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UPDATE – 11/11/2014

Well, the end of 2014 is looming, Christmas is around the corner and I wanted to just add a little note in here about the progress of my novels.  To put it bluntly – there is no progress at the moment.  I wish I could say I have stuck to all my deadlines and I am just tidying up all the loose ends but that is not the case.  At the moment I am beginning to wonder if I will ever find the time and will to ever finish any of my unfinished novels.

I keep seeing little messages popping up left, right and centre about writers’ progress on their 2014 NaNoWrMo works and I shake my head and think – if only I could.  Life yet again this year has gotten in the way and my mental health and daily life struggles as a single Mum trying to get off of benefits dominate my being.  After another course of counselling in the summer I was starting to feel well enough again to face the world and try and get back on the horse and back into the rat race.  Feeling inspired I wrote another kiddies book and illustrated it, started a college course and am attempting to start children’s Story Craft Workshops, so the novels have been put on the back burner once more.  But as I once again start to feel like everything I do to make my creativity pay is just hijacked by the darker side of fate, my positivity today is at an all time low.  My self-published books continue to not sell and the children’s workshops haven’t even begun to get going yet, with a mere handful of children finding their way to the Amazing crafts and creative writing activities I have on offer!  But –  I’m not going to spiral back into a full blown depression – I know I’m doing everything I can and that it isn’t about not trying, it’s just the way of the world.  I shall continue to get up each day, get through it by feeding the children and myself, doing the college course I have started, continue trying to motivate myself enough to keep trying to make my children’s workshops work and get through the dreaded Christmas season.  Next year – next year will be my year!

So I say to myself, keep going – keep going and when I have settled into my new routine I will MAKE time to progress on my novels.  I WILL finish them – keep watching this space!

❤ Laura ❤


UPDATE on The Birth Mark ( 17/12/2013 ) – 150,000 words HAHA!  I actually meant 50,000 – slight misprint there!  Anyway, needless to say I didn’t finish my novel in a month, but I thought I didn’t do too badly for my first NaNoWriMo attempt – I managed about 16,000 words – so that is yet another novel started!  I will finish it eventually – I promise!  Keep checking back and you never know – this one might just be a best seller one day!   Thank you for supporting me guys and I really am going to try and publish at least one novel in 2014.

Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge promotional blurb

Temporary Cover Design by Laura Crean

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Expected Publication Date for Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge – I’m really going to try for Summer 2014 – fingers crossed!

blurb for Dawn's Greeting

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Expected Publication Date for Dawn’s Greeting – Summer 2014

Remembering the Moon blurb


 Temporary cover design

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Sophie's Sign blurb

Temporary Cover design

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15 comments on “Novels in progress…

  • I have all these uncompleted novels on my wattpad reading list and looking forward to seeing them completed. Do hope you will make them accessible as ebooks too.


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