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The Shepherd of my Soul

Published August 9, 2018 by Laura Crean Author

Another Psalms inspired painting and poem :-


Today I am thankful for my Shepherd
Who leads me on my way.
I’m thankful for my Shepherd,
So I look up and say:-
“Lead on my Lord – I’ll follow,
I am your faithful sheep,
Lead on my Lord- I’ll follow,
I trust my soul you’ll keep.”

Yes I will follow faithfully
By those waters still and calm,
I will follow you to the ends of the Earth,
And even through the storm,
Or through the darkest valley
Where shadows make men fear –
Lead on because YOU’RE with me
And in YOUR light the path now clear.

And yes I may well stumble,
But I will never leave your side,
Because YOU are my protection and my safety,
My Lord, YOU are my guide.
How comforting to see that rod and staff,
Gently steer me back onto your path,
And even as a weapon –
No fearsome beast can pass!

So I can lay down now to sleep
In pastures green and lush
While you become the very gate!
– and so in you I put my trust;
And WHEN the WOLF comes calling,
With YOU I have no care,
You make my Spirit so secure
Just knowing that you’re there.

Lead on my Lord – I’ll follow,
I am the safest in your flock.
Lead on my Lord – I’ll follow,
With you there will be no shock
Because YOU protect me and direct me,
You always keep me near
And if I tire or I stumble
I have no need to fear…

…On your shoulders you will carry me,
Until I can walk again,
Because it is in your nature
And it is in your name;
So I will follow you, my Shepherd,
Lead me to your feast
Where I shall sit around your table,
And be at perfect peace.

So I will follow you, my Shepherd,
Lead me to your cup,
May it fill to overflowing
As I lean in to sup!

The enemy may try to trick me
And say my future ISN’T clear,
But he cannot steal my joy TODAY,
Because I know you’re here.

Laura Crean


The Story of God my Lighthouse

Published August 8, 2018 by Laura Crean Author

Another poem and painting from my ‘inspired by Psalms’ collection…



I am in a battered boat
Drifting on tattered tides,
In the midst of a troubled sea
My destination hides.

The ocean roars about me
And splashes in my face,
My vision clouded by the storm
As darkness now gives chase.

I battle on through the windy wake
And row until my arms are weak,
Soon my strength will leave me
– safety I MUST seek!

Life is like that ocean,
Stormy, rough and tough to sail,
And lonely is that journey
When you’re battling through a gale.

And it’s hard to seek God’s presence
When the waves are driving you back,
It’s hard to look upon his promises
When your focus is your lack.

But when you see salvation
Is just within your reach,
God’s beacon is so beautiful,
His light so bright and rich!

That lighthouse is your protection,
It will be your shelter through the night,
Have confidence in its security
And not upon your plight.

God’s presence is your protection,
The stronghold of your life,
Have faith and trust he’ll guide you
And surround you in his light.

God IS that bright beginning,
He IS that cleansing light,
Let him fill you with his blessings,
Just keep him in your sight.

His light is his presence and his glory
And with him you can dwell,
Take heart upon the story
I’m trying here to tell;

Gaze upon the beauty
Of that lamp that guides you through –
Jesus is the light to follow
And HE is calling YOU.

Laura Crean

Bookish Banter – Featured Author – L.K. Evans

Published March 22, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

Saturday 22nd March 2014



Bookish Banter is proud to present today’s Featured Author…


L.K. Evans



Well last week, Bookish Banter fans, we had an awesome children’s Fantasy author tell us all the magical news about her children’s books.  This week we have an equally awesome author of the Fantasy genre, this time for the older reader. So without further ado let’s pop on over to the interview chair and meet L.K. Evans…

    Welcome L.K.  Please tell us where you are from?  Let me guess Fairy Land … just kidding…no really do you? 😉

Ha! Sadly, I did not come from any magical land. I was born and mostly raised in Arizona. When my parents went to college, we moved to Texas for a few years, but other than that and a very short stint in Arkansas, I’ve lived in my birth state. However, not for much longer. I’ve planned my escape and in four or so years I should be living under towering pines and listening to the ocean. If my luck holds, it’ll rain every day, too.

Ooh!  Well Arizona sounds magical to a plain old English girl like myself and your move sounds like the perfect place to write some more magical tales.

    How long have you been making magic with your writing?

Not long. I had drafted all four books of the Keepers of Arden series in a year (mid 2011-mid 2012—although, all were horrible and required rewrites), with no intent on letting another soul read it. It was my husband who encouraged me to think about actually publishing them. A few months passed before I worked up the courage to let another person read the first book in the series. Then it took many more months before I handed it over to an editor. After that, it happened way too fast. I was published in a few months after I’d made the changes the editor suggested. Besides Keepers of Arden, I have five other series in the wings and I’ve fiddled around with a few first chapters for 4 out of the 5. So basically, the majority of my writing has been over the last 3 years.

However, in high school I tested out of standard English classes, so I signed up for creative writing, which I took for the last two years of school. I wrote tons of stories during that time, but, sadly, I kept none of them. For several personal reasons, I was focused on obtaining a stable career and earning enough money to support myself (I had my own apartment when I was a senior in high school and worked full time). Because of my need for stability, being a writer never once crossed my mind. But after I obtained everything I sought, I realized how unhappy I was. So, I wrote, because I remembered being happy when I wrote. And that, over alllll those years, never changed. It’s hard work, but well worth the reward.

Wow!  You are incredibly productive with all of those books waiting in the wings to be launched out into the literary world.  Please come back and keep us updated with all your new releases.  I am sure you will have a huge fan following in no time at all.  It just goes to show how important it is for a writer to follow their dreams and share them with the world through their writings.

    Are you promoting a particular book at the present time?

Keepers of Arden: The Brothers Volume 1 is the only book I have published at this time. Hopefully this year, the second book in the series will be available. It’s a monster of a book, though, so it’s taking some time to edit.

I don’t have a definite date yet, but within the next 2 months Keepers of Arden: The Brothers Volume 1 will be available in print. I plan to run a nice little promotion on the ebook to celebrate so please keep on eye on my website for updates.

It all sounds very exciting.  I have to confess I prefer having a real live book, with paper pages to turn, in my hand but for all of you ebook junkies out there you can purchase Keepers of Arden: The Brothers Volume 1 now.  Just click on the book to buy it now and it will soon be nicely nestled in your ereader and ready to go.

Image    What genre do you consider you write in – just fantasy or do you write other genres as well?

At this point, I’m only writing fantasy. It’s my home. I grew up here and I’ve loved it since I can remember. I had a horror stage, and in high school that’s mainly what I wrote, but over the years I’ve realized that epic/sword/sorcery books will always be my favourite. One day I might venture into a sci-fi with heavy fantasy elements, and perhaps way in the future I’ll try my hand in horror, but I’ve got too many books in the traditional fantasy setting that require a voice, or rather, words.

Well there is no end to the imagination and it is so great to hear that you love your craft and have an endless well of imaginative ideas to come.  This can only be fantastic news for your readers.

    Can you give us the magical details of your latest book?

Keepers of Arden: The Brothers Volume 1 follows the story of Salvarias and Wilhelm Laybryth from childhood into adulthood. In the first book, we learn there is a very unpleasant “being” seeking Salvarias, though the brothers have no idea of it until later. Book 1 is more of a journey through their childhood, touching on key events in their lives. Salvarias will learn of his magic and many other gifts he possesses.

Keepers of Arden: The Brothers Volume 2 will continue the story of Salvarias and Wilhelm and, unfortunately, the brothers’ journey will only get more difficult. The mysterious powers Salvarias possesses will be unleashed, and neither are pretty to witness. Wilhelm will learn his worth and recover a terrible memory. More secrets will be harboured and more yet will be revealed. By the end of book 2, the brother’s will be standing on the cusp of revelation. 

Ooh! (shivers) sounds delightfully dark and magically menacing.  The perfect fantasy story to curl up with in front of a warm fire on a cold night.  Can’t wait to read it.  

    Where did the idea come from?  Did a dark elf whisper it in your ear?

No dark elf, just the dark side of human nature.

There are many influences that helped me create the world and people of Arden. However, the strongest would be a book I read that made me want to pull out my hair. It had a set of brothers who never really got along, but deep down loved and cared for each other. I wanted them to have a closer relationship, so I said: Screw it! I’ll write my own story. Which is what prompted Keepers of Arden. As I wrote, my main thought was how judgemental we as humans seem to be. So I made a character in Salvarias, who people readily judged after one look. But there is much more to him than what he portrays.

Also, nothing scares me more than the human mind. We’re capable of such atrocious acts as well as deeply compassionate acts. For me, everyone makes a daily choice to be as good a person as they can. Basically, we have two sides and I thought to call it to light. Then I thought: What if that evil side was actually a presence alive inside you? How would you handle it? Better yet, what if you didn’t know it was evil? What if you thought it was helping you? Thus, Salvarias was born.

Oh how the psychological curiosity of a writer works – love it L.K.  It is so important for a writer to really step into the mind of their characters and explore the dark as well as the light of their motivations, loves, hopes and fears.  This can only lead to a much deeper understanding of the characters for the reader and ultimately a more thrilling read.  

    Did you have to do a lot of research for your latest work?  You know late nights in a magical clearing… or enchanted wood… 

I would have liked an enchanted forest. Since Keepers of Arden is, in my opinion, a character driven book, I didn’t do a lot of research. A tad bit, but nothing compared to what I’m doing for another series. There were some late nights where I just couldn’t stop writing, and some days where I stared at the computer waiting for it to do something. Furthermore, Arden is a land abandoned by the higher gods, so they’re just starting out. The lands are divided, but not at war. I consider them in a kind of shock; roaming around status quo, almost in denial of being abandoned. So to me, the world is rather simple, yet… I’ll just say unfinished.

The perfect story is the never ending kind, I say!

    Do you think your writing is improving with each enchanted addition to your fantasy library?

Absolutely! I see a huge difference between book 1 and book 2. I’m sure I’ll see another leap from book 2 to 3. And Keepers of Arden will be drastically different from my next series. What has and is helping me, is reading, reading, reading. It has dramatically improved my writing.

and it can only get better and better…

    Did you find yourself stuck in a dark fairy circle at any stage during the writing that held things up for a bit or did it flow freely?

If you’d asked me a year and a half ago, I would have said no, that writing comes easy to me. Now, yes I do. Going back to your last question, reading other works has taught me a lot and shown me several mistakes I made. I’m doing everything in my power to avoid them in book 2, which means writing is tougher than ever. I do have entire days where I type but nothing logical comes out of it. Other days, I seriously stare at the computer, read a few paragraphs I wrote the day prior, and I usually end the day feeling perturbed with myself. What I’ve found is that reading other books helps me move beyond those moments. After I read a good book, I sit down with mine and say: Oh, well that’s an easy fix.

It just goes to illustrate the importance for writers to keep up with their reading – they need to be able to manage their time to fit in everything that is important and there is nothing more important than reading!

    Why do you love this craft so much?  That’s the craft of writing by the way not magic and sorcery? 

But I do love myself a bit of magic!  🙂  Seriously though, for me that’s a deeply personal question. When I started writing, it was an outlet; a way to explore myself and what I’ve been through and where I want to go. Over the short period I’ve been doing it, my feelings have grown. Yes, it still is a way for me to make sense of everything, but it is also a way to reach out to others and hopefully inspire them, or make them see a character struggle with what they’ve been through and overcome it. I want my book to help someone, even just one person. Because several books have done that for me, and I know what a wonderful feeling it is and the hope that can be gained from words.

I think all fantasy writers have magic deeply engrained in their being – they must do or how else could it flow so freely from them in their writing?  I think you are incredibly inspiring and I’m sure many others will feel that also, just from how passionate you are about your writing – your world and character building reflects this.

    How much planning goes into a book?  Do you spend a long time planning or do you just start writing and see where it leads you?

I think this would vary by series. For Keepers, my process was write as I go. I had no idea where the book was heading until it was done. I think that process was important because I grew my characters with each experience. Heck, I grew with them. However, for one of my next series there will tons of planning. I want it to be as much about the characters as it is the world. Another series is still heavily character driven, but needs a bit of history built up… detailed history that I didn’t need for a book like Keepers. I’d need that mapped out so I don’t get lost.

Yes mind maps are just important as real ones – don’t want to get lost in a writer’s head!  LOL

    Do you have a crowd of magical beings who follow you and read every word and encourage you?

My mother and sister were first to read my book. We have a very small family, but both were extremely supportive. I’ve only been published for about 9 months and I’m slowly building my audience. I’ve got a few fans who mean the world to me. Hearing their praise can never get old. Since I’m in this business for the long haul, I’m not in a huge rush to build a massive fan base. I’m patient enough to let it grow organically over time. Without a traditional publisher, the marketing is left up to me. I’m fine with that, but I’m a rather shy person. It takes me a bit to reach out, so I understand my “magical beings” will come with time.

Absolutely, family is the most important first audience and soon you will have a whole new family of those “magical beings” dying to hang on your every word and spell binding chapter… 😉

    What is your experience of the Publishing industry?

I have no experience with traditional publishing (I didn’t submit my manuscript to any), but the indie/SPA is a terribly tough business. Extroverts might have a better run at it, but us introverts have an extreme challenge ahead of us. Regardless, writing is something that I love doing, which means I’m more than willing to put in the work needed. I have no illusions of being the next Patrick Rothfuss or Michael J Sullivan, but I have hopes that I can at least support my habit.

I am so with you on this one L.K.  I’m introverted too, a lot of writers are, but I  think the most important thing is, like you say, just to keep being creative for your own enjoyment and pick up those illusive “magical beings” along your own journey. 🙂

    Talking of journeys – this book is part of a magical and mysterious series?  Where is it going?

I’d say… well, mostly magical, with a little mystery. I’ve thrown enough clues into the first book that a person who studies it might be able to solve everything and know what’s going on. I lean more towards magical because Salvarias is a mage, a very powerful one. However, there’s not a lot of mages in Arden. They’re rare and treated rather poorly, not to mention there’s the Association of Mages, that sets some strict guidelines. If anything, I’d say this is a journey type book. It follows the brothers from birth to adulthood. Book 2-4 only spans a year or so, but I envisioned the reader following the brothers as they try to discover who they are and what role they play in the world.

    Have you had some good reviews for your book?

I’ve had some great reviews. A few 4 and 5 stars and a couple of 3 stars, but nothing lower… yet. I’m sure it’ll come. Not everyone loves every book. Keepers of Arden is a slower read, in my opinion, so those who seek action-packed books might not enjoy this. The lower stars have made comments about some of the events being convenient, which they completely appear to be, but there is a story why things unfold as they do. We just won’t understand until book 4. All the reviews praise my character development in Salvarias and have mentioned my descriptions are well done. Another liked my play on good vs. evil. Another loved the brothers’ relationship. All good things 🙂

Of course everyone gets different things from different books.  The slower build up just means this book is part of something much deeper to come…  If you would like to read some of L.K’s reviews follow this link to her website where there are plenty to choose from…

    If you couldn’t be a writer what would you do instead?  And no! A magician’s apprentice is not an option!

Dang it! I’d love to be a mage! Oh well. I’d have to go with… dog day care owner. It’s what I was looking into doing before I wrote Keepers of Arden. I have two beautiful Siberian Huskies and I adore dogs (actually, pretty much all animals.  There’s a few insects I don’t much care for, but everything else is on my like list). So having a room full of dogs for an entire day wouldn’t be a bad thing.

LOL yeah my alter ego is a Silver Sorceress – a character from my book.  Doggy Day Care sounds awesome!  I’m a crazy cat lady myself! ;

    Your favourite Author is…

It changes frequently. Right now, it’s Patrick Rothfuss for both his writing and his humour outside his books. And I have to add two more: D.Z.C. and Zachary Jernigan. Both I find incredibly talented and I look up to them immensely.

For those of you with a curious nature and a thirst for new writing blood, follow these links for a look at L.K’s favourite authors for right now…

Patrick Rothfuss –

Zachary Jernigan –

    Have you got a book trailer?

I don’t. I’ve thought about it, but then I decided against it. Maybe one day.

Absolutely, plenty of time.  Many authors say they are invaluable, others don’t think they help.  It’s just another promotional tool in your writing toolbox.

    What do you do to wind down?

Read or take my dogs for a walk. I’m finding reading is, as always, a wonderful escape from reality and the pressures of life. I’ve hidden away in pages of books since I was little, and when I emerge, I feel rejuvenated and stronger. I like to hang out with characters who are experiencing situations ten times more horrible than mine and maintain their hope and fight. It’s inspiring.

    Do you belong to a friendly writers group and does it help?

Sadly, I don’t. Since I started writing Keepers of Arden for myself, I never thought to join a group to obtain feedback. It’s definitely something I’ll be doing for my next series and I have a group I’ve been keeping my eye on for a year or so. I think having that group support would have been instrumental in helping me learn faster than I am, and I’m not about to make the same mistakes on the next series. So, hopefully, I can come back and visit you and provide a much better answer to this question.

Don’t forget you can find some great online groups and forums too, Facebook also has lots of groups.  I have a lovely fantasy group on Facebook that I keep an eye on and pop in and out of on occasion and also MARSocial has some great groups.  Here are those links if anyone would like to explore them.

MARSocial (Media Arts Review) – a dynamic social media network and a premiere on-line magazine for writers, authors, artists, and musicians. –

Fantasy Writers on Facebook – a magical friendly bunch who really support each other –    

    What is you experience of editing and polishing your manuscripts?    

Oh… I hang my head in shame here. This was the biggest learning curve I’ve dealt with. I read that you had to get your work professionally edited. So, I forked out the money and I will never be able to thank my developmental editor enough. He broke me of so many bad habits and made my book readable. You’ll notice, however, that I said “developmental”. I had no idea there were so many types of editors. I also thought I could catch typos. I mean, I caught them in books I read, so surely I could catch them in my own work. Oh how wrong I was. I missed so many. I recently just republished it after sending it off to a proofreader. Best thing I could’ve done.

Lesson Learnt 😉

    Any tips for all our budding authors out there wondering how to get started?

Well, hire a professional proofreader for sure, and I’d highly recommend a copy editor and developmental editor. You really should have all three. I’d say there’s only a handful of authors that can edit their own work. You’re just to close to it. Secondly, read, read, read.

Yes I think every published author will agree with you there.  However I would say, don’t get too hung up on hiring expensive professionals to start with.  I would say that if you are eager to have as many people read your work as possible – go for it!  Ask friends, family and Beta readers to go through your manuscript, self publish if you want to see your work out there and are becoming too disillusioned with waiting around for that illusive ‘big break’.  Then when you can afford it, hire the professionals and publish newer editions of your work later on.  Of course that is just my personal opinion as a writer who is also a poor single parent with little money to fork out.  Some readers will see through the imperfections, some won’t, but a reader is a reader and reviews will always be varied and personal.  


Here is a an Excerpt from Keepers of Arden: The Brothers Volume 1, so snuggle up in a cosy corner of your library and enjoy…

Thank you for joining us here on the ‘Bookish Banter’ L.K  and taking time out to give us such an interesting insight into your writing world.  

Last question…


    Link city – as many as you need to guide us round your internet trail of magic, mystery and mayhem…

My Website where I also post reviews of other fantasy books:



Google +:



Bookish Banter – Featured Author – Peter Wake

Published October 26, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Saturday 26th October 2013

Bookish Banter is proud to present today’s Featured Author.


ImagePeter Wake

Author of the blog Beyond the edge of Reality

Please just give us a short intro all about you. 

I suppose I have always been a closet writer, that is to say not many people ever really knew, with the exception of a few friends and family it’s been kept relatively quiet.

I have seen it more as a hobby or interest along with all my other hobbies and interests over the years and although I do have my name to a number of articles for metaphysical magazines, games magazines and across numerous websites I don’t consider myself a published author, although others will beg to differ on that point.

I beg to differ 😉 And hey!  I think a lot of writers have had to come out of the closet at some point 😉

What part of the planet do you call home?

The county of Essex in the UK since the year 2000 although born in SE London and spent most of my years of life in Kent

How long have you been writing? 

I used to love writing stories at school back in the early seventies, and again that love was rekindled in the late seventies, in fact some of what I am doing now derived from old drafts from back then.  Over the last year and having  a bit more time on my hands the idea of completing a couple of large writing projects has become more of an obsession than a hobby and become a far more realistic prospect of it happening.

Have you got a book to promote at the moment and can you tell us a little bit about it please?

 The easy answer is no.  I am writing my first sci-fi novel and am pretty well near completing the first draft but will still be padding out some areas such as my main characters.  The name may yet change but at present it will be called Past Tense, and based on an idea I had many years ago about someone going back in time to change their life for the better.

🙂 Time Travel!  My favourite subject. 🙂

Are you working on anything else at the moment? 

Yes, I tend to keep myself fully occupied and I am actually writing a second novel unrelated to the one above that has actually been published as a wargames world scenario the idea has now become very deep and becoming more of an off world sci-fi fantasy set in the past and the future again.  At the moment it is called The Survival Wars but because I have now changed where it is going I may have to rename it, writing two gives me something to do if I get stuck on the other.

 Where did the inspiration for your latest book come from?

Past Tense is an old idea from the late seventies and had a fair bit done from way back, most of what I am doing now has been rattling around in my head since the Eighties but I never had the time or inspiration to do anything about it.  I’m fascinated by time travel so a lot of what I do is based around that.

Yay!  You are a man after my own heart with all this talk of Time Travel

Which genre do you write for or do you cross genres? 

Mainly sci-fi/ fantasy, but I have found ways of crossing into the world of metaphysics; whether it’s a genre I don’t know.

Well – to be honest I write a lot about spiritual and metaphysical ideas as do many other people too Peter, so I suppose it must be a genre – it is certainly something I would read. 😉


Did you do a lot of research for the book and how did you tackle it?

Yes lots, the trouble is the more you find the more questions I have, so that is one of the biggest parts of what I am doing.

I can definitely relate to that Peter – especially with sci-fi research – I get lost on the internet sometimes when I’m researching and usually lose the plot completely (or so my kids keep telling me – Mother you’ve lost the plot! They say – I know it’s just my age!  I tell them 😉


Do you think you have improved as a writer since beginning your book and what lessons have you learnt about the process? 

I have seen improvement yes, my writing tends to flow better, I’ve even noticed it on the various blogs I do and I’m less likely to go back and edit articles.

Any stumbling blocks in the writing process for your latest book?

 Stumbling blocks? Well in a way, describing a time travelling process is always going to be difficult but my way of thinking is – make it believable.

 What is it that you love so much about writing?

 Mainly the peace, I write during the day, turn off the phones and get on with it; I’ve never known 6 hours to pass so quickly.

I’m with you there Peter!  Sometimes I lose so much time in the process I think I must be a Time Traveller! 😀


Did you craft a carefully well thought out plan for the book or did it just flow naturally? 

This one flowed well because the idea has been with me so long, a couple of short stories I’m doing and The Survival Wars require a lot more planning, especially Survival Wars as time lines may become important for a future sequel

 Do you have a blog and do your fans encourage you? 

I have a blog, although quite new, so still feeling the ground.

 Self-published or traditional or both? 

That depends on a few things, self-published first although would like to take the traditional route.

 Is your book a part of a series?

 No ‘Past Tense’ is a one off

What other passions do you have apart from writing? 

That’s a good one although most are just as obsessive for me as writing, I’m a collector of old stuff that nobody else seems to want, mainly old technology and electrical items, love the designs and looks of the older machines, one day they may even be worth something.

Ooh!  Intriguing!  Maybe you’ll invent a Time Machine out of all the old parts (jumps up and down clapping hands together) – my imagination is running away with me! 😉 – when you do come back and I’ll interview you for Time Traveller’s United – I love interviewing real live Time Travellers!

Do you have any inspirational heroes, literary or otherwise who have really influenced you? 

Micheal Morecock was and still is a favourite, the best trilogy I’ve ever read was by Mervyn Peake, the Gomenghast trilogoy, very descriptive and very readable.

 🙂 Excellent selection – I am including links for our readers. 🙂


How do you pace yourself with writing and do you have a special place to do it? 

I have had targets of about 5000 word a week, in some cases I have done that in a day, and probably the only reason my first draft is done, as of a special place, no, the same computer and desk I use all the time

Yes I think a comfortable and calm place to work is a must – my life is too chaotic to write religiously – must get that sorted!


Do you belong to any writers’ circles and does it help you to focus?

 No, not got around to it, never seem to have the time

I would highly recommend it – however the MARsocial internet group that you belong to is just as good as the face to face in your local community kind.  It is a place to talk to like-minded people and ask questions, get advice and network  etc.


If you could give one piece of advice to a budding author – what would it be? 

The first and I believe the most important is write it, don’t spend too much time thinking about it or researching details, get in down on paper or the computer and out of your head, I found this the most useful piece of advice and is why I have the first draft done.  Yes it does need padding and yes it will need the grammar and pronunciation checking but it’s sitting quite happily on my computer rather than in my head for the first time, that in itself is an achievement.

🙂 Well done Peter and may I say you should be very proud of yourself.  And by the way – that is an excellent piece of advice – I need to take heed of it myself as I spend far too much time (years) in the writing of my novels!  (Rolls eyes and smacks forehead – get it done!  Yes!  I agree completely!) 🙂

Where can we like your fan pages? 

My main points of contact are the blog at    or on Twitter

Thank you so much Peter for joining in the fun here on the Bookish Banter – look forward to reading your books and possibly featuring you on Time Travellers United when you invent a real live working Time Machine  😉

❤ Xx Laura Crean xX ❤

If you are an Author and would like to be featured on the Bookish Banter please email me at with ‘Author Interview’ in the title and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  Oh yes and if you are a Time Traveller get in contact too because I just loooooove interviewing time travellers for the Time Traveller’s United blog ;


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