talent – and all felt lost, hopeless, useless and had no purpose in life.

I told them all that God loved them all and had made them all with their own gifts and unique talents and had a plan and a purpose for them all.

I said: ¬†“God has brought you all together for a reason. He wants you to shine your little lights in the darkness of Hollywood and spread his light and love round through your own gifts. Having money and a family name is all well and good but what joy do you have in your lives? Jesus wants you to have his joy and use those God given gifts and the gifts the Holy Spirit wants to give you through Jesus to give you a purpose of your own.”

And all these children who were related to famous people like Michael Jackson, Will Smith and other famous people were just dying to show me what they could do. And each of them were happy to make friends with each other and were happy because they knew what Jesus had done for them.

I called the club the Candlelight Club because they all had their own little light to shine and their families came and saw the fruits of their gifts and just what they had to share with the World for good.

I woke up thinking what a positive dream it was. It doesn’t matter what your past is, or who your family is or what troubles you – Jesus wants you to be a light for the World and shine. He can give you that joy and purpose again.

Whoever you are let Jesus find you in the dark place where you are lost and lonely and looking for purpose – Reach out and be a part of something bigger than your past, your failures, your anxieties and he will bring you into a new life; a life worthy of you for who you are not for what others think you are.

Anyway I wanted to share – and thank God for such a cool dream and vision. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see the next generation in Hollywood living for a brighter future, using their gifts and privileges to spread light…

First amendment to dream observations:-

I just had a thought. I was wondering why the names of Will Smith and Michael Jackson came to me as part of this dream and usually names have some significance- I was thinking “Will” and Jack “son” so maybe the will of the son. Which has 2 significant meanings in this dream – firstly that we each have a purpose in the will of Jesus (the son) but also that each child in this dream has their own will and purpose apart from their parents or famous relatives – well I know the dream is for me too and I am comforted at the thought of letting my little light shine. I’ve had that song in my head all day lol – This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!

Second amendment to dream observations:-

I’ve just realised Jackson- “Jack” -Union Jack ūüá¨ūüáß- Britain- son of Britain- could also relate to the royal Wedding as well – cool!

Third amendment to dream observations:-

I am also seeing the black actors in Hollywood theme here and linking that to Megan – how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Ok Fourth amendment to dream observations:-

These are today’s new observations, as the Royal wedding buzz is on. ¬†I keep thinking of Prince Harry and Megan and how ¬†these symbolic images relating to my dream keep popping into my head. Today I was thinking about the black celebrities ¬†theme in my dream and ¬†2 things came to me- first of all how important a symbol Megan is now as a new member of the Royal family, a new generation of Royals but also this link with a new generation of celebrity both in the United Kingdom and the United States of America and specifically Hollywood, which has the biggest influence on our children and the next generation.

So I feel, in this way God is laying a message for her about her responsibilities to be a shining light across the board – no pressure Megan, I mean that. I think she should be herself, use her gifts as a celebrity to do good.

The second black theme I see is for Harry. ¬†You see as we are all “sheep” in God’s fold as it were and I see ¬†Harry as a bit of a “black sheep” in his family . ¬†I don’t mean it in a bad way. I think he is like a breath of fresh air, a bit of a rebel. He does what he feels is the right things for him and I believe that is why this dream is for him. ¬†I believe God is using his unique gifts for the greater good and Harry should continue to be a shining light for the next generation and continue to stand out in his family.

I also think the ¬†“Jack” symbol in the dream could stand for “jack of all trades” that he has many gifts to share and his Father should be very proud of him. ¬†He really stands out as an ambassador for the younger generation and I think he will continue to do so, with his work with children, with the invictus games and with Megan’s connections in Hollywood.

Ok I just had another thought; the Candlelight Club could also be a tribute to Diana – thinking of the “candle in the wind” song tribute from Elton John – So yeah, be a light, a candle Harry, just like your Mum!

Who would have thought one little dream would make me think of so many different things going on in my life and in the World Рso cool!  Hope my little dream ramblings inspire someone else to ask :

“How can I be a shining light in the world? ¬†What gifts has God given me to share with others?”

Why don’t you invite Jesus into your life and let him give you the gift of the Holy Spirit living inside you to realise your purpose in him today.

God bless and love and light to you all. ¬† ‚̧Laura‚̧



The Cup of Living Waters. 

Published May 13, 2017 by Laura Crean Author

When darkness falls

and you feel you’re all alone

and fear begins to seep into your bones,

when sickness creeps up on you so unawares

and leaves you feeling weak

and ill prepared,

when that time comes;

when you feel you’ve lost control

and only a bitter taste

consumes your soul,

when nothing that you do or say

can make a change

and hopelessness leaves you in a world that feels so strange;

Step forward now and find the home of faith

and call on Jesus – humbly seek his face.

For he has heard your prayers

and seen your tears – and surely he will heal,

for he heals the broken hearted

and binds up every wound – it is his will!

He does not hide his face

from those that call –

Seek him, praise him, honour and revere him,

for he heals all…

…who come to him for strength and joy and life.

You are not forsaken,

God’s presence is like

the surgeon’s sharpest knife –

it cuts through all fears

and transplants love within its place,

such is the awesome mercy of God’s grace.

He will be your strength

and will help you when you call,

have faith because when God is with you – nothing is impossible!

So come and drink from his cup so sweet,

his living waters into your life will seep

and such a medicine will refresh your soul,

God’s love will wash over you

and make you whole.

by Laura Crean

Dream of 1st November 2015 ‚Äď 4.20 AM (ish)

Published November 6, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

We are all Human Beings having an experience ‚Äď an experience of ‚Äėbeing‚Äô– and we are all free ‚Äďthinking individuals with the ability to put those thoughts into a symbolic representation through sound ‚Äď i.e. the spoken word.¬† And in some countries we are told we have ‚Äúfreedom of speech‚ÄĚ.¬† But in today‚Äôs world we are living in an illusion of freedom, because we are not free to speak those thoughts without fear of ridicule, condemnation or persecution…

…Last Saturday night, or rather early Sunday morning¬†I had a dream.¬† And in that dream a debate was taking place in a public space, and it was being filmed for television.¬† It was between several scientific leading authorities.¬† The chair person asked each of them to put forward their point of view ‚Äď of course ‚Äď the nature of a debate ‚Äď and each gave a very eloquent and rather complicated version of their scientific viewpoint on how they experience the universe through their own ‚Äúscientific‚ÄĚ understanding.

I stepped forward and began to articulate my own viewpoint and with my eyes closed I spoke of the love of God, and his love and my consciousness meeting in an inside space not in an outside space.¬† The chair of the debate threw out my comments and said they were not relevant to the debate.¬† I said that a debate by its very nature must accept different viewpoints, but how could there be a debate when ALL the viewpoints are from only one perspective ‚Äď the ‚Äúscientific‚ÄĚ perspective?¬† There may be many arguments but at the end of the day all the arguments were from the same scientific viewpoint.¬† I said that I was still a human being having an experience of ‚Äúbeing‚ÄĚ in the universe.¬† I am free-thinking and have the ability to articulate those experiences, so why should my thoughts, my experience, my understanding be any less worthy of a debate ‚Äď just because I haven‚Äôt had the same ‚Äúeducation‚ÄĚ or got the same ‚Äúdegrees‚ÄĚ as another person? She said that it was just not how we did things and that my point of view would not be shown on the television.

As I came out of the debate and out of the dream, God spoke to me and said: ‚ÄúWrite this down…‚ÄĚ

…Humanity is on the brink of an evolution in understanding ‚Äď an awakening of awareness.¬† And that awareness is that Space is not just about what science dictates it is ‚Äď Space is not the Universe, the Universe is more than just space ‚Äď it is consciousness, it is the love energy of God, it is a gift given to everyone to experience individually but to share together.¬† And no one person or group of people should dictate to others about how they should experience or share their experience of ‚Äúbeing‚ÄĚ in the universe, because by putting the universe in a box, they are putting people in a box and that box is like a prison for the mind.¬† It is time for the mind to be set free…

Space Between the Universes – “It’s Time to Wake up!”

Published October 14, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

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It’s been so long since I visited our beach. ¬†This lonely place of dreams and visions. ¬†The moon is staring down at me – again! ¬†Taunting, mocking, laughing at my innocence. ¬†I try to remember my journey. ¬†How I got here. ¬†Have I ever really moved? ¬†I stood on the shoreline and looked as far as I could see. ¬†Why did I always end up here? ¬†I looked and looked at the horizon. ¬†What was out there? ¬†I followed the line to the left and then to the right. ¬†Just an endless sea – still quiet, still calm. ¬†I sat down and looked back at the moon. ¬†It winked at me. ¬†And as I blinked, there he was, standing looking down ¬†at me, smiling the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, that lit up his face and gave his eye a twinkle that seemed to give¬†his whole presence an air of gentle grace.

“I’m glad to see you again.” ¬†He said¬†softly and sat down next to me on the warm sand. ¬†“I was wondering when you’d be back.”

“I’ve been busy.” ¬†I said.

“I know.” ¬†He replied, “So have I.”

“why are you here?” ¬†He suddenly asked. ¬†His now gentle smile curling ever so slightly.

I hadn’t expected that question. ¬†“I don’t know” ¬†I replied, “I suppose it is because I have too many questions. ¬†Too many! ¬†Why am I so confused?”

My Lord sighed and nodded. ¬†“Of course you’re confused. ¬†Your universe is full of strange contradictions and theories ¬†that don’t quite add up. ¬†I have tried to reach you – I have given you everything you need to see the truth clearly…

…I looked at the moon again…

…”but you always complicate matters by looking in the wrong direction. ¬†Stop looking up and fix your eyes on me.” ¬†He said gently. ¬†I took my eyes off of the moon and looked back at Jesus. ¬†His gentle smile turned to calm concern. ¬†“It’s time.” ¬†He said after a short pause.

“Time for what?” ¬†I asked him.

“It’s time to wake up. ¬†You can’t keep coming here. ¬†It’s such a lonely place. ¬†Now – I want to give you a gift.”

“But I like coming here.” ¬†I whispered.” ¬†He nodded and then bent down and scooped up a handful of sand, which trickled through his fingers.

“But I didn’t create this universe – you did. ¬†The universe I created for you is so special. ¬†Made just for you – perfect for all your needs.” ¬†He cupped his hands around the sand in his hand, making a ball and shook the contents and when ¬†he opened his hands again, he held another bubble. ¬†But this one was different from the rest. ¬†It didn’t float delicately in the air. ¬†It was solid, sitting in the palm of his hand. ¬†Inside the bubble I could see a strange ¬†image of the Earth; not as a globe but as a disc, so that I was looking down at it flat – spread out like a two dimensional map, with all the continents in the middle and a ring of sea around the edge and then ice and snow around that, until it touched the sides of the bubble. ¬†In the top part of the bubble were clouds and the sun, moon and stars. ¬†In the bottom of the bubble, just darkness. ¬†I couldn’t understand why he was showing me such a distorted image of the universe.

I shook my head in my confusion. ¬†“Why are you showing me a flat Earth?”

Jesus got up and dusted himself down. ¬†He walked around me, holding the bubble on his palm and looking at it curiously. ¬†“Hold out your hand!” ¬†He commanded, and as I did so, he placed the bubble in it. ¬†It was solid, like glass! ¬†I looked down at the strange disc-like Earth and had a sudden image of Terry Pratchett’s Disc World, riding on the back of a turtle. ¬†It just didn’t make sense.

“Have you had enough time exploring in this place now? ¬†You know that your mind has the free will wander wherever it wishes and I don’t ever want you to stop dreaming. ¬†Keep creating – it is in your nature ¬†to do so. ¬†But it is time to stop looking up and set your eyes on the Earth. ¬†There is enough to think about with your feet set on solid ground

“your universe is so small. ¬†Look around you. ¬†These are your neighbours – get to know one another again. ¬†Talk to each other, help each other. ¬†Stop polluting this delicate system – see how enclosed your Earth is? ¬†How will you escape when you have destroyed all you can see? ¬†I have given you a gift – take care of it. ¬†It is enough for now.” ¬†He took the glass universe back and said to me: ¬†“this one belongs to me. ¬†All the other universes are of no consequence to you; they float on the wind, or bob on the sea, they hide in the cracks and break all too easily – this universe is strong and the only one that matters – perfect because I have made it for you.

“Can I come back and see you again?” ¬†I asked him.

“We’ll see.” ¬†He said. ¬†“Next time I might just come for you. ¬†So do all I have said and live your life to the fullest. ¬†Remember that I love you. ¬†Now love your neighbours and take care of the Earth. ¬†Stop worrying and remember who is holding the universe in his hands. ¬†And I will see you soon.”


Published October 8, 2015 by Laura Crean Author


Something has changed!

I opened my eyes this morning and something has changed;


Vision clearing…

…There’s something wrong with the picture on the wall –

Is it crooked?


Something has changed!

No matter how hard I try I cannot straighten it;

It won’t go back to the way it was before.

Perspective’s altered.


Eyes straining.

What is it?

What is wrong with the picture?

It has always been there.

It hasn’t moved.

Why has it changed?

It doesn’t make sense!

Who is the artist?

What is he trying to tell me?


Look deeper!

Look with different eyes.

Look at it from above, from the side,

follow the lines, join the dots.


Who told me it was meant to be viewed that way?

Was it the shop-keeper?

He sold me a lie!

I have been looking at it from the wrong angle for all these years;

Better to see with the eyes of the artist.


Now I see.

The painting hasn’t changed;

I have!

© Copyright 2015 Laura Crean

Jesus, my Lovely Saviour

Published October 8, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

Get up!

Published September 21, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

I believe the Lord has been guiding me to study the book of Acts this last week and I came across a YouTube video that enables you to watch a stunning dramatization of this most inspiring book, whilst following along with your NIV bible.  I encourage anyone who learns in a more visual way and may struggle with reading the bible to watch it.  The other books of the New Testament are also available but it is acts I wanted to focus on at the moment.  I will put the video at the end of this post.

It was quite late already by the time I started watching but I had my Women’s Devotional Bible in front of me to read along, and so I started my journey into Acts. ¬†Unfortunately half way through the film (and the book) I fell asleep!

Skipping a couple of days I opened my bible on the study on page 1293 entitled “A Mother’s Prayer” (Read Acts 1:1-14). ¬†The study sets the scene by talking about a woman called Monica and her constant prayer for her son Augustine, who didn’t follow his mother’s faith and led a sinful life. ¬†He did however eventually wake up to Christ and became, of course, a¬†very famous fourth century Bishop. ¬†All his life his mother prayed for him, confident that God would step in and wake her son from his sinful slumber.

In the bible reading we see how Mary must have struggled when her younger sons didn’t have faith in their older brother Jesus and they must have been constantly foremost in her prayers. ¬†And we see how after Jesus ascends into heaven, his mother is among those in the upper room praying along with Jesus’ brothers. ¬†In fact his brother James is one of the first people Jesus appears to.

I really took hold of this lesson as a mother myself, praying for my children daily that they will be woken up to God’s glory. ¬†But as a mother who has faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour, I am very conscious of the need to be gently encouraging – because children don’t always listen to their parents with an open heart, let’s face it – and I don’t want the opposite to happen and push them further from God.

Now every Sunday I get up and go to church and I wake my children up and tell them I am going to church and if they want to come they have an hour or half an hour (depending on when I wake them) to get up, dressed and with it and come with me. ¬†I am a single mother and the girl’s father has them every other weekend (he doesn’t go to church) so as my children keep telling me: “This is your thing Mum not ours!” ¬†I try not to nag but give them the option of coming with me. ¬†Usually I get a few groans of “No Thanks!” ¬†and they turn over and go back to sleep! ¬†However Last Sunday I suddenly had the urge to change tactics (just the once. ¬†I wasn’t planning on doing it every week, but I felt the Holy Spirit stirring in the house making me bold and spurring me on.) ¬†So I shouted up the stairs: “GET¬†UP! ¬†We’re ALL going out to church this morning!” ¬†The usual moans and groans of¬†teenage angst drifted back down the stairs at me: “Muuuum I’m tired. I really don’t want to go – it’s your thing not mine!” ¬†Then I shouted back up the stairs: “It’s not a thing – it’s an opportunity – now GET UP! ¬†You don’t have to come every week but today we’re ALL going. ¬†As it turned out the morning was really amazing and I was so happy that my children (well 2 of them anyway) had come with me and had actually enjoyed the morning too.

Saturday I opened my devotional bible again to Acts and was quite surprised to find the next study on pg 1304 was entitled “Get up!” (Read Acts 9:1-43) ¬†Obviously this immediately made me think of my struggles to get my children up out of bed on a Sunday morning, so I read on with interest. ¬†The study actually started speaking about parents trying to get teenagers out of bed! ¬†I had to have a little giggle at (what I thought) was God’s sense of humour as a father relating to me as a mother. ¬†Then I read on and the bible study asks you to look at the different ways people were told to “Get up!” in Acts 9.

First in (Acts 9:5-6) Saul is knocked to the ground by the light of Jesus’ presence and blinded on the road to Damascus:

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “Who are you , Lord?” Saul asked.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.” He replied.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.”

Later on in (Acts 9:34-35) Peter comes across a paralyzed man:

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “Aeneas,” ¬†Peter said to him,

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† “Jesus Christ heals you. ¬†Get up and roll up your mat.”

Immediately Aeneas got up. ¬†All those who lived in Lydda and Sharon saw him and turned to the Lord.”

Then lastly, in (Acts 9:40) Peter is led to the body of Tabitha (a faithful disciple who always helped the poor and had died):

          Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down on his knees and prayed.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Turning towards the dead woman, he said, “Tabitha get up.”

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† She opened her eyes, and seeing Peter she sat up.”

Well as you can imagine the story spread and many people became believers.

I have really been inspired and encouraged this week by all these examples in the book of Acts and it spoke to me of just how different all our journeys are. ¬†As it points out in the bible study, we are all on different journeys, you may need God to knock you off your horse, heal you or resurrect you depending on where you are spiritually.¬† ¬†Which brings me to the end of the week. ¬†Friday I had a lovely catch up with a very dear friend of mine, who has been with me on my journey and who I know has been constantly praying for me. ¬†Somehow she had double booked her morning and another friend of hers also turned up, and the 3 of us had a wonderful morning chatting, eating a lovely lunch prepared by my friend and sharing our testimonies. ¬†It was then that I told my new friend about the day I met our mutual friend and how amazing my encounter with God was that day. ¬†In a way it reminded me of Saul’s encounter (although obviously not as dramatic!) But i was literally stopped in my tracks as I hurried to pass the church and the rather exuberant pastor sitting outside happily inviting people in to join in with a family event taking place. ¬†I was offended by his intrusion into my day and I politely declined with some excuse and hurried across the road. ¬†My eldest daughter, just 4 years old at the time, cried and carried on and on about how she wanted her face painted. ¬†I tried to take her into the local corner shop, thinking to bribe her with sweets to stop her winging. ¬†Well – it was at that point, standing in the middle of a very quiet coastal village, with nobody around me, that “someone” whispered quite calmly, gently but in a demanding way in my ear:

“Turn around!” – which I did. ¬†I turned around in the street to see who it was whispering in my ear and there was nobody there! ¬†My little heart started pounding, I can tell you, at the sudden realization that it had been God! ¬†God had just caught me trying to bribe my 4 year old with sweets NOT to go to church. ¬†I was so stunned and ashamed that I immediately went back to the church, where I met, amongst others, the dear friend I was visiting on Friday.

I would love to tell you that after that amazing encounter with God in the very quiet coastal village of Pevensey Bay, I was a loyal and faithful Christian – I’d be lying! ¬†That was just one small step on my journey to being woken up by God and thankfully he never gave up on me, throughout all my backsliding, and neither did those who continued to pray for me through darker times. ¬†Now I know Jesus was always with me, gently shaking me until I woke up, opened my heart and heard him again. ¬†It’s funny how children have ‘selective hearing’ isn’t it? ¬†Sometimes it isn’t until the circumstances and context of the situation are just right that they suddenly hear what you are trying to say, don’t you think? ¬†It is the same when God is trying to talk to us.

I am happy to report that one of my daughters was given a little shake last Sunday and yesterday (This Sunday) I had no problem getting her up – it seems she wants to be more involved with the church and was very excited to talk to the young visiting preacher who spoke about being a “lighthouse”.

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