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My Research into Symbolism and a Personal Epiphany on Divine Symbology

Published March 29, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

symbolism and me

It’s been brought to my attention that the symbol of the pentacle could also be the symbol of the goddess Venus.  I’m not sure but it just proves my point that different symbols mean different things to different people at different times.   Symbols also seem to evolve over time.  I may well add to this post as I discover more, when I have time.  I thought I would add this following picture to illustrate both of these points.

I can see this post just growing and growing as I add more info relating to symbolism.  I just found this and thought it was quite incredible so I am adding it here.  Crop circles (another fascination of mine) may also make an appearance later on.  I will not stop my investigations that appear as if they are usually fueled by coincidence and chance – I don’t want to miss anything that could be a divine message.

Here is why crop circles and symbolism fascinate me

Update – 30/03/2015

my take on divine symbology


My take on Divine Symbology encompasses science and mathematics and perhaps when we look at the divine nature of God through the eyes of infinity through these symbols we may come to an understanding of other parts of reality such as time and space and alternate dimensions.

OK Next leap…

I think I can hear the angels singing

And at the centre of it all I can still see the cross, the heart of the whole, the om, heart chakra, love energy that leads back to Jesus – so Love is the centre of everything!


LOL Look what I just found:

In response to this thread on another site, someone just posted simply “Fairy tales”.  This is my response to that – What are Fairy Tales? They are humanity making sense of the world through the narrative structure of stories – language – that most symbolic structure of all in humanity that helps us to transmit ideas – ideas that come from our imagination – what is imagination but the creative thought process that brings into creation that what once did not exist – WE create our reality and imagination is the most powerful tool humanity has.  Might I just add to that that it is said that God has given us ‘Free Will’ – what is free will?  To me it is the gift of imagination.

Update – my dream of last night 30th March 2015

OK so now I have established that all this symbolism points to God and God reaching out to us in love through Jesus Christ, who is the bridge, that point at which dimensions of time, space and the reality we find ourselves existing in interact.  Jesus (everything that he represents which is basically LOVE – of God and God’s creation – us – loving ourselves and each other) is literally the Rainbow Bridge, the tunnel of light, the concept of the wormhole – he is the way, the truth, the life – the only way – to come to God, to live free, to live eternally, to escape sin and Satan.  Who is Satan? Satan is the power that is dominating and enslaving humanity.  The power behind everything that keeps humanity blind and stumbling around in chains of servitude – separated from each other and separated from the truth – and that power is a dark, hidden, deceitful entity that controls humanity through money, deception and fear – controlling us even as we don’t realize we are being controlled, like puppets, dancing to every step we are taught.  We are born into an illusion that is fed through the media and through the very societal systems that we live in.  How can we jump onto that bridge and cross over to freedom?  By waking ourselves up to the truth, and the truth is we have to learn how to perceive reality as it truly is, we have to stop looking at the world through the rose tinted glasses of Satan’s illusion and focus in to a new reality, the reality that we can be free if we break the chains that bind us.  But we cannot do that in the reality we are currently living in.  We cannot be free whilst living in this reality and we need to come together and effect the change we want BEFORE Satan fully forms his NEW WORLD ORDER because then I fear it will be too late!  The only way is to see that we are all connected from the very moment of creation.  Every cell, every fiber of our being is linked to each other, to the Earth, to the cosmos and to God and that we are in fact from one original source.  We are one body, one entity and by giving in to sin and to Satan it is only ourselves, that one body that we are hurting, killing actually.  I don’t want to die I want to live and live in freedom – don’t you?  So we need to become consciously awake as ONE consciousness not as individuals separately trying to stumble around and make a difference, we need to think together, act together and Love together.  By acting and thinking as one entity, Satan will have nobody left to control. This is how that one sacrifice can make the difference – through Jesus we become that ONE body of love that CAN create a new reality.

More to crop circles than pretty pictures!

Published May 4, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

I love this video. It links the crop circle phenomenon to our evolving spirituality and basically how sound and love are linked to the universe expressing itself in an ever expanding entity that grows more and more with love and understanding as it expands, expressing itself in all entities that it creates. UFOs and alien beings, in this explanation, are entities that are trying to help us discover this encoded vibrational expression of life and want us to understand this spirituality before we jump ahead with creating technology that we don’t understand fully and may misuse i.e.. not using it in love and understanding. Makes sense to me!

Evidence for the Existence of the Soul

Published September 2, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

“2012 – JP Moreland speaks on the case for the existence of the soul. Is man just matter and motion? Is man just his brain and physical body? Is there a soul?”

An extremely interesting and thought provoking talk. If you are not a Christian, please don’t be put off watching this film because the speaker is a Christian and talks about some of the points from a Christian point of view because he sets out in a very scientific way using scientific reasoning alongside Christian belief.

If you look at this talk and set aside the Christian beliefs that run alongside it – it will still offer you an extremely thought provoking tool in viewing how the soul can possibly be an entirely separate thing to the physical body and the brain.

If you have Christian beliefs, if you have Buddhist beliefs, if you have Hindu or Islamic or Jewish or entirely no religious beliefs – it is in fact irrelevant to the points that are laid out before the “consciously” thinking “person” that is watching this film. And so I am posting this film on this site and on my “Well in the Garden” and “Time Traveller’s United” sites because it is a subject that is relevant – I believe – for science, philosophy, spirituality and metaphysics – and could be an extremely good starting point for scientific or philosophical discussion, creative writings or personal spiritual enlightenment. So with that said I will leave you to watch and digest this very interesting talk on the evidence for the existence of the soul.

The Well in the Garden

“2012 – JP Moreland speaks on the case for the existence of the soul. Is man just matter and motion? Is man just his brain and physical body? Is there a soul?”

An extremely interesting and thought provoking talk. If you are not a Christian, please don’t be put off watching this film because the speaker is a Christian and talks about some of the points from a Christian point of view because he sets out in a very scientific way using scientific reasoning alongside Christian belief.

If you look at this talk and set aside the Christian beliefs that run alongside it – it will still offer you an extremely thought provoking tool in viewing how the soul can possibly be an entirely separate thing to the physical body and the brain.

If you have Christian beliefs, if you have Buddhist beliefs, if you have Hindu or Islamic or…

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Dream blog – funny aliens

Published June 12, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Dream blog - funny aliens

animation source –

Just a very quick dream blog today. I had the strangest, funniest dream last night. I can’t remember all of it, just the end bit because I woke up laughing.

I was on a beach. Not my beach where I live in East Sussex in the UK, this was a very sunny, sandy beach, packed with people and I was coming out of a flat or apartment, right there on the beach and my family (although I didn’t recognise any of them, but felt they were my family) were sitting there by the apartment on the beach, drinking. I was given a drink by someone and I drank it and remember it being a very strong alcoholic drink but nothing I have ever tasted before. There was a big barrel of water on the sand and I went over to it with the intention of washing my hair in it for some reason but there looked like there were huge insects floating around in there. So of course I said “I can’t wash my hair in that – there’s insects in there!” But when I looked closer they were funny little aliens! LOL. There were 3 of them and they were all different ‘species’. I screamed and said “They’re aliens!” and my mum came over and said “Don’t be silly there’s no such thing as aliens.” But when she came over and looked in the barrel she could see them as well. She laughed and picked one up, it seemed to grow a bit and was about the size of a big stick insect or something but it looked humanoid with really funny big eyes (not like the grey aliens you normally see – more like the animation above) and grinned at her but jumped off and ran away. The the other aliens jumped up and ran out too. By this time they were bigger, about the size of cats.

All the people on the beach were screaming and trying to move out of the way as the aliens ran to the sea and I could see in the distance people being levitated out of the way by the aliens and they were fighting with each other as they went, slapstick like, it was funny, like a comedy sketch or something. Then a little flying saucer appeared over the sea and the aliens just flew up into it and flew off.

There was more to this dream, both before and after this sequence but I can’t remember exactly, before I was trying to wash my hair and my mum was nagging me and after it had something to do with the aliens being in a government place, like Area51 or something but I do know the comedy slapstick stuff must have carried on until the end of the dream because I woke up laughing my head off!

Tales of a Paranormal Persuasion – Driven

Published June 10, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


Copyright © Laura Crean 2012

Image on the cover by Shari Weinsheimer

Before you read this story you might want to get a playlist together of the songs in the story.  Believe me, if you hear the songs at the right point it makes this story so much more interesting LOL.  Here are the YouTube links for the songs – enjoy!

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain –    

Patsy Cline – Crazy –

The Doors – Roadhouse Blues –

Brian May – Driven by You –

Erasure – Stop –

John’s alarm ripped him out of his dream of deep sea diving in the Bahamas and into a very dark bedroom, outside the wind and rain was lashing and it sounded as if a few bins and things were being blown about in the storm.  He slammed his hand down hard to silence the alarm clock, knocking a glass of water over in the process and cursing, rolled out of the bed onto his knees groaning that he didn’t want to get up so early but stumbled into the bathroom to wake himself up with a shower anyway.

He dressed quickly and grabbed his packed suitcase then stumbled down the stairs, tripping up his luggage half way down and jumping the last couple of steps, thumping shoulder first into the front door.  He was just wondering if maybe he should go back to bed and just forget the whole thing when his mobile phone rang.

John glanced at his wrist watch before taking the phone out of his trouser pocket, it was 5am.   “Morning Jimmy boy, checking I’m up are we?”  There was a short chuckle on the other end of the line,

“Well I know what you’re like when you have to do these early mornings.  Now grab a coffee to wake you up and pick me up in 15 minutes OK?”

“Oh my God you’re so demanding!  I’m on my way!”  He laughed and his Brother-in-Law answered:

“Right, well, see you in a bit then.”  The line went dead and John shook his head with a smile as he put the phone back in his pocket.  Jimmy always was a stickler for time-keeping, he thought, and went into the kitchen for that much needed early morning wake up coffee.

He turned the radio on in the kitchen, out of habit, and listened to the latest tunes while he waited for the kettle to boil.  He popped a couple of pieces of bread in the toaster and the news came on the radio warning of the stormy conditions and advising people not to travel unnecessarily.  John sniggered at that and said out loud to the radio “You try telling my Brother-in-Law that!  He’s determined to get a full week’s fishing in!”

There seemed to be a pause and then the radio D.J said:

“OK then!  Will do!”  John took a double take,

“Huh?  What on Earth?”  He stopped and turned the radio up but the D.J had carried on talking “Let’s have a listen to Adele and Set Fire to the Rain…”

John ate his breakfast as quickly as he could and then stumbled to the car in the rain, fumbling with the keys in his pocket he pushed the button and the lock beeped as it opened. He threw his luggage and fishing rod into the boot of his black Land rover and then practically threw himself into the driver’s seat with a sigh, “What the hell am I doing?” he said aloud to himself and smoothed his wet hair back out of his eyes before starting the car.  “I must be crazy!”  The radio came on and he set off to pick up his Brother-in-Law for their fishing trip.  ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline came on to the radio… ‘Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely…”

John looked at the radio and frowned, “that’s weird,” he mumbled under his breath thinking it was an odd coincidence that the radio had started to play that song just as he had said the word crazy.  Also, it wasn’t his usual station.  He pushed the tuner to fix his favourite station and a few minutes later he was pulling onto his sister’s driveway.

His sister was in the kitchen packing the men a lunch and filling a cool box for their trip and John’s baby nephew was sitting in his high chair banging his spoon and shaking his plastic keys, with a bottle hanging out of his mouth.  John wandered over and ruffled the little one’s hair and did his usual trick of trying to take the bottle out of the little boy’s mouth.  The baby bit hard onto the teat and started giggling as John pretended to try and get it off of him.  His sister laughed,

“You teasing my boy again?”

John gave his sister a hug and she shook her head,

“Are you sure you two want to go out in this?  It looks like it might be a wasted trip to me.”  John shrugged his shoulders,

“Jimmy seems to think the storm will be over by the time we get there and tomorrow we’ll get some fine fishing in!”  He laughed, “You know how much your fella loves his fishing!”

“Mm…well just be careful in this terrible weather, take it slow.”

“Will do sis” John said seriously, knowing how much his big sister could worry.

“Now Johnny I mean it OK?  You be careful, and if the weather doesn’t improve you come home.”  John saluted,

“yes Ma’am!”

Jim came into the kitchen and kissed his wife.  He picked up the cool box, lunch box and flask of coffee, “Right come on John-boy let’s get going!”  John shook his head,

“You really do still want to go then, in this storm?”

“It’s just a bit of rain, come on, it’ll be fine once we get there!”

John and his sister exchanged a look of exasperation and then John followed his Brother-in-Law back out to the hall and helped him with his luggage.  “See you next week sis!  Have fun with the kiddies!”  She snorted,

“Yeah!  We’re gonna have a ball – a whole week with Nanna Marjory and grumpy Gramps!”  Both the men laughed at that and her husband replied,

“Yeah well, good luck then!  At least you’ll have Lil Lucy to keep you company and give you a hand – or is she staying at College?”

“No!  She’s coming home for the holiday, it’ll be good.  Go on – have fun!”

The men ran to the car and then set off in the rain, “How are you finding your new beast?”  Jim asked John, referring to his Brother-in-Law’s new car.

“Yeah she runs like a dream.  The radio seems to have a mind of its own though, keeps drifting off station which is rather annoying, you know how I like my music!”

“Odd!”  Jim agreed.

The journey started off well, the men chatted happily about their jobs and family members, Jim talked about his wife and kids and they listened to the radio, occasionally singing along to a tune that they both knew.  The rain continued to hammer down and the wind seemed to howl, rocking the car a bit too much for John’s liking.  The odd rumble of thunder in the distance concerned him but he didn’t let on how much it did to Jim as he didn’t want to spoil it for him.  He knew how stressed he had been at work lately and how much he needed this break.

The motorway seemed practically abandoned, very few people were out driving in the bad weather conditions, most had obviously taken the advice to stay at home and not travel!  After an hour John started to feel worried that they were going to get stuck and voiced his concerns to Jim, “Maybe we should turn back.”

“What?  Are you crazy?  It’s just rain for crying out loud, you never driven in the rain before?”  John turned the radio up as the traffic news came on, giving details of a car crash a little way ahead.  “That doesn’t sound too good!”  He mumbled under his breath as the traffic started to build in front of them and soon they were sitting in a queue behind the pile up.  Sirens whined past them as the emergency services moved in to do their job.

As they sat there in the car as another hour drifted past while they waited for the police to divert the traffic around the accident, the radio station drifted again and an old Doors track started playing, it was ‘Roadhouse blues’ and the first couple of lines struck a chord with John that made the hairs on the back of his neck prickle with nervous tension – ‘Keep your eyes on the road your hands upon the wheel’.  Was he imagining it or was the radio talking to him again?

He must have looked shocked because Jim turned to him and asked in a concerned tone

“you OK Johnny?  You look a bit peaky.”

John nodded dumbly and as the traffic started to move off again he gripped hold of the steering wheel and kept his eyes peeled on the road ahead.  The crash was pretty bad, a policeman stood in the middle of the lane waving the traffic past, there were 3 pretty mangled vehicles in the road and John tried not to look but it was quite clear from the amount of blood and crushed and contorted bodies that if anyone had escaped this wreck then they were damn lucky.

They edged past the tragedy and as John fixed his eyes on the road ahead he heard Jimmy suck in a shocked breath and then sigh as he said: “Oh that’s sad, there were children in the cars – they didn’t make it!”  John nodded his head and agreed with his brother-in-law that it was really bad luck.

Soon they started to make progress again but the rain continued to sheet and the wind continued to howl, rocking the car gently as they drove making him feel a little sea-sick and John could see the trees bending over and branches and other wind-blown debris flying around outside their little cocoon and he thanked his lucky stars that he had bought the beast – it was a strong and sturdy machine and could cope well with an all-weather drive like this.

After another hour John could feel his bladder getting full and knew he wouldn’t last too much longer without a pit stop and his belly started rumbling with the thought of lunch, so as soon as he saw the signs for a motorway café and toilet he pulled into the slip road and the men jumped out of the car and made a run for the door, laughing at the fact that they were stopping to eat when John’s sister had packed so much food.  Jim commented that she would be furious if she knew they were going into a greasy spoon for a full English breakfast.   John shrugged, “I’ve nothing against my sister’s sandwiches Jimmy boy but a man needs a belly full at a time like this.”   Jim laughed,

“I hear ya bro.”  He slapped John on the back and headed for the counter as John made for the Men’s room.

As he came to the door to the toilet John noticed out of the corner of his eye a very sullen looking youth sitting at one of the tables, he glanced at the lad, a scruffy looking teen with the usual messy torn jeans and battered trainers boys of his age wore but he looked very pale and sad.  He had a tear-stained face as if he had been crying and had wiped his tears across dirty skin.  John caught his eye as he reached for the door handle and gave the boy a smile.  The boy seemed to see him but didn’t smile back, he looked lost in faraway thoughts and John wondered if he was a runaway.

John forgot the boy and the two men enjoyed their cooked breakfast and soon got up to carry on their journey.  Jimmy had trouble pushing the café door open against the wind and it took their breath away when they finally got it open between them.  Just outside the door, in just a hoody and jeans stood the sullen youth John had seen earlier.  He was just standing in the café porch looking lost and lonely.  Jim started towards the car but John stopped and turned back to the teenager and said, “You OK?”  The boy didn’t move or answer but just stood gazing at John with that strange faraway look in his eye.  “You look a little lost, can I give you a lift into the nearest town?”

Jim had stopped to see what john was doing by this time and he called to him to hurry up because John had the car keys and he was getting wet, “Come on John!  What are you doing?  I’m getting wet here mate!”  John looked at Jim and shouted:

“Just a sec” then turned back to the boy.  He was gone.  John looked all around him and opened the door to look in the café; he was nowhere to be seen.

“JOHN!”  Jimmy yelled and John turned and ran to the car.  They stumbled into the car and John immediately started the engine and put the heater on as Jimmy cross examined him about his behaviour.  “What were you doing?”

“I was offering that young lad a lift – I think he may be a runaway!”

“What lad?”  Jim asked confused “It was only us in there.”  John looked stunned,

“You didn’t see the scruffy, pale teenage boy in the café and then standing in the porch?”  Jim gawked at his brother-in-law as if he thought he had lost his mind,

“John there was nobody in there except us!”  John shook his head and said under his breath

“Yeah whatever – you’re blind!  Come on let’s hit the road.”

The lashing rain turned into a fine drizzle and then stopped but there still seemed to be a fair breeze and it was cold and the clouds were dark and still very stormy looking.  They drove on towards their lakeside destination and after just a couple of miles hit a town.  John wondered whether they should go and pick up some beers for later as his tea-total sister hadn’t thought of packing any and he thought they could do with winding down after their mammoth drive.  Jim agreed so he pulled into the nearest supermarket and they went in for their holiday goodies.

They came back out of the supermarket and crossed the car park, beers and munchies in hand, suddenly John stopped dead in his tracks.  Jim turned to see what was keeping him this time and saw his brother-in-law just standing staring at something in the distance, “What’s wrong?”  John pointed to a bus stop across the road,

“It’s that boy again, I swear it is.  Look at him standing at the bus stop.”  Jim looked at the empty bus stop and frowned,

“You’re seeing things again John, there’s nobody at the bus stop.”  John whipped his head angrily from the boy to his brother-in-law,

“What are you talking about, he’s right there!”  But when he turned back the boy had gone again.  John shook his head and stumbled; Jim ran over and steadied him,

“John?  Look, you’re obviously tired, why don’t I drive the rest of the way huh?”

The men got in the car with Jim in the driver’s seat this time and they set off but John was starting to feel really uneasy, was the boy a ghost, an hallucination –  what?  The radio made a crackling noise and the radio presenter said “yes John, you’re right!”

“Please Jim in God’s name tell me you just heard that, on the radio, he said my name!”

Jim looked at his brother-in-law and best friend with real concern.

“Of course I heard it; the contestant’s name is John!  The radio presenter was congratulating a John on the station for guessing the right year in the Time Tunnel game.”  John sighed in relief, “Oh!”

“What’s going on buddy?  Talk to me, you’re acting as if you’ve seen a ghost or something.”  John laughed nervously,

“Well actually…”  He trailed off and Jim laughed,

“Oh I get it, the pale-faced boy right?  You really think he’s a ghost that you keep seeing?”

“I don’t know!  Maybe I’m just seeing things, reading something into it that isn’t there.  So I saw the boy and you didn’t, that doesn’t mean he’s a ghost right?”

“Right!”  Jim agreed but both men were starting to feel uneasy now.

They were now on the last leg of their journey and were looking forward to settling down in the cabin by the lake with an open fire and a beer or two but as they drove out of town and back into the countryside the sky grew darker and darker and the radio started to become more and more crackly with interference.

“Turn it off John will you, it’s giving me a headache!”

“Yeah OK I’ll stick a disc on. “  He opened the glove compartment and took out the CDs that were in there and then he noticed a disc in a clear plastic cover stuck down the back.  He pulled it out and took it out of its cover.  It had no markings on it and he knew it wasn’t his.  “That’s odd!”  He whispered and Jim took his eyes from the road for a second to look,

“What is?” he asked.  John put the disc in the CD player.

“It must have been left behind by the previous owner.”  He said almost to himself, “I wonder what kind of music they liked.”

The disc started playing, it was a Queen track – Brian May singing ‘Driven by You’.  John nodded, “OK!  Not too shabby, it could have been classical or country!”  They both laughed and it started to rain again.  “Ooh!  Everything I do I do for you…”  Brian May’s voice came singing out of the sound system.  “We touch and you’re afraid of me and we burn and now I’m at your feet, high speed but you know you’re in safe hands…” John started to feel a little uneasy by the words in the song and as he listened to them he could feel Jimmy tensing up next to him too.  “Ooh you’ll be forgiven if you think you’re dreaming but we’re working night and day to make your dream come true – yeah!  Everything I do is driven by you…”

John whispered: “I’m not sure I like this Jimmy…”

“Well it’s tough to make a journey through,

the right stuff is dead ahead of you and me

and you know we’ve still got time.

Hold on tight to the driving wheel

Cos this ride is really out of line…”

Just then there was a huge fork of lightning just ahead of them and a deafening crack.   Jim slowed right down, “Whoa! OK that was close.”  He eased the car forward slowly, the Queen track still playing and the men glanced at each other.  John whispered,

“Something just doesn’t feel right about this drive Jimmy.  I think someone’s trying to tell us something – can’t you feel it – A static charge in the air?”  Jim shook his head,

“You know I don’t believe in any of that spooky stuff Johnny.”  But inside he was starting to feel really spooked.  He drove on slowly, gripping the steering wheel until his fingers felt numb.

They were driving through forest now and all John could think of was how this was the last place he wanted to be in the middle of a thunder storm.  The Queen track ended and an old Erasure track came on,

“We’ll be together again; I’ve been waiting for a long time.  We’re gonna be, we’re gonna be together again…”  The men looked at each other and John said to Jimmy,

“You know what song this is don’t you?”  Jimmy took his eyes from the road for a second to look at John and nodded.  Turning back to the road he eased really slowly forward as they were coming to a sharp bend in the road.  Andy Bell, the singer, was just coming up to the line “STOP!  Stand there where you are, before you go too far…”  They turned the bend in the road so slowly Jimmy was hardly moving and there right in the middle of the road was a large tree limb, still fizzing and smoking from the heat of the lightning that had severed it from the tree.  If they had come round the bend at any speed it would have been fatal for them.

Jimmy parked the car at the side of the road safely and turned the hazard lights on.  He turned the radio off and the music was silenced and they sat there for a moment, both trembling at the disaster they had narrowly avoided.  “We had better call the police and let them know.  It will have to be moved and we had better make sure nobody else comes round that bend.”  Jimmy said, his voice shaking in shock.

“You call the police, I’ll go and stand in the road and stop traffic.”  John replied.

Jimmy phoned the police on his mobile and then rang his sister to let her know that they were running late, had been delayed by the weather and that he would call her again when they arrived at the cabin.  Then he walked back round the bend in the rain to wait with John.  He put the phone in his pocket and looked up through the shower, water dripping off of his nose to see John waving at someone across the road.  He followed his line of vision and saw a young man standing by the trees.  It was obviously the pale boy John kept seeing, only this time Jim could see him too.  He sucked in a shocked breath and stumbled over to his Brother-in-Law as the boy waved back.

John saw Jim coming towards him and he saw him looking right at the boy.  John turned to see if the boy was still there.  He was smiling now and was waving at Jim.  Then he turned one more time to wave at John and smiled at him before disappearing into the forest.  Jim looked like he was going to throw up and he stammered as he approached his Brother-in-Law: “Oh my God John – I know that boy!”  John shook his head,

“What?  But how?  Who is he?”

Jimmy was crying now and John put his hand on the other man’s shoulder, “It’s OK Jimmy-boy!  Who is he?”  Jim sniffed and looked up, wiping his eyes,

“I was engaged to his Mum, years ago before I met your sister.  He’s my, he’s my son John!”

“What?”  Jim nodded and started to cry again.

“I left his Mum when he was a toddler and I barely saw him, she moved away to America, taking him with her.   But I found out last week that they had come back a few years ago and he had died in a motorcycle accident.  That’s why I haven’t been myself and why I needed to take this trip because I hadn’t told Margaret about him and I just needed to get away for a bit and think – you know?”  John was stunned at how it was all coming together.  Then he asked Jim

“What was his name?”

“Michael, Michael Chester, his Mum never gave him my surname.”  John looked thoughtful for a minute and said,

“Chester!  Why does that surname seem familiar to me?”  Jim shook his head and then John looked up as if a light had just gone on in his memory.  “His Mother’s name wasn’t Charlotte Chester was it?”  Jim looked stunned that John had picked out her name and said that yes it was, “How do you know that?”  John looked to the forest where the ghost of Michael had been standing, “Because that’s who I bought the beast from!”

That night the two men finally settled down in the cabin with the fire roaring and their beers in hand and they reflected on the strange day and how it had played out.  It was clear now that Jim’s son had been watching out for them from the minute John had bought Charlotte’s car.  Somehow he had known what was going to happen to them and the only way he could talk to them through the veil of death was through the radio.  John decided he would listen more closely to the music on the radio from now on – who knew when he might get another message…

Digital Dichotomy

Published June 9, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


There was a fine and foggy mist hanging in the air on a mid-October morning.  As the girl walked her usual daily route to college, a feeling hung in the morning mist, a disheartening  and somewhat sinister feeling of  foreboding that she couldn’t understand and it made her feel  extremely uneasy.  She tried to put the feeling to one side and looked around her as she slowed her pace to take some deep breaths.  She could smell and taste the smoky coal particles in the dank air, of all the fires lit in the houses in the street to take the edge off of the autumnal chill.

She was suddenly aware that the misty atmosphere unveiled what would have been an invisible miracle of nature on any other morning.  Everywhere she looked, on every bush and tree, on bins and lamp posts, gates and walls, everywhere she turned there were spider’s webs, highlighted and brought to her attention by the fine dewy drops of the early morning mist.  She stopped, stunned by this moment of awareness.  It was as if nature itself had decorated the world in time for Halloween.

The house she stopped outside was particularly old and rotten looking, the garden very messy, unkempt and neglected.   The window frames were peeling, long since abandoned it seemed.  However as she stepped towards the hedge to admire the spiders’ work, she noticed an unexpected movement behind a downstairs, dirty, cracked window.  A haggard, bent over figure, an elderly woman she imagined, too old and incapable of keeping the house she was living alone in.

The girl was saddened at the thought of the loneliness that may be trapped within the house.  She reached into her handbag and pulled out her digital camera, the tool of her trade, and took some shots of the house.  Then she chose the angles she wanted of the spider web strewn hedges and framed her shots to catch the dew glistening webs and their eight-legged inhabitants.

Happy with her choices she turned to leave when another movement caught her eye, the curtains twitched and a bony, arthritic looking hand pulled the curtain discretely back to peek outside to see who was lurking on her property.  The girl smiled at the extremely elderly looking woman and the woman smiled sweetly back.  She opened the window and the girl leant forward and said, “I’m a photography student.  I hope you don’t mind me taking a picture of your house and I just caught this magnificent spider’s web on your hedge and thought it would make a good shot for our College magazine’s Halloween edition.”

The old woman nodded and replied, “Photography was my husband’s passion too.  Would you like to see some of his work?”  The young photographer beamed,

“Oh you’re so kind, I would love to, but I have to get off to my course now.  Can I pop back later after college?”  The frail looking woman in the window smiled again and nodded her head,

“That would be nice dear, I don’t get many visitors.”

The girl took the lady’s photo.  She thought the window framed her profile stunningly and she could see a timeless beauty hiding in the aged woman, an elegant shadow of the attractiveness she imagined once clothed her now age-worn figure.  “OK then, I’ll see you about 4.30 this afternoon, is that OK for you?”  The woman nodded again and waved her goodbye once more before she shut her window and the girl carried on her way, so pleased she had stopped to take those pictures and genuinely looking forward to having a cup of tea with the elderly woman and having a look at her husband’s photography portfolio.

When the girl arrived at college she decided the first thing she should do, would be to download the photos she had taken on her way there.  Not only had she taken the fantastic shots of the elderly lady and her house, she had some nice shots of different types of buildings and landmarks on her journey to college too and she thought she might like to do a project based on her daily walk.

She took out her camera and the cable she kept at college to attach it to the computers in the media suite and logged into her personal files.  She began to download all the photos on her camera onto the college computer and one after another her cool shots appeared on the screen until all the photos had been downloaded.

As they each appeared on the screen the girl evaluated them self-critically, that one worked well in the early morning light but needed cropping, this one was blurry, that one had an unexpected quality about it, another one wasn’t  framed quite right and so on.   Soon she came to the last photos she had taken, the ones at the old lady’s house and straight away the girl noticed there was an eerie quality about them.  The first shot was of the house itself.  There was something not quite right about the picture but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was.  The next one was the same, a picture of the house and path leading up to the house, taken at a distance; she had stepped back into the road to take this one.   There was something not completely right and she also realised these photos were not how she would normally take a photo, not her usual style and the colour was very washed out as well; it had come out almost black and white for some reason.

The girl sighed, what was it about these photos that made them seem wrong?  They were good shots, their composition was really creative, she was proud of that element, but still something didn’t seem quite right, she felt almost as if the camera was trying to tell her something with these photos, compelling her to look more closely at some detail the camera had seen at the time but she had not.  She continued looking at the last shots, the hedges, the webs, the spiders, the garden and finally the lady herself.   She sat forward in her seat as the photograph pulled her eye hypnotically to the female form standing in the window.  What?  “Oh My God!”  The girl whispered under her breath.

“What’s wrong Kathleen?”   The girl’s classmate and boyfriend asked her as he leaned in next to her to see what had upset her.  “What the?”  He gasped and they looked at each other.  “How could you have taken that?”  Kathleen shook her head,

“I didn’t take that picture Sean!   The picture I took was of this lady, but I took it this morning and she must have been in her 80s at least.  This woman is no more than 30.”  Sean shook his head, “How is that possible?”

They both looked at the photo again.  It was a photograph in black and white, the same house, the same woman, the same shot, but the house in this photo was clean and well decorated with flowers in the garden and a well-trimmed lawn and hedge, the time-period that could be discerned by the clothing the woman was wearing and by her hair and make-up was 1940s.  But that wasn’t what had shocked the couple most about this picture.  Oh no!  Behind the woman was the image of another woman, an identical copy of the first, it had to be her twin sister – and in her hand and against the perfect beauty of the other young woman’s throat was a knife – it glinted in the sun as she was captured in the act of murdering her sister.

Kathleen looked back at the other photos she had taken, they were all basically black and white but what else, what else was the camera trying to tell her.  She zoomed in on each photo in turn and her boyfriend immediately saw what had been hiding in each picture all along – a face reflected in the window of the house, the face of the photographer – and it wasn’t her, but was the face of a man dressed in a uniform with an army bag slung over his shoulder, no doubt the husband returning from duty overseas.  He had planned to capture his return home and the loving and welcoming look on his wife’s face, instead he had captured the agonising moment of her death.  The camera never lies some say…

Copyright © Laura Crean 2012

Camera glare, UFOs, Strange extra planets – What the???

Published May 30, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Camera glare, UFOs, Strange extra planets - What the???

I was watching the 6 O’clock news on BBC1 this evening and a story came on about how some British holoiday makers are having difficulty getting EU medical treatment in Spain. Well at the beginning of this story a video clip was shown of a plane – my eye was immediately drawn to the glare of the sun and 2 rather large round black shapes in the sky around the sun! I rewound the sky box and watched it a couple of times, thinking what on Earth are they? Are they caused by the glare of the sun somehow on the camera? Are they UFOs? Are they some mysterious appearance of extra planets? LOL – What the hell are they? Anyone want to throw out some suggestions?

Xx Laura Crean xX

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