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The Future of Children’s entertainment?

Published October 9, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

AwesomenessTV boss talks YouTube networks for kids:

‘I don’t think we’re replacing television’


I thought I would just add my own little thoughts about children and multimedia entertainment after reading this article about my cousin Brian’s warning to children’s TV Broadcasters to get with the times LOL 

I think the future of entertainment in general, whether for children or adults, is most certainly going to be an amalgamation of passive and interactive programmes and programming. Young people today are busy in their technology. A lot of adults think these kids are unhealthy and stupid because of their consumption of technology and pop media content but I disagree. I think we do children a disservice by dismissing their interests, their imagination and the wonderful social and intellectual benefits that are available through multimedia content. These children are far from stupid and they ‘use’ this content in very interesting ways. I think it is about time we stop trying to find things wrong with the way children use technology and really embrace it – go with it, I mean children learn through play – yes? So let them play with this technology, let them enjoy the content and then I promise you that when we sit back and watch these youngsters grow up, we will see them using these new technologies in more and more socially constructive ways – and having been inspired by the content in their childhood, they will be producing products and technologies in the future that would otherwise have been impossible. Children are so constrained in their education these days, in my opinion – so forced to conform – and these multimedia technologies give them an outlet to be free to express their frustrations and share their views and creativity.

The Haunting image of a tornado ghost

Published May 22, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

The Haunting image of a tornado ghost

A haunting image, an historic image – of a tornado captured back in 1965. A ghost of another time but a poignant reminder of the devastation such an event represents. The raw power of nature that is ruthless in its short life-span, showing no mercy as it brutally mows down everything in its path.

I have been, like many I’m sure, glued to the news reports covering the recent Oklahoma Tornado that has left such a raw wound for the people who now have to try and re-build their lives as well as their homes, schools – in fact their whole communities. Many have lost family members, children buried in the rubble of a school – so, so sad! I think events such as these, which are sadly becoming almost common place, serve as a reminder to us all of just how fragile life is but also how resilient. Like a wild flower that has pushed its way through the cracks in a brick wall to find the sun – humanity turns its face to the light and laughs at the dark clouds of the storm that tries again and again to bend and break its will. Life goes on – it has to, and I hope that the survivors of this awful and most tragic of events will be able to one day look back at photographs in an archive of the Oklahoma tornado, and see just a ghost – nothing more! A shadow that blotted out the light for a short time and then passed on by…yes it was a dark moment and took lives but it didn’t take the light of hope – hope is the promise of another day without the storm!

Image ID: wea00217, NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS) Collection
Location: Indiana, Elkhart
Photo Date: 1965 April 11
Photographer: Mr. Paul Huffman

Category: Monsters/Tornadoes/

Atlantis, The Aquatic Ape Theory and Science Versus Pseudo-Science

Published May 7, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Many years ago I watched a documentary on television.  It must have been in the 1990s, before I had the internet or SKY TV and when we didn’t record everything digitally or look things up on You Tube.  It was about a rather unusual hypothesis written about by a Housewife who was unconvinced by the Male driven Scientific ideas on the evolution of ‘Man – the Hunter and provider’.  Her name was Elaine Morgan and the idea she was so excited by was ‘The Aquatic Ape Theory’.


The Aquatic Ape Theory by Elaine Morgan

The Descent of Woman by Elaine Morgan

I remember how excited I was by the evidence she pointed to in the documentary that I was watching.  I had just gotten out of the bath and was laying on my bed with my little portable TV on, I didn’t have a video recorder attached to the TV so I couldn’t just shove a tape in and start recording and I knew it would take me too long to go downstairs, get the right channel and hunt for a tape I would be willing to tape over, so I just grabbed a notepad and pen and just lay on my bed in the ‘altogether’ and completely got lost in the documentary, making little scribbled notes on how she had been interested in the similarities between humans and aquatic mammals, why we were hairless, why babies can swim from birth – oh!  Just so many interesting things she was saying about humanity and linking a lost past where we could have survived in a watery environment.  I was hooked and my imagination from that day on just started to blossom with an idea – an idea about what ifs…

The following link is to a documentary about Elaine Morgan and the Aquatic Ape Theory –

(I don’t think this is the documentary I saw, I’m sure it had a younger Elaine Morgan going through her theory, but this is still a cool documentary.)

The following link is to Elaine Morgan’s Amazon page where you can purchase her books about the aquatic Ape Theory –

…On my 18th birthday I remember going on a fabulous day trip to Covent Garden in London with my Mum and my sister.  We had the best day exploring the stalls of arts and crafts and little antique shops and watching the street entertainers.  That day my Mum and my sister spoiled me rotten, I was bought a lovely hat that I had fallen in love with and my sister paid for me to have my portrait sketched by an amazing street artist who just took 15 minutes to draw the most amazing likeness in charcoal that I still have to this day (with me wearing my new hat!) and I  also bought a bracelet, 2 dolphins coming together in a circle.  I loved it from the moment I saw it and somehow I just knew there was a story in there somewhere, a story of adventure and mystery,  waiting to be told –  by little old me.  That was the very beginnings of what would become my novel “Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge”…

..I had always wanted to write a book.  Since I was a little girl I had loved writing stories and poetry and in High school I just tore through the school library reading so many wonderful fantasies, getting lost in strange new worlds and my imagination would run away with me – I was there, not just reading a story, actually there in my mind and I wanted to be able to create like that, I wanted to be able to take someone else on a journey, my journey, a journey I had dreamed and could share with others.

My portrait from Covent Garden

My portrait from Covent Garden

My dolphin bracelet from Covent Garden

My dolphin bracelet from Covent Garden

I started writing stories with the intention of them becoming great novel masterpieces, but I found it really hard to keep the story going.  All too soon they would peter out and I would lose interest when another great idea came along.  I began to wonder if I just didn’t have it in me to write a book and went back to just reading them.

And then this idea started to form in my mind, around my bracelet, and I remembered the Aquatic Ape theory and thought – what if – what if …the flood myths were true and at some time in our pre-history there was some major event that really did wipe out a lost civilization like Atlantis!  So then I put down the Sci-fi and fantasy books that I was reading at the time and started getting books out of the library on myths and legends and I began reading the pseudo-science books that talked about alternative histories or just theories that mainstream archaeologists didn’t agree with, like Erich Von Daniken, Graham Hancock, Colin Wilson and Robert Bauval.

I began to really enjoy what I was reading, it was a whole different type of reading than I had been used to, people actually talking about evidence and real places not just made up places.  I began to imagine myself in ancient Greece and Mesopotamia now, not just in science-fiction settings but somewhere lost in the past where real people had lived and worked and had strange ideas about gods and magic.  And I remember thinking how real magic and spirituality was starting to feel to me, because these people really did believe in these myths, these stories that the ancients told.

Erich Von Daniken’s books to me were just so amazing, they weren’t science-fiction novels but they weren’t academic, scientific or archaeology either they were better than both, they were exciting, showing cave art and strange geoglyphs from around the world like the Nazca lines in Peru and strange carvings like the sarcophagus cover at Palenque in Mexico (according to him depicting an ancient astronaut in a flying machine or space ship) and giant monuments and temple complexes like  Teotihuacan and other strange Pyramids (I had thought up to then that there were only the Egyptian pyramids), and when I read about Easter Island I got so excited I thought I would explode!

chariots-of-the-gods by Erich Von Daniken (I must have read this book a hundred times - no lie LOL)

chariots-of-the-gods by Erich Von Daniken (I must have read this book a hundred times – no lie LOL)

Then I started reading Graham Hancock’s, Colin Wilson’s and Robert Bauval’s books and got caught up in the idea of these amazing megalithic structures and ancient temples mirroring the stars and there being some long lost knowledge from our pre-history about why these places were built, how they were built and most importantly when, because Graham Hancock was saying, hang on a minute, the time-line we have inherited from the mainstream historians and archaeologists is wrong!  Humanity has had civilizations on the Earth for thousands of years longer, perhaps even tens of thousands of years longer than what we are led to believe!  I would just gobble up the books and all the while a little story was starting  to grow in the back of my mind, so I started to write my ideas down and soon my brainstorming became a plan – a plan for a novel!  I didn’t care if the scientists and academia didn’t always agree with these people, what did that matter to me?  I didn’t want the boring old history that we had been force-fed at school, that just led to more questions than answers,  I wanted these new theories like ‘the aquatic ape theory’ and ‘the ancient astronaut theory’ – to me it all added up, it was how history should look, exciting, mysterious, magical, with questions being asked by every-day people that scientists felt threatened by!

Heaven's Mirror by Graham Hancock and Santha Falla

Heaven’s Mirror by Graham Hancock and Santha Falla

Talisman - Sacred Cities, Secret Faiths by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval

Talisman – Sacred Cities, Secret Faiths by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval

Of course the inevitable happened – I became enchanted by the myth of Atlantis.  First I looked at the Atlantis myth as told by Plato in his works Timaeus and Critias, about an ancient land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that had been prosperous and full of wonder in its day but had disappeared in a single day and night 9000 years before his own time in some disastrous deluge, that sunk the Wondrous Atlantis and it was never to be seen again.  Then I began to think of the story of Noah and wondered if Atlantis and the story of the  ill-fated peoples of the bible were based in the same period in history.  I started to research and discovered so many flood myths from all around the world, that it was ridiculous to think there wasn’t a connection – and it appeared many other people had come to the same conclusion.

And that is when my story really began to take on a life of its own, it really did almost write itself but it took a long time in my up and down life to finish the story and there it sat in its raw form for many years in one single paper manuscript  form waiting to be put onto a computer and edited – in the trunk awaiting to be brought to life.  I have tried a couple of times to get it out and put it onto a computer over the years, unfortunately when I dug out the old floppy disc and tried to re-load it onto my modern laptop it was not compatible and  so I am now trying to re-write from the original manuscript, editing as I go and adding lots of new life as well.  I am becoming once more reacquainted to the characters I lovingly created all those years ago and their world begins once more to take shape and I can’t wait to get to the point where I can finally take you all on a tour of my own beloved Atlantis.

This is a link to Graham Hancock’s Amazon page –

This is a link to Robert Bauval’s Amazon page –

This is a link to erich Von Daniken’s Amazon page –

I have watched so many really good documentaries on Atlantis but I have to say this is one of the best.  Take some time to watch this video, it covers everything you could possibly want to know about the history of the myth of Atlantis.

Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge  Front Cover idea

Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge Front Cover idea

Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge by Laura Crean (Coming Soon)

Pearl is a young priestess initiate – one of The Chosen few born to the Temples of Atlantis with a destiny that is bound up with the dolphins who protect their great city. Her journey soon becomes a race against time as she becomes aware of a great secret hidden from her people for thousands of years. A secret that will unlock a great power – a power that could destroy her people forever or set them free, which will it be?

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Runes, Rainbows and Remembering Ancient Knowledge

Published June 1, 2012 by Laura Crean Author

    The thirst for knowledge goes hand in hand with the wonder that is human imagination and creativity.  The fascination many people appear to have with the ancient knowledge apparently hiding in history and legend, it seems to me, melds seamlessly with a modern obsession with myth and fantasy.

The Rainbow Rune Series‘, my series of children’s books, mainly set in The Realm of the Purple Dragon,  is in actual fact a culmination of my interest in all of the above – history and legend and the encoded knowledge hidden in ancient texts and writings.  However It is more to do with my fascination of the mystery of the symbolism found in myths and fantasy stories alike.

Symbols and the written word have always been a powerful tool used by mankind to share and pass on knowledge, language and humanity’s greatest gift – imagination!  Of course it has always been used by some elite and powerful people to keep some knowledge hidden and secret, because as we all know knowledge is power and power means control of the masses.

Ancient writings such as runes and hieroglyphs were so much more than just the written word as it is today (a phonetic mark on paper to represent the sounds of letters and words).  Ancient runes were so much more than that!  They were magic!  And the reason they were magical was because of what they represented in the minds of the people using them.  One little mark or rune could not only represent a sound but could also have a whole separate meaning, idea or concept hidden within it often known only by a few”chosen” individuals who could use that special  knowledge in ways that would have seemed magical to the every day man or woman on the street.

These magical symbols could help a person to understand the problems they were facing in their daily lives and could be used as a tool of divination to guide people when they had tough decisions to make.  They could also be used in spells and prayers for rituals to help people or to curse an enemy, to understand the seasons and the stars in the heavens and even the gods’ motivations.

To us as modern individuals a letter or a word would seem quite a simple thing and the person writing it down is simply sharing a basic sound to represent a word or a  word to represent a thing or a concept or idea with another person or group of people – job done!  But a rune or a hieroglyph could literally conjure up much more in the individual in prehistory – it could represent another realm, a realm of gods, spirits, heroes, magic and immortality!  Of one’s own spiritual journey to heaven or enlightenment!  Wow!  I don’t know about you, but it certainly shines a whole new light on how exciting the written word can be.

I want to ignite that excitement and curiosity about the written word in children, I want them to know that it is the greatest tool humanity has to unlock the secrets of our past and the possibilities of our future, so that their own journeys to enlightenment may be truly, gloriously full of the colour of imagination and unlock their true potential.  Follow the Rainbow Runes and cross the Rainbow Bridge today :-

“Let the future be colourful

Let the future be bright

Let the future be wonderful

and bring us into the Light.”

Xx Laura Crean xX

To learn more about how I use the runes in The Realm of the Purple Dragon you can buy a copy now on Amazon, click the link to buy your copy now.      The Realm of The Purple Dragon (on Amazon)

Coming soon for older readers Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge

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