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Published August 23, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

The breath of life is God’s sweet gift

That we should breathe and we should live

It is in the oxygen that fills our lungs

That fuels the blood within our tongues

And in the blood that life remains

Passion pumps it round our veins

The heart is where our love resides

And in the lifeblood our desires

Life to do and life to be

Life to be lived in its entirety

To be desired and to be shared

With peace, hope, love and joy declared

So live it – it is yours to live

Yours to share and yours to give

Celebrate that you are blessed

And in God’s heart your life takes rest

© August 2015 Laura Crean


Fruit of the Spirit – a poem inspired by Galatians 5:22,23

Published May 5, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

I am learning every day

to live in love

to do and pray

I am seeing more and more

that God is knocking

on my door.

And in my daily walk I see

that Jesus’ light

reflects in me

But I must DO and I must BE

what I in others wish to see.

So love and you will then be loved

Be joyful in your journey

Let peace reside within your heart

then why would you need an army?

Have patience, do not stress or rush

Be calm and take your time

Be kind and show you have respect

Do good – say no to crime

Be faithful in your daily life

and gentleness will follow

Lastly show some self-control

in your impulses do not wallow

If you bare all of these good fruits

your life will be so rich

You will find that you are greatly blessed

For all this is my wish.

© Laura Crean 05/05/2015

Faith – a walk of individual understanding

Published May 5, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

I don’t think I or any person of FAITH should have to keep battling with those who do NOT share that (PERSONAL) faith.  THAT is how arguments start, that is how wars start, that is how conflict and separation start.  And I just want peace and love – that’s all.  It is nobody else’s business what I PERSONALLY believe, therefore it is not my job to explain, convince or convert another in or to ANY FAITH!  If you have taken a vow as a Priest of any faith then you may disagree, but I am just me – I’m just a woman, with my own daily struggles, just a Mum, I like to think I’m an artist and like to use paint and words to create pictures but I’m not a Priest – I don’t WANT to preach to anyone!  I hate being preached TO –  LOL.  I like to learn and I like to study things that are in my heart to learn about and that includes the Christian faith and the bible even though my terrible memory doesn’t always keep that knowledge in such a way that I can pass it on to others without re-googling!  But that’s me, that’s personal, that’s not you whoever you are.  YOU have faith in what you want to have faith in and I will have faith in what I believe in.  I can only help what I am doing.  I know what I know, I believe what I believe and I have to LIVE with that.  YOU live with YOUR OWN convictions – whoever YOU are.  Yes I like to write about these things, I like to write poems and paint pictures sometimes – that is me expressing my thoughts, feelings, dreams, loves, faith, sharing my journey –  I don’t actually care if you like what I have to say or paint or create – OK – That’s up to you.  I don’t care.  I might feel a little sad about it because it comes from my heart but that’s OK because that’s my business too.  But even though I have started calling myself a Christian because that is my walk, my decision, my faith, it doesn’t mean I hate anyone who doesn’t agree with me or follow me – of course not!  I love you all (especially my friends and family) and I am still interested in hearing about, learning and understanding all other points of view, scientific principles and faiths, because they are all ways of looking at the world and we are all human beings living in this world together.  I want to understand what others believe about their place in the universe and I want others to understand what I believe about my place in the universe – But – we can’t all understand everything – because we are all INDIVIDUAL.  We all have a different starting point, we all have a different perspective, we all see the world through our own eyes, with our own experiences, in our own language, from our own generation, from our own struggles and victories.  And because of this – faith should be just that – faith – a personal understanding – and what is understanding? – a thought – and what is a thought? An insubstantial thing that comes from an image in the mind that only that individual mind can make sense of.  So… I will continue my own walk of faith and I encourage you all to continue to make your own individual walks in life and I look forward to sharing ideas, thoughts, feelings, dreams etc. with you all – my dear friends and family who I have chosen to talk to through this media.  If you don’t like my decisions, well I can’t help that, I can only help my own decisions and I will leave your decisions up to you.  But I still love you all, I still want to talk to you and listen to you and spend time with you – Peace be with us all.

❤ xXx Laura xXx ❤

The King is at the Gate? – by Laura Crean – Day 7 poem for NaPoWriMo 2015

Published April 8, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

The silence of dawn is disturbed

By a soft scratching like a sword on wood

And my dream of battle is broken

As my weary ear catches the King’s call

To open the castle gates and bid him entry

To let him claim his throne.

His Knightly adventures over with

He boldly enters the castle gates

To Lord it over his Kingdom.

His cries to the castle cook resound around the walls

Until his fast is broken

And he at long last can rest

The royal household now disrupted

Breathes a sigh of relief

That his demands have been met

And they can now return to bed

The king, unaware of his unreasonable ransom

over the early hours

now partakes of his morning rituals

which include licking the queen’s arm raw

and purring relentlessly down her left ear

so loudly that sleep is now impossible

so she abandons sleep

to partake of the news of the Realm

on the royal TV

© Laura Crean 7th April 2015

The First of Spring – A poem by Laura Crean

Published April 1, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

The First of Spring


Day one of my poem a Day for April.  You can join in with me on Goodreads if you like –

Walkin the Walk

Published March 27, 2015 by Laura Crean Author


This poem is for my 3 gorgeous daughters.  This is their year of changes.  All of them are stepping up to the next level of their journey.  My youngest daughter Alice is moving up from junior school (year 6) to high school (year 7).  This is a big year for her, she’s in that pre-teen period where she is no longer a baby but will always be my baby girl.  Soon the hard work starts as she embraces that journey towards GCSEs and puberty.  She is steppin onto a path both her sisters have walked, in a good school that I know will nurture her, push her forward to work hard and find her path, so many paths she could take in her young life.  My middle daughter Shannon is coming out of that period and moving on up to College, leaving year 11 and onto training in her chosen career – the Performing Arts.  She is such a bright and driven young lady and her shoes are steppin out onto the stage of her young adult life.  My eldest daughter Ellenor is steppin out on the next big challenge.  She’s leaving college and entering University.  She is full of ideas and ready to push forward and really run for that degree in her chosen subject in 3D art, her journey is exciting and the hard work is just beginning.  And as for me – I’m still on that journey and everyone’s path is different, everyone’s shoes are different.  I was sitting on the bus yesterday and I just noticed out of the window, people’s shoes.  All different, distinct and right for each individual, carefully chosen or subconsciously chosen to match their personalities.  And as I watched those shoes walking around town I wondered about each of their attitudes to their chosen paths through life.  That’s when the poem began to live inside me.  I looked at my comfortable, sensible shoes and I wondered what they said about me and my journey.  I need comfortable shoes because I still have a long walk ahead of me, but I’m ready for it and I’m now going to embrace it and I want my children to step out on their journeys and be ready too – with shoes that fit, have style and say – let’s do it – let’s walk this walk.  I couldn’t be prouder of all of them.  And in my mind’s eye I can see one more pair of shoes walking alongside my family, a pair of well-worn sandals.  And I know that he is smiling and keeping pace with every step we take, ready to lift us up on his shoulders every time the walk gets too hard.  He will make sure we don’t get left behind as long as we need him to but then he will put us back down and give us the strength to run as fast as we can to the finish line.

What shoes are you putting on in the morning?

My Sickness Eclipse – A poem by Laura Crean

Published March 20, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

image by Luc Viatour /

image by Luc Viatour /

A strange day
A trilogy of celestial mystery
The eclipse has been on everyone’s mind
Another moment in history
A super new moon
A Spring equinox
The Luna’s Passover gone too soon
An odd effect came over me
A day my mood so low
A sickness in my own psychology
My biology seemed to know
As the strange twilight darkened my space
And my stomach made a turn
A silence and a turning point
But the sun continues to burn…

Copyright © Laura Crean 20th March 2015

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