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Are you Awake?

Published January 26, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

What do you think being awake means? A little talk about Spiritual Awakenings.

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In this video (link below) I talk about the idea of being spiritually awake or awakening.  I touch on many different ideas about what this may mean in different philosophies and world views, including Christianity (John 3:3) talks about being ‘born again’ and how this relates to the Holy Spirit and the heavenly realms, especially the Kingdom of God, the awakening of the third eye and the Kundalini spirit and the 9 Chakras, Jewish mysticism, the Tree of Life and the 10 nodes and Norse mythology and the symbolism of the 9 realms residing in the branches and roots of the world tree Yggdrasil and the significance of the Rainbow bridge and the wells.

Another video done. I know I have done 3 videos in quite quick succession but that’s just because I was making them all at the same time. It will probably be a while until my next one. But please watch, like, subscribe and share guys, especially my closer friends and family – I need your support. Thank you. And if you feel so inclined – comment on here or more importantly on You Tube – positive comments only please!

Video on Spiritual Awakenings



The Cup of Living Waters. 

Published May 13, 2017 by Laura Crean Author

When darkness falls

and you feel you’re all alone

and fear begins to seep into your bones,

when sickness creeps up on you so unawares

and leaves you feeling weak

and ill prepared,

when that time comes;

when you feel you’ve lost control

and only a bitter taste

consumes your soul,

when nothing that you do or say

can make a change

and hopelessness leaves you in a world that feels so strange;

Step forward now and find the home of faith

and call on Jesus – humbly seek his face.

For he has heard your prayers

and seen your tears – and surely he will heal,

for he heals the broken hearted

and binds up every wound – it is his will!

He does not hide his face

from those that call –

Seek him, praise him, honour and revere him,

for he heals all…

…who come to him for strength and joy and life.

You are not forsaken,

God’s presence is like

the surgeon’s sharpest knife –

it cuts through all fears

and transplants love within its place,

such is the awesome mercy of God’s grace.

He will be your strength

and will help you when you call,

have faith because when God is with you – nothing is impossible!

So come and drink from his cup so sweet,

his living waters into your life will seep

and such a medicine will refresh your soul,

God’s love will wash over you

and make you whole.

by Laura Crean

Dream of 1st November 2015 – 4.20 AM (ish)

Published November 6, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

We are all Human Beings having an experience – an experience of ‘being’– and we are all free –thinking individuals with the ability to put those thoughts into a symbolic representation through sound – i.e. the spoken word.  And in some countries we are told we have “freedom of speech”.  But in today’s world we are living in an illusion of freedom, because we are not free to speak those thoughts without fear of ridicule, condemnation or persecution…

…Last Saturday night, or rather early Sunday morning I had a dream.  And in that dream a debate was taking place in a public space, and it was being filmed for television.  It was between several scientific leading authorities.  The chair person asked each of them to put forward their point of view – of course – the nature of a debate – and each gave a very eloquent and rather complicated version of their scientific viewpoint on how they experience the universe through their own “scientific” understanding.

I stepped forward and began to articulate my own viewpoint and with my eyes closed I spoke of the love of God, and his love and my consciousness meeting in an inside space not in an outside space.  The chair of the debate threw out my comments and said they were not relevant to the debate.  I said that a debate by its very nature must accept different viewpoints, but how could there be a debate when ALL the viewpoints are from only one perspective – the “scientific” perspective?  There may be many arguments but at the end of the day all the arguments were from the same scientific viewpoint.  I said that I was still a human being having an experience of “being” in the universe.  I am free-thinking and have the ability to articulate those experiences, so why should my thoughts, my experience, my understanding be any less worthy of a debate – just because I haven’t had the same “education” or got the same “degrees” as another person? She said that it was just not how we did things and that my point of view would not be shown on the television.

As I came out of the debate and out of the dream, God spoke to me and said: “Write this down…”

…Humanity is on the brink of an evolution in understanding – an awakening of awareness.  And that awareness is that Space is not just about what science dictates it is – Space is not the Universe, the Universe is more than just space – it is consciousness, it is the love energy of God, it is a gift given to everyone to experience individually but to share together.  And no one person or group of people should dictate to others about how they should experience or share their experience of “being” in the universe, because by putting the universe in a box, they are putting people in a box and that box is like a prison for the mind.  It is time for the mind to be set free…

WHY should I label myself a CHRISTIAN?

Published May 6, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

Right now I feel like I am having to fight for my right to call myself a Christian. I feel God speaking to me recently through my interactions with others, so I am sharing.  Some people both Christians AND non Christians may not like it, but to be honest I don’t care. I am trying to get on with my own spiritual journey and I have had trouble over the years BELIEVE me trying to justify to MYSELF why I would want to be called a Christian; and so whilst I have been trying to explain my point of view to other people just lately – I feel it has just been God speaking to ME. Why should I label myself a Christian? This is what I have to say…

I think you are just focusing on that word far too much, you are worrying about it, obsessing over it. yes it is a label, it is a NAME – but it is just a word to describe the body of Christ – his people and – how you see yourself. You ARE you and God made you YOU, the individual. He gave you an individual fingerprint and an individual personality and he stamped HIS LOVE for YOU, your individuality on your heart. He died for YOU. And he wants YOU to come to him “just as you are” – as YOU are – he doesn’t want a carbon copy “Christian” He wants YOU with all your individual quirks and lovely self – but he wants you also to be a part of HIS “body” which is his people, his church – his “CHRISTIAN” people – a label WE give for the BODY AND BRIDE of CHRIST that sets us apart as his most special, beautiful people that he has called INDIVIDUALLY through each of our hearts. We need to have a name to link us to God and what better name than that of the one who gave his life so that you might live forever! I am pouring all of this out of my heart and I feel like it is God writing this right now. I feel maybe he would be afraid that you are missing the point! The point is Jesus. We are not Jews, we are not Muslims, we are not Buddhists, we are not New-~Age crystal worshippers – we might understand about where some of this stuff is coming from but we can see it as being a part of the stuff that goes on in the physical world that God says – yes it’s all real, it’s all valid as in symbolic for certain things but don’t worship it – worship me through my son who I have given for YOU so that you will know how special YOU are to me. We are not all those other groups – those labels – we are CHRISTIANS because we are in CHRIST we are re-born in his image. I can’t keep going round and round trying to make you see through my eyes – I want that label – I WANT to be a Christian; I don’t want to be a Jew like my Mum’s family, I don’t want to be a Buddhist BUT I understand where my Mum is coming from because the old ways LED to the new ways, the NEW testament – that Jesus is the way, the truth, the LIFE. I understand the ways of Buddha and I think Jesus did too; so I meditate as I have always done, but now I meditate with scripture in my heart so that I can close my eyes and meet God in that quiet place, really go inside myself and come into his presence. I understand about the UFO and alien culture and I follow what’s going on there because I believe it is leading to the end days and they are part of the angelic battle – but I don’t worship them, I worship Jesus for saving us from the devil’s plan! To lead us away from God! So I call myself a Christian – a name Jesus would not have called himself – he was a Jew but he said the old ways were DEAD which is why he had to die, to bring us a new way THROUGH HIM and yes we probably could have labelled that Jesus movement in any way – but WE – his church, his BODY labelled it after his name so that we would always remember that through CHRIST EVERYTHING is possible and only through him can we live FOREVER! If you don’t believe that then I’m just spitting words into your face and not into your heart and I can do no more to say how I feel about it. This is how I feel and how I feel GOD is talking to me and through me for YOU. But if you don’t want to label yourself as Christian that is STILL YOUR choice – nobody is going to hate you for it – I love you, God loves you, stop worrying about a LABEL a WORD and get on with getting to know HIM.

Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #9 – Education

Published May 15, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

The Well in the Garden

Inner Visionary Verses - Personal Intuitive Insights #9 - Education ❤ I will add my painting when it is finished ❤

Thursday 15th May 2014

Personal Intuitive Insights #9 – Education

Yesterday I started a painting of the Buddha. Last night I dreamt that I was in a classroom. It was quite a long and complicated dream actually, but I think the point of it was fairly simple. The teacher was trying to teach a lesson that I felt uncomfortable with; I felt she was wrong in what she was saying and I was very unhappy and felt sad about her attitude. The teacher became angry with me and told me to smile. I refused to smile and told her I couldn’t smile if I wasn’t happy. She then tried to manipulate me into behaving the way she felt I should behave and when I wouldn’t conform she started trying to get me into trouble so she could expel me…

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Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #7 – Time

Published May 11, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

The Well in the Garden

Inner Visionary Verses - Personal Intuitive Insights #7 - Time Sunday 11th May 2014 Personal Intuitive Insights #7 – Time The Earth’s clock cannot be controlled, the Earthly tide turns for no one. But deep inside of each of us a different kind of clock exists and that one can be controlled. Our own individual sense of time is relative to our own bodily rhythms, and consciousness is sensitive to time’s illusions… Day gives way to night and night drifts on till morning, the motion of the stars and the turning of the tides; seasons pass and nature changes, time is marked but is never still. And yet in dreams and the vision’s quest – time makes a different journey – the journey of the spirit lies outside of time’s control. Father Time and Mother Earth conspired to whisper this visionary verse to me as a cautionary tale that we should not squander the gift of the stars that resides…

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Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #6 – Attention

Published May 10, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

The Well in the Garden

Inner Visionary Verses - Personal Intuitive Insights #6 - Attention Saturday 10th May 2014

Personal Intuitive Insights #6 – Attention

How do you ‘feel’ today? Perception gives meaning to sensations. In this busy world of over stimulation of the senses, it is hard to ‘make sense’ of the space we find ourselves existing in. Sometimes we need to ‘pay attention’ to our feelings in a concentrated, calm and meditative way. Peaceful reflection of how the world feels to us can help us find a connection between our bodies and the space we are in. I closed my eyes today and let my own breath guide me… Perception may give meaning to sensation but being attentive to your true feelings means becoming awakened to the senses you are not usually aware of, like balance, time and your own sense of space. Take the time to tune in to ALL your senses today and you will feel more alive and ready to…

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Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #5 – Meditation

Published May 9, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

The Well in the Garden

Inner Visionary Verses - Personal Intuitive Insights #5

Friday 9th May 2014

Personal Intuitive Insights #5 – Meditation

Meditation is becoming aware of the forces of creation in their reflection in your own bodily rhythms; the breath of life, the pulse of time, the flow of consciousness, the sensation of physical tensions, these all become a focus of attention. I feel the spirit of God sigh and he exhales through the tides of the Earth… Meditation should lead to compassion, patience and humility and can only be experienced through the spirit’s attentive journey into deep reflection of the mind’s inner landscape, which is not bound by mere human sensation and perception.

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Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #4

Published May 8, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

The Well in the Garden

Inner Visionary Verses - Personal Intuitive Insights #4 Thursday 8th May 2014

Personal Intuitive Insights #5

In the innocence of youth most feel no stress or anxiety. Play and the instinctual art of living in the moment seem to lead to a light-hearted life of peace and security. As the pressures of life work themselves into the spirit, obligation and responsibility lead to living in the future, with unnecessary worries about what ‘might be’ over shadowing the truth of ‘what is’. Today I feel the energies and vibrations of heaven again telling me to pay attention to my inner visionary verses… Innocence can be still in the present moment, and be mindful of that inner landscape that brings peace through the imagination. Experience however can learn to rest in the hope of prayer and be calm in the art of meditation.These are the words that come from my intuitive insights today.

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Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights #3

Published May 7, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

The Well in the Garden

Wednesday 7th May 2014

Personal Intuitive Insights #3

There is a well of wisdom in all of us and it waters the garden of our spirit. Each garden is planted with seeds of many varieties but each seed is a mere grain of truth. Truth comes from knowledge that feeds the well from many sources; therefore it is not always a black and white matter. We all learn our lessons from a different perspective – no two views can ever be the same because we are all consumed with our own motivations, drives, passions and rationale. In this way… truth may have its own agenda for each of us but grows with wisdom through both experience AND innocence. These are the words I feel compelled to share today.

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