This page is just going to be a little place to show off my published novels.  I have been trying to be a novelist since…well – forever!

Ever since I was in High School I have been writing with the intention of publishing novels – eventually…

…unfortunately ‘eventually’ is so far in the future of…somewhere in an undetermined place in time and space that it very rarely actually becomes ‘now’!  Notes and research seem to go on forever for me and then when I do find that ‘happy place’ to write in, it is usually in small nuggets of time – the rest of the time becomes filled with…well – life!

I have written a few novels over the years by the way – they just aren’t polished enough to publish! LOL  And the time and effort to get on with it when your life is a constant struggle is like trying to climb Mount Everest when you suffer with asthma!

But…I am getting there…slowly…

The first novel I have managed to finish – polish – and publish is actually a children’s novel.  Well – I say it is a children’s novel, actually I classify it in my children’s ‘Rainbow Rune Series’ as a “Junior Novel” and I would say it is suitable for older junior aged children up – so from about 10 years of age.  But adults love it and I am told it is quite ‘spiritual’.

Realm of the Purple Dragon promotional blurb

I am currently working on the next book in the ‘The Realm of the Purple Dragon ‘ series (which is dragging on forever I’m afraid to say) – it is called ‘The Fire Giants and the Heart of Ice’ but I have put it on hold to work on a novel for older readers entitled ‘Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowlege’.  The reason I have gone back to this book is because it IS finished unlike the Fire Giants and just needs me to concentrate long enough to edit it and polish it enough for publication.  I love this book – it is my baby – the first novel I wrote about 20 years ago now, so I really need to get it done.

To see more about Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge and all my other Novels in progress – check out the ‘Novels in progress’ page

OK…so watch this space – more awesome novels to come…eventually! 😉

Oh!  I nearly forgot.  You can find us on Facebook.

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