Living in a Fantasy World

It is only just recently that I have started to realise that the fact that I have spent most of my life living in a fantasy World isn’t such a bad thing.  Up to this point in my life it seems that I have for some reason suppressed this natural part of my psyche.  After all, in my heart and soul I am a writer and so it is natural that my imagination should dominate my being.   Unfortunately society has it’s hand in programming us all to conform and I feel that for so long I have been doing what is ‘expected’ of me as a wife and mother and have hidden that part of my true nature – to express my inner World through my imaginative writings, poetry and art.

And at the core of my inner World are these fantastical and strange parallel universes, to me, real places where my characters can exist and their reality through my imagination can now be revealed to my readers.  I know now that I need to set them free and give them the life they deserve.  And these worlds where they exist can become real to others, worlds of fantasy and science-fiction where science, spirituality and myth meld and blend into a colourful explosion of wonderful and strange new realms.

For a long time I have been aware of my spirituality, aware  of  life after death, creation and spiritual realms that run parallel to our own physical existence.  I have looked into that God-shaped hole in my soul and tried to fill it with religion and science and the two constantly fight against each other in a battle of dualities that never seem to be able to co-exist.  Now I am realising that they don’t need to fight against each other but that I need to stop trying to label them and just try and express them through my art – so I am allowing this awareness to shape itself through my own self-expression.  After all isn’t that what we are all trying to do at the end of the day.  Understand the universe that we find ourselves in.

I just saw an interview with Richard Dawkins on the BBC News as I am writing this blog and it really upset me.  This is an extremely intelligent man of science actually ‘preaching’ against religion.  How sad that a man with such a mind can completely dismiss those in society who have faith in something other than science.  To patronise other human beings who experience the world in a different way to him by saying that if they don’t think like him that they must be stupid children believing in ‘imaginary friends’.  He didn’t quite say it in those words but that is how I interpret what he is saying.  In fact many, many religious people have a very firm grasp of science and often, like myself, actually come to the conclusion that the more they believe in God and a spiritual force of creation, the more they believe in science and become interested in scientific theories – because isn’t science just the search for physical proofs of the forces of creation?  And isn’t that what religion is too? And how can we possibly understand that most incredible force responsible for the beginning of time and space?

So I return to the concept of living in a fantasy World and how my imagination is the most important part of my life as I try to express my subconscious  inner World and bring it out into the physical World for others to experience also.  I will continue to express  myself through fantasy and science – fiction and in so doing try to come to my own understanding of the truths of my existence and my own reality and I will not be forced back into that box of conformity by people like Richard Dawkins – I am springing out of my box like the Santa Clause Jack in the box I visualised in a dream 2 nights ago – to use my gifts and share them with the world.

Love and Light as always

Xx Laura Crean xX


33 comments on “Living in a Fantasy World

  • Nice discourse, Laura. It brings to mind C.S. Lewis’ words…“If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”


  • Thank you Dianne. Lovely quote from C.S. Lewis and yes that again is just how I feel, that this physical world alone does not satisfy every need of the body, because we are more than just physical creatures. We are emotional and spiritual creatures also and science alone, although of course crucial to humanity’s understanding of our place in the universe, does not alone explain all energetic being – the soul of humans still needs a better definition and human imagination is still yet to be truly understood. Xx Laura xX


  • Just want to explain to you all that it was through reading Ricky Schaede’s blog that I came to start up this blog. He has given me the push I needed to get my thoughts down for you lovely people to read – thanks Ricky Xx Laura xX


  • Before I found an outlet for my creative eccentricities in my writing, I often thought exactly the same thing. The more I immerse myself into the writing experience, connecting with other writers and really allowing myself to explore this self confidence that comes with accepting who you are, I am finding that there are so many people out there who have thought or felt similarly.

    Thank you for this post, you put a smile on my face.


  • I’m glad you were able to relate to where I’m coming from Jade – thank you for your comments, your welcome here any time, it’s so lovely to have fellow writers following in the same fantasy footsteps as me LOL Xx Laura xX


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  • Very true and interesting article, it is very difficult to come to any one conclusion and I totally agree, one person should not indoctrinate or impose their will on another human being. No matter how much they think they are right.


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