Environmental Issues


I am very concerned about the environment and I will be adding poetry and writings to this page to reflect that concern.  For the time being I will send you to a twin page in my family scrapbook which has a really inspirational video, a bit about my children’s book Golly-Gobble and an environmental poem.


Holding world pic

Mother Earth

Let’s have a day to celebrate our Mother,

a day to honour all she is,

she gives us life, a home and love

and yet we daily risk

all that she has given us,

all the fruit that she has born –

and all that she can do is trust

that we will keep her safe to see another dawn.

Can’t you see her heart is broken

as we daily subject her to pain?

She tried to tell us, she has spoken

through her tears within the rain!

The climate changes its expression

all around her aching globe

as we cut and burn her body,

as we poke and prod and probe.

She is begging us to heal her,

all she wants is to be loved –

will she live to see tomorrow

and will our children be absolved?

Come celebrate this Earth Day

and make the choice to make a change,

let this day be the start of all tomorrows

and let Mother Earth be now avenged!

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