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Dear God, it’s time for a reboot…

Published May 25, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

I hope you are all heeding the signs of the times!  Paying attention to those signs that help you to glimpse behind the curtain and see the hidden spiritual battles that are going on out there in the world.  I am seeing more and more of these, and so today, I thought I would share the kind of signs I am talking about.  Signs come not only in the physical world through the environment, social happenings and the such, and not only through dreams and visions, but through the media, the arts – signs are everywhere;  if we just wake up and pay attention to them.

I just watched a very interesting movie the other day, considering the times we are in, I thought.  And it was very reminiscent of other films in recent years, such as the Matrix and the Terminator, films about robots and artificial intelligence; It was called ‘Surrogates’ starring Bruce Willis.  I just thought it rang a bell; the similarities with the world we are living in today with this Coronavirus and everyone staying home, many very afraid now to go out in case they catch the virus.

In the film, everyone has a surrogate robot body out in the real world so that they can ‘stay safe’ at home, jacked up to this surreal, fake online life, with their robot bodies doing the donkey work outside.  And of course, they make their surrogate robots – their fake identities whatever they want them to look like – like a mask, hiding their true identities; most beautiful, perfect human dolls.  Like an extreme version of some people’s online profiles now, wouldn’t you say?  They look perfect and healthy while in fact their ‘jacked in’ bodies back at home get neglected.  It takes a cyber attack – a computer virus, to disable the surrogates in the end and bring their real, human bodies back out into the light of the day, so that they can feel and respond as humans once more.  Sounds like an end to lock-down to me!

The signs here are very clear, reflecting our current situation.  To me, the front line workers are like the surrogate robots;  like the Borg in Star Trek, they are masked up, their identities hidden, not as individuals, but of a collective – they are the underpaid, risk taking heroes being clapped by those ‘safe behind closed doors’ while the governments are enforcing the ‘jacked in’ life and trying to promote the start of a ‘new normal’ for the good of the collective – when there is, in fact, nothing normal about it!

Everyone’s at home glued to the daily Coronavirus news updates and hooked on an online world of Netflix, You Tube, Facebook and computer games and online shopping; hidden, unseen, only going out for food, exercise and medicine (all the things we need to keep healthy right?  Except it’s not, and our mental and spiritual health is carefully being manipulated).   Education being redefined so that what it will look like, is children isolated either at home, computer educated, or at school,  in little isolated social distancing pockets, being programmed by the ‘Big Brother’ ‘New World Order’ State to accept their new lot in life, and be vaccinated, chipped and tagged and given their little slave roles to play as long as they toe the line and be completely available to the state’s every whim.

Does it take a virus to wake up humanity?  To get us to unplug and look at the world we have been living in and ask, is this really how we want to exist?  Unplug people!  Open the windows and let the light in.  Step out and smell the fresh air!  Breathe it in!  Talk to your neighbours.  Hug your children.  Explore life.  And then maybe ask yourselves – what’s next?  Are we just going to go back to the way it was, polluting the planet, consuming everything in sight?  Are we going to accept the ‘new normal’?  Be controlled and manipulated even more by the pharmaceutical companies and by the Bill Gates and Elon Musks, The big banking families and the Trumps of this world?  Or is it time for a  reboot of the system?  A change in the programming?  What program are you running on?

That makes me think of the Windows operating system – there is an image of a window and a rainbow.  Everyone is flinging open their windows to obediently clap and whistle the “workers”, the “drones”, the “robots” – the NHS and other key front line workers, of which I am one!  Not much choice in the matter, I might add!  I mean, I love my job but do I get a choice of whether to risk my life or not?  No, of course not!  Just clap for me and stroke my ego and make me feel a little more inclined to go out and do my job, and I should feel proud to be doing it right?

Back to the windows – many of them have pictures of rainbows on them right?  The rainbow was a symbol – a sign – that God gave to Noah as a promise you know; a promise that he would never destroy the Earth by a flood again!  It is a symbol of ‘hope’!  And in this lock-down world we are living in many are using it as a symbol of hope, trust and thanks that we put in our medical workers, our NHS and Care Workers, Police, teachers, shop workers etc.  These people ARE essential to our daily lives, and yet they have no choice – it is all an illusion!  They aren’t financially secure most of them, they are on minimum wages, often working mothers; this is our robot, slave workforce, and I think clapping them and putting up rainbows is, quite frankly, insulting to them.

As a Christian, I would say, it is our hope and trust in God, through Jesus Christ that should be our focus in the times we are in.  I personally look to Christ.  He is the one who, like Bruce’s character in Surrogates or Morpheus and Neo in the Matrix, woke me up, who unplugged me from the system – the fake programming and gave me new eyes to see what a fake life I was living and what a fake world I was living in.  Sin had corrupted the hard drive making it difficult for individuals such as myself to function.

Even if you are not a Christian, I still say – unplug!  Become aware of the corruption, the manipulation, the social programming.  I asked God to step in, wipe the hard drive clean so I could start again afresh.  It is not through ‘works’ or the ‘workers’ that we are saved – but by faith in Christ.  Hit the save button now!  Turn to the creator of the original operating system and ask for a reboot, for yourself individually and for the world as a whole.  This new world order doesn’t need to be about controls and social distancing, being drugged, chipped and traced – it can be about love, joy, peace, true freedom in Christ and hope in a world originally made perfect but corrupted by the sin of man made greed and power.  Don’t let the pharmaceutical companies, the banks, the owners of the internet and the Elite in power isolate and control you – heed the signs people, wake up and unplug before we lose our humanity forever!




Words of Power out of the mouths of babes…

Published March 11, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

How many times have you heard a child say or indeed have said to a child when they have been upset by something another child has said to them: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”?  I have to admit I think I am guilty of this.  It was something I was taught as a child and it is something I have probably told my own children a few times.  Why do we say it?  Is it because it is true?  We all know that’s not correct.  Of course words hurt us.  We say it to try and convince ourselves not to let it hurt us, after all it’s just words, just sounds – isn’t it?  Nonsense!  Words have power.  They create and they destroy.  They weave an image which becomes a concept, which in turn becomes ingrained in our very being – cultures are born out of words.  Think of some of the most powerful books, poems, songs, speeches.  Laws are created by words aren’t they?  Science and religion are made up of words aren’t they?  Words are power!  Especially the words you can’t even hear.  The ones you think to yourself when you are alone.  Yes, even that still little voice inside of you – that voice uses words – your words – and they have power.

Let us remember that words are our humanity.  Let us teach our children to use words that have the power that will create not destroy, build others up not tear them down, affect positive change not fear and despair, clarity not confusion.  We must mentor our children about the kinds of words that will be healthy for them to use in their lives and then let them build on that.  And sometimes, just sometimes they have words to inspire us too.  In days gone by we were led to believe that children should be seen and not heard.  I believe that sometimes, just sometimes it’s us adults that should shut up and listen to what the children have to say.

Listen…listen to what the children have to say…

You heard the boy: “Let’s work together to change the world not just occupy it.”

MTV – What the? Women as sex objects!!!??? FOR ADULT EYES ONLY!

Published October 20, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

OK so I LOOOVEE my music. I love music of every persuasion and genre and I have either my radio or the music channels on non stop in my house. I love pop music – I love classical, jazz – all kinds – but not the heavy rock or gangster rap stuff! Anyway my kids love music too and so they listen and watch with me when it is on and we are all getting on with other stuff.

However – Today (which is a Sunday Lunchtime by the way as I am writing this) I casually put Chart Show TV on my Sky, which is a channel I watch a lot during the week as background when I’m writing or doing my housework. At first it didn’t click what was going on and then all of a sudden I realised what was playing and I quickly looked around to make sure my 9 year old daughter wasn’t in the room. Now I may have gone to the toilet or gone to make a cup of tea in the kitchen and been gone for half an hour and this would have been playing.

Luckily my kids were off in other parts of the house but I was astounded that on a Sunday lunchtime there was an MTV programme playing what I can only describe as ‘sex songs’. I watched it for a little while because I was curious – I mean how many tweens and young teens are going to be watching? and what were they watching? What am I getting so uptight about? LOL

OK so I am going to post the selection of videos that were shown in the short time that I watched the channel. Don’t get me wrong – I for the most part love the individual artists – they are all very talented individuals and I even like (most) of these songs and as an adult the videos are quite good if you like that sort of thing – BUT – I’m putting my concerned Mummy hat on here and I am shaking my head and wagging my finger and actually I’m shocked and disturbed that these artists who earn so much money from the youth are putting out these videos – that show women as sex objects, often explicitly moving their bodies (sometimes completely naked) as if sex is the be all and end all of life on Earth! Which it isn’t!!! No really!

My 9 year old daughter absolutely loves Miley Cyrus and is still watching the repeats of Hannah Montana! That cute little teen who doubles as a cute pop star!!!! My 9 year old does not need to see Miley Cyrus’ naked body basically having sex with a wrecking ball thank you very much!!!

Oh yes and Justin, Justin, Justin (I love you…) no wait that’s not want I wanted to say lol – yes we all know you are a sexy guy and you can have any woman on the planet that throws herself at you – but really???? Is that how you want innocent little tweens to see you and themselves? Why don’t YOU strip down completely naked and gyrate in front of the girlies (Please!) – I’m sure they would love that! But I shouldn’t think you will – will you? Why not? Think about it honestly for a moment – So why objectify women doing it???? You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

Beyonce – well what can I say about her – I love her music, she is very talented, of course she is gorgeous and she is an amazing dancer – BUT – little girls are prancing around doing your little twerking moves left right and centre now – I mean look how Miley Cyrus twirked herself stupid on stage at the VMA awards or whatever it was (shakes head and rolls eyes)

Come on Music industry – grow a conscience! I know morality is at a premium in the 21st century but I’m seriously worried about what we are teaching our young girls (and boys actually) with this attitude. Needless to say it was a man hosting the program! And when I went on You tube to find the version of tunnel vision that had been on the TV (already explicit enough) all I could find was the EXPLICIT version – hundreds of them!!!!!

I know youngsters are always going to be curious about sex and they should be proud of their own bodies but how early do we want to see them ‘curious about sex’? How early do we want them gyrating their hips in a sexual way at the opposite sex? And do we really want the overreaching message to them to be that girls are there to dance sexily in front of boys and that boys can have their pick of what sexy looking girls they want to have sex with because they are throwing themselves at them anyway???

OK rant over. Here are some of the videos that were playing this Sunday Lunchtime on SKY. Enjoy them – but ask yourself – do I want my kids watching these videos one after the other on a Sunday lunchtime? 😀

I couldn’t find a cleanish version of Tunnel Vision so I’m just posting the song (you’ll have no problem finding it – it’s EVERYWHERE)

This guy made me laugh –


Blog Action Day – Women and Children in the 21st Century

Published October 16, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

I wanted to contribute to ‘Blog Action Day’ and write a piece for the theme of ‘Human Rights’ and decided I would quite like to write about ‘Women and Children in the 21st Century’.  As a single Mother on benefits, struggling to cope with depression, anxieties and agoraphobia and in a daily battle with myself over self-loathing and a feeling of failure on the part of being a good Mum and providing for my family, I thought this would be an appropriate piece of writing to attempt.  However as I sat at my laptop and thought about how I would begin such a piece of writing I realised I knew nothing about ‘Human Rights’ or specifically the rights of women and children.  So how could I possibly ‘write’ about such a thing?  With that in mind I apologise if this piece of writing becomes confused, babbling or incoherent but I will give it a go…


I sat and stared at the blinking cursor and thought – why do I want to write this piece?  What is it that has affected me so acutely as to compel me to write about women and children in the 21st century for my fellow bloggers to read?   – I wasn’t completely sure why I felt so strongly, the urge to share such a piece of writing.  I thought about how my life is at the moment and the ups and downs I seem to have experienced since marrying at the tender age of 19.  I thought about how many stories I see on the television and in the newspapers about the plight of children in war-torn and poverty-stricken countries; children starving to death, blown up by various weapons of war, orphaned, perhaps living on the streets or in poorly run orphanages, perhaps even rummaging for food or items to sell in rubbish dumps and amongst bomb damage.   I thought about the children here in the UK so often on the news because of abuse, dying of neglect, starvation and cruelty in a country supposedly so free and well off.  And I thought about women – those in foreign climes perhaps who struggle to feed themselves and their children, who suffer abuse at the hands of men and of religious states who seem to view them more as slaves and subservient  to men – their fathers, brothers and husbands (the latter often forced upon them at a young age – as children themselves).  I just think as I am finding my life so difficult to deal with (even though I feel blessed to have been born in a country that does have such systems as social security benefits and the National Health service in place to help me – because if I lived anywhere else in the world goodness knows if I would even be alive today), I still feel so sad that women and children (in this day and age) are still suffering!

I think many people (in the western world especially) who have never had to suffer any type of hardship, are under false illusions about how hard it can be for women and children.  Why do I include the two together exclusively?  Why do I not include single fathers or men in general in my blog about human rights?  Good question, I whisper to myself – am I being sexist?  No I don’t think so – it’s just that, it is what I observe; and it is what I have experienced – it is somehow the way of the world and always has been that women and children are the most vulnerable in society.

 It is true that many women have a good and happy and privileged upbringing and go on to lead healthy happy lives with good careers and then enter into perhaps happy and fulfilling marriages  and have healthy and happy children who are loved, encouraged, nurtured, intellectually stimulated, economically stable and then themselves go on to perpetuate this life style.  But that I think in my opinion is a western ideal, brought about by women’s rights that in today’s ‘civilised’ world westerners think is the norm.  Is it the norm?  Is it really?  Because I don’t think it is.  In my experience the ‘normal’, healthy, happy ‘stable’ family unit of a working, happy and loving Mum, Dad and 2.4 kids and a dog is few and far between – even in the ‘civilised – western world’.  Maybe I am just reflecting my own problems in staying in such a ‘family unit’- but I don’t think so.  And even where those family units consist of a ‘modern’ woman brought up in that ideal family unit I spoke of – how often in these modern times is that family unit breaking down?  And even when the woman has a good education, when she finds herself alone and responsible for the children, things can fall apart very quickly.  I mean no woman in her right mind even in ‘Great’ Britain would want to be living on benefits, struggling to make ends meet and feed and clothe and keep a roof over herself and her children’s heads?  Add to that – whilst keeping her self-respect and dignity and…well you get the point!  Do I sound bitter?  I don’t mean to!  I’m just struggling to understand my place in the world as a woman – a single mother – an individual human being – without completely losing the plot!

  Maybe it is less about women and children in the 21st century and more about humanity in general – maybe I am just feeling disillusioned with ‘humanity’ and my place in it at the moment.  There are probably some men out there reading this post (maybe women too) thinking – stop whining woman!  What have you got to whine about?  You don’t have it that bad!  No!  You’re probably right.  I should just stop whining, stop ‘being’ depressed and get on with it – get a job – and get a life!  Right?  And I suppose all those women out there ‘being’ beaten up and verbally and emotionally abused and abandoned by the men in their lives should stop whining and get on with it too – right?  And I suppose all those women out there who are dying of starvation in, say Africa somewhere should stop whining and stop having children and get on with it – right?  And I suppose all those women out there whose men are dying and being killed because of war should stop whining and get on with it – right?  Except it’s not that simple is it?  It’s not that black and white!  It’s not a matter of how it should be – it’s a matter of how it is!  Women don’t choose to be vulnerable, life makes it that way!  They don’t choose to be abused, abandoned, widowed, impoverished, sick and unemployable – that’s just the way life has worked out for them.  And for the most part they DO just get on with it.  Getting on with it is a way of life for such women and children!  And whether a vulnerable woman or child is living in the UK or Iran or Africa or China or the flippin’ moon – it doesn’t matter – without help and support for them ‘humanity’ will never be ‘civilised’ in my opinion. 

It just seems to me at the moment that women and children in the 21st century are being let down.  Not only are they being let down by their governments, but they are being let down by their communities – by ‘humanity’.  When Hamzah Khan, that vulnerable little 4 year old boy was found starved to death and abandoned under piles of rubbish in his cot in the ‘civilised’ United Kingdom – where was the community?  Where was humanity?  Where was his extended family whilst his mother was drinking herself to death and oblivious of her children’s needs because she couldn’t cope?  Where were the authorities?  Where was compassion, empathy, respect?  Where was that family’s help so they could ‘get on with it’?  Where was ‘humanity’ when   Malala Yousafzai  was being shot in the head just because she spoke up for girls’ rights to go to school?  Where is humanity whilst India’s abandoned widows struggle to survive on charity?  Women and Children in the 21st Century – being abandoned, neglected, ignored… by ‘humanity’.  ‘Human’ Rights?  How can ‘humanity’ tackle human rights when it is not equal to start with?    



Poverty and Plenty – Defining Human Rights

Published October 16, 2013 by Laura Crean Author



We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

—United States Declaration of Independence, 1776

Human Rights.  What Wikipedia has to say on the subject –

What are “Human Rights?”  And how do we as members of the Human race stand up for them?

Well when I decided to take part in this event today I had no idea what the official world view on Human Rights was.  So basically this is the core of it I think:-

In 1948 The United Nations General Assembly adopted the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)”.  In the preamble to the declaration it says  “Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and ‘inalienable rights’ of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”.

Article 55 of the United Nations Charter states that “the United Nations shall promote:

  1. .higher standards of living, full employment, and conditions of economic and social progress and development;
  2. solutions of international economic, social, health, and related problems; and international cultural and educational cooperation; and
  1. universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion.

And article 56 says that “All Members pledge themselves to take joint and separate action in co-operation with the Organization for the achievement of the purposes set forth in Article 55.”  This constitutes a legal obligation for the members to enforce article 55.

In the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, World Conference on Human Rights, 1993 it says, “All human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent and interrelated. The international community must treat human rights globally in a fair and equal manner, on the same footing, and with the same emphasis. While the significance of national and regional particularities and various historical, cultural and religious backgrounds must be borne in mind, it is the duty of States, regardless of their political, economic and cultural systems, to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

So what can I take away from all of these official declarations and conventions and charters?  Well I suppose it is that humanity inherently knows that it has a moral and social duty, stemming from different philosophical and religious viewpoints, to protect our fellow humans.  To make sure that our human family has an equal footing on this planet that we all share and call home so that we can thrive during our condition of the human experience.  We should all be allowed to strive for personal freedoms such as the right to be creative, reach our full potential and live in dignity.   However, sometimes as individuals we find ourselves on an unequal path.  A path full of obstacles and as much as we yearn to ‘thrive’ the conditions to do so are made almost impossible by the environment we find ourselves in.  People in poverty, caught up in war, famine, economic and environmental hardship just don’t have the ‘choice’ of starting on an even keel as much as they may wish for it; and for millions of people on this planet, a vast majority vulnerable women and children, just staying alive is the foremost thought in their minds.  Being able to take another breath, have another glass of water, one more mouthful of food, the ability to keep warm and safe – that is all – the very, very, fundamental basics for survival!

In my opinion not one human soul alive today on planet Earth should have to find themselves in that position – in a world where so many have millions of pounds or dollars in their bank accounts and buy ‘products’ of vanity – a bag for $10,000, a pair of shoes for $1000, a house to rattle around in for £20,000000 when there are children dying for the sake of a mouthful of water, some nourishing food!  It sickens me.  It scares me actually to think that so many are blind to the conditions their brothers and sisters on another continent are living in.

But at the end of the day whose job is it to help these people?  Who has the right to say one person’s fortune and hard earned money should go to helping a stranger in a foreign land?  These 2 individuals are not related, they have never met, and it’s not either of their faults that they were born in 2 different worlds, one in a world of plenty and one in a world of want!  And besides, what you have never seen or experienced has nothing to do with you – right?  I wonder how many if the shoe were on the other foot would be even contemplating such thoughts!

Humanity – an accidental biological entity thrown into the universal mix of atoms floating around in the void of existence which may or may not have been ’created’  for a purpose –  How far has it come?  Where is it going?  And what choices does it have in the now?

Human Rights?  How can we define or defend such a concept when we don’t even know how to define Humanity?



A Poem by Laura Crean

Energy, energy everywhere,

free for all to tap,

but most of the Earth is unaware

that few control the cap.

The Earth is just a “system”

that exists in an infinite loop,

nature has this shape as its totem

the micro and the macro too.

And yet my energy bills

continue to expand,

money into someone else’s tills

and constantly out of my hands…

What is the nature of the human experience?

What is life supposed to be?

Is it to strive for personal freedoms

such as the right to be creative, reach our full potential and live in dignity?

How can we preserve such a way of life

and still be free and sane

when corporations rule “the system”?

They seem to have everything to gain,

while reducing the human experience to commerce –

which can only lead to pain!

It seems that corporates run the world economy

through corruption and control,

they bribe our politicians –

but this is legal “lobbying” and “political gifts”

we all are told.

And the laws enforce this system

through misguided commercial red tape,

how can we change this polluted perception?

Humanity needs to re-evaluate!

Revolution can only come through evolution

in the consciousness of every heart,

we need transparent political systems

free from “division” and “corruption” for a  start.

The world needs to run in “truth” and “unity”

not “the system” versus life itself!

There are so many crimes against humanity

affecting our global health.

From food toxins and pollution

and wars and terrorists now running rife,

to genetically modified mutant crops – nice!

–       nobody knows what is safe to “consume”.

Then there are the crises with fuel and our water

and the ozone will be gone all too soon!

But the people are afraid to question authority

because their freedoms are already worn down,

“freedom of speech” is no longer policy

and will lead to the speaker becoming criminalized

by their government, state or crown.

The trouble is we can’t fix the problem

until we really know what the problem is

and so the world needs a brand new awareness

of the “programming” that gives power to this social disease.

But the truth is that this reality is but a reflection

of ourselves – each of us in turn

and the barriers are our own constructions

that we must remove if we are to learn

that freedom for the human experience

is through integrity and in respect,

integrity in each of our actions

and respect for ourselves – and not to neglect

to speak up and be a part of our community

because it’s not “the system” we all have to fight.

The doorway to human transformation

Is through forgiveness, compassion and Light!

Taken from my book ‘Vision – Space Between the Universes’ (Out now) –

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