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Write? Write what? OK here’s something involving aliens for the kids…

Published February 10, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

Good morning Word Pressers.  I find myself a little lost this morning.  I keep seeing all your wonderful blogs rolling out posts day after day and everyone seems to be feverishly beavering away with interesting articles and news about their various wonderful writing projects.  And then there’s me, thinking, what am I doing?  It’s February, I just had my birthday, I’m 41… past the half way mark and I’m sure my life is going in reverse instead of forward full throttle.  My head is all over the place, and my life is…well stuck!

So I thought I would stop worrying about everything today and share a little kids book I have been messing around with.  It’s for one of my little girl’s friends so that is why it has the rather weird and wonderful title “Poppy’s Close Encounter of the Purple Kind”.  My first story with aliens in it LOL.

Even though this is a children’s story, it is actually inspired by the true story of an incident that happened in Zimbabwe in 1994 when 62 schoolchildren reported an encounter with aliens in their school yard.  If you want to know more about this story you can follow this link to an article and video on UFO Blogger http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2013/01/zimbabwe-alien-encounter-62-ariel.html

Poppy’s Close encounter of the Purple Kind

Chapter One

There was a quiet panic in the playground, if you can imagine such a thing.  Poppy knew something was going on the minute she opened the cloakroom door.  She ran out into the playground, feverishly trying to do up her coat and run at the same time, towards the commotion that was building at the fence on the other side of the field.  Other kids were running past her and she heard a boy say quietly to his mate: “You gotta see this!”

    As she joined the throng of curious onlookers, she tried to find out what all the fuss was about and she turned to a girl she knew in her class.

    “Gabby!  What’s going on?”  She asked in an excited voice.  Gabby grabbed Poppy’s sleeve in one hand and Alice’s in the other as she panted: “You’re never going to believe what’s going on!”

    “What is it?”  Alice laughed as the 3 girls sprinted across the field towards the growing crowd of kids.

    “It’s Aliens!”  Gabby said in a loud sort of a whisper as if she wanted to shout it out but didn’t want to let the teachers know.

    “Aliens?”  Poppy and Alice exclaimed together.  Poppy wasn’t sure whether she should laugh or just go with the game.  It was obviously a good game if the whole school was getting involved!

    Poppy and Alice exchanged amused but baffled expressions as the girls came to the back of the crowd.  Gabby being Gabby started ploughing her way through the group of smaller kids who all seemed to be in some kind of trance, eyes wide and mouths open in awe!

    Straight away Poppy noticed how quiet it was.  Something wasn’t right.  With all of these kids and a game about aliens it should be noisy not quiet – it was completely still too.  She started to get butterflies in her tummy as they pushed their way through what appeared to be the whole of year 3.

    Suddenly they were through and she stumbled to a stop as Gabby and Alice both gasped and she blinked a few times trying to get a grip of what she was looking at.  Gabby had been right – it was aliens!

    “Oh my…”  Poppy started but couldn’t finish.  There in the corner of the school field was a flying saucer.  A real live, glowing, humming, purple flying saucer and sitting on top of the craft was a little blue alien waving at the kids.

    Poppy shook her head and rubbed her eyes as another saucer appeared hovering above the trees and seemed to flash its beams at the other craft that was hovering just a few centimetres above the grass.  There were 2 more little blue aliens standing on the grass in front of the saucer and the kids had made a great big semi-circle around them as more and more kids had come to see what was going on.

    Poppy looked around at all the stunned faces and tried to see if any teachers were seeing this, but there didn’t seem to be any teachers out on the playground yet.  She looked back at the saucer.  She wondered what they wanted and for some reason she felt really brave, so she started walking towards the craft.

    The 2 aliens that had been standing by the saucer seemed to be startled by her movements towards them and they disappeared in a comical little ‘pop!’  One second they were there, the next they were gone!  The group of children all gasped in one moment.  Poppy stopped for a second in shock but then she pulled herself together and carried on approaching the space ship.

    “Poppy!  Poppy don’t!”  Alice whispered harshly, but she was feeling really brave and rather curious.

    The alien on top of the ship also appeared to be curious and he seemed to fly down, or rather float, towards the rather adventurous advancing Poppy.  There was another gasp from the crowd of kids as Poppy and the alien were soon face to face.

    “Hello!”  She said rather simply to the strange little alien.  She could tell somehow that he was amused, although his mouth was so small, just a little slit really, that she couldn’t tell if he was smiling or not.  Also his eyes were so strangely bug like, and with no eyebrows, she couldn’t really tell what his expression might be.  She just sort of got the impression that he was laughing at her.  Then she actually heard the alien talk to her in her mind, not moving his mouth at all.  “Aren’t you scared of me?”  He asked.

    “Why?  Should I be?”  She laughed.

    The little alien held out his long, spidery, blue arm with 4 very long spindly fingers and she took it and shook it without a second thought.

    “No!”  He answered, “I’m not going to hurt you.  I just wanted to say hello.”

    Poppy laughed and said “Hello” again.  It was very, very quiet.  Even the birds seemed to be silently watching the scene.  Then the alien reached into his very tight, pale blue space suit and pulled something out to give to Poppy.  It was a gold coin.  He put it in her hand and said: “If you want me to visit again, just spin the coin and I will come back, but I have to go now because your teachers are coming.”

    He let go of her hand and ‘pop!’  He was gone!  There was another gasp from the kids and the flying saucer lifted gently in the air, flashing lots of different colours and then back to purple – then – ‘zip!’  It shot off into the sky and was gone.

    Suddenly 2 teachers pushed through the group of kids and all the children turned towards the teachers, still in shock.

    “What on earth is going on over here?”  Miss Murray asked.  Suddenly half of the year 3 kids started crying and Gabby said: “It was aliens Miss!”


Children of the Dawn – by Laura Crean

Published December 27, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Children of the Dawn - by Laura Crean

Taken from –

Published November 19, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

The perfect stocking filler – the kids will be so hooked they might let you have a lie in Christmas morning so they can finish the book 😉

Rainbow Rune Reading Room

I thought I would give you a little taster of The Realm of the Purple Dragon…


After a whole week of sitting in bed with no visitors and a finished Viking project sitting neatly on her desk, Ellenor began to feel rather bored and lonely.  She had never in her young life been on her own as much as this, and not even the latest console game could cheer her up as it really was no challenge to Ellenor, ‘the console kid’.  She was, after all, the number one console wizard and having nothing else at all to do all day meant she had finished the entire game by three o clock.

She had rescued the princess and set the Dragon Realm free from the evil sorcerer who had enchanted them and now she was even more bored and lonely.  Ellenor started to feel something else she had never…

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(Excerpt from The Fire Giants and the Heart of Ice) – CHAPTER FOUR – Prince Bailey and Captain Thief-Heart

Published September 19, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Apparently it is national pirate day or something LOL – so I thought I would post a piratey excerpt :-

CHAPTER FOUR – Prince Bailey and Captain Thief-Heart

     Prince Bailey, the young son of Radsvinn the Light Lord of the Dragon Realm had spent the past four months aboard a ship bound for a land across the Wide Sea named Nordeland, in pursuit of a pirate known by most as Captain Thief- Heart.  So named because people thought he would steal anything even his own heart if he thought he could make some money from it. 

    In actual fact the nickname had grown from the fact that he was searching for a very specific treasure – The Heart of Ice, a fabled diamond that was thought to have the magic to melt even the hardest heart.  Jack (As that was the pirate’s real name) was in love with a princess whose heart, he thought, needed softening.  She secretly had a crush on the sailor but of course could never marry such a lowly man.  He had convinced himself that he would search forever, stealing all the treasure he could lay his hands on until he found the Heart of Ice and could take it to his beloved and finally win her hand.

    Bailey had crossed paths with the blagard a few months previously and he had stolen the prince’s Dragon Bag which contained not only the Heart of Ice, that he was supposed to be delivering to the Giant King Surt for his father the Lord of the Dragon Realm, but also the magic tools made especially to help him on his quest; a magical map that could transport him anywhere in the realm instantly and a magic key that could open any door anywhere.

        Luckily the pirate hadn’t discovered what treasures were in the bag as it was the bag itself that had tempted him.  As soon as he had seen it he had recognized it for what it truly was, a Dragon Bag, fabled to be made from the skin of the legendary Drako, the King of the dragons of old and lined with the same material found in a wormhole, inter-dimensional matter capable of existing in hundreds of universes at the same time and so able to store anything and everything inside it.  (Dragons you see use wormholes regularly and some people even refer to the dragons themselves as great worms because of their long winding bodies.)  Can you imagine the amount of stolen treasure a thieving pirate like Captain Thief-Heart could store inside such a bag?

    The young Prince, just 11 years old but already experienced in the ways of commanding an army had chased the pirate ship from The North Harbour, clear across the Wide Sea and out in the open it was hard to lose sight of the ship but harder to catch up with it. 

    Finally the prince had the scoundrel within his reach and summoning up a storm using a Rune Wand spell he had been given by the Queen of the Dryads, he sat back to wait until the ship and crew were well and truly caught in his spell.


    From a green velvet drawstring pouch tied to his belt he pulled out a yew stick with the Ogham rune of Luis carved into it.


The little stick only slightly bigger than a matchstick glowed and started to grow and change into a wand made from the Rowan and all along its length and on every part of its surface was a spell stamped in Ogham runes.

    With a clear and confident voice the young prince spoke the spell written on the wand and wove the air with the special movements that would set the spell in its intent.



The Rune Wand spell

Heed me, help me ‘whispering tree’

Whose secrets caress the Rowan leaves,

Send your dragon green and wise

To blow out a storm of cloudy smoke

And blind my enemy’s eyes.

The dragon that bids his master Thor

Come weave your magik of weather lore…




    As the storm clouds manifested it was as if the rune spell carved into the wand whipped it into a frenzy.  Bailey controlled the wand as if he were a conductor in a great orchestra, weaving the magic out of thin air with every flick of his wrist and wave of the wand.  His hands dancing the magical movements he had been taught.   

    The dark clouds filled with the power of Thor flashed internally as the lightening fuelled storm thundered and glittered around the enemy ship, blocking out all light and any hope of steering the vessel true.  The dark clouds for an instant looked for all the world like a great dragon belching out the thick dark mist of dust and moisture.

    Soon the enemy was blind and dead in the water while the sea and skies all around it were clear, it was as if Bailey had tied a scarf around their eyes and turned them around and around in a game of blind man’s buff and pushed them back out into the ocean until they were dizzy and utterly lost.

    Pax, the little purple dragon sent along on the trip to aide Bailey in his quest decided they were now close enough to the pirate vessel, called ‘The Jolly Jack Tar’ for him to fly over and try and steal back the dragon bag.  He told Bailey of his plan and the boy agreed.

    “But be careful Pax because Captain Thief-Heart has a fearsome reputation and if he sees you he will try and capture you to use as a bargaining tool.”  The little dragon puffed himself out in pride,

    “I will never let you down my young master”.  He chirruped and off he flew towards the pirate ship.

    The little dragon weaved in and out of the dark clouds and expertly negotiated a path between the fiery bolts of wand woven lightning.  He found himself aboard the Jolly Jack Tar where chaos had ensued and all hands were running about like blind mice in an alley full of Tomcats.  Only the Captain was calmly standing on deck giving clear orders to his crew to form a chain and pass down all his treasure to him so that he could store it in the Dragon Bag.

    The bag was open on the deck and the pirate was shoving chest after chest of his ill-gotten gains into it where they disappeared into some other universe to await safe retrieval at some later date.  The purple dragon saw his chance to grab the bag when the Captain turned in a rage to one of his crew because he had dropped one of his precious chests, spilling its contents all over the deck.  He scrabbled about trying to pick up every last piece of the dragon stamped gold coins.

    Pax dove for the bag, his talons open ready to grab it by its leather strap only to be knocked flying by the storm blown rigging.  His little purple body went rolling through the air straight into the magical bag and he found himself disappearing into an inter-dimensional portal.  Just as he disappeared into the bag, a funny little fly came buzzing out and flew up to the Pirate Captain.  He landed on his shoulder where he started to change shape into a chattering parrot.  The Captain turned to his pet and crooned,

    “Ah my little pollikins where did you disappear to?”  The parrot whispered something in the man’s ear and the fearsome pirate dropped the gold he was holding and the blood drained from his face.  The parrot flew off of the man’s shoulder and as he did its body started to morph and transformed into the outline of a man.  The shadowy shape solidified and there stood the dark form of the devious shape-changing god Loki.  All activity ceased instantly as the petrified crew stood transfixed by the dark god’s presence.  “My Lord?”  The pirate managed to croak, “How may I serve you?”

The Secret Kiss – ‘Vision’ trailer

Published August 9, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

I worked really hard on this trailer yesterday and I’m really proud of it. I think it gives just the sort of feel I was hoping for. I know I have lots of projects on the go and I should really be trying to get those novels published but unfortunately I’m one of those people who loves writing, and when I’m inspired I will just go for it, like with the novels, but when it comes to the really boring editing side, which means you have to read your own novel about a hundred times during the process LOL I get stuck and have itchy feet to move on to something else.

So between all the editing of the 2 novels and collection of short stories and picture books – this book just seemed to spring into being with a life all of its own. I’m very excited about the book, it is a book of poetry and prose with an unusual theme – ‘Vision – Space Between the Universes’. I hope this little offering wets your appetite for the book which is coming real soon…

Xx ❤ Laura ❤ xX

NaNoWriMo – Excerpt from ‘Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge’

Published July 20, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


A lovely sound to accompany you whilst reading…


Once the chapel was full, the song priests were joined by Coral and the other apprentice song priests of her rank in the balcony and songs of lamentation were sung, and then after the main ceremony was over and Reef’s teachers and family had given their eulogies and speeches, Pearl was ushered up to the lectern.  The whole chapel was quietly observant of this tradition and all of a sudden Pearl was overwhelmed with grief.  She tried to calm herself as she knew it was her responsibility as the elected leader of her Chosen group to address her people and speak the required words of her group’s loyalty to Reef.  She started to say what was written in front of her and be the strong, calm leader that she was expected to be but the words seemed cold and had no meaning in Pearl’s eyes – they were not sufficient enough to express how they were all feeling.

Pearl looked up from the scroll and caught Triston’s eye.  For a moment she struggled with the lump in her throat as his eyes held such a deep sadness that Pearl, for a moment, felt overwhelmed.  She closed the scroll and looked up at the congregation. She paused and there was a slight ripple of questioning murmurs that ran through the gathering at her unusual behaviour, like a wave upon a beach, rolling to a frothy crescendo.  But then the hall grew once again silent as they were all curious to hear what she was going to say, as the first ever human companion to their ceremonial figure head in the Dolphin of Knowledge.

She cleared her throat, took a deep breath and firstly sung a song of love in the sea song way, this was unheard of as funerals were generally only conducted in Atlantean speech.  Her chosen group picked the song up and continued with her and then by the end, the whole congregation was singing an old traditional Atlantean song that had phrases in the language of the dolphins (sea song) and in Atlantean.  The song ended and then she started to say what was in her heart,

“I know most of you knew Reef and had seen him in one way or another, going about his duties amongst the temples, but there was so much more to him than just a Chosen initiate!  As a Chosen one his funeral is steeped in traditional words written centuries ago.  I wanted to say what Reef the person was like, not what was expected of him as a Chosen Priest.”

She stopped for a moment expecting to be reprimanded for her outburst, any deviation from ceremony was strictly forbidden, but she was surprised to see all listening intently, including the Lord High Priest, so she continued feeling less nervous and slightly more empowered.

”Reef and I were not the best of friends and I barely knew him, in fact, we were not well acquainted  in the First Temple.  I knew him to look at, but only really met him when we were Chosen, so I am not even sure I am really the person for this most honourable of tasks.  You see at first I didn’t even like Reef.  I found him to be outspoken, spoilt and arrogant…”

As she said those words she looked at Reef’s parents who had their mouths open in astonishment at what she was saying but she didn’t stop, she continued confidently with her off the cuff speech.  “…I was so wrong!  It wasn’t because he spoke his mind that I disliked him (or rather misunderstood him), it was because he spoke the truth.  I think now I understand that I was in fact jealous of Reef.”

She paused and took a deep breath.  She sighed, “I was jealous of the loving relationship he had with his parents and friends and the freedom of spirit he seemed to have.”  There was a sound of shock from the congregation.  Love was an emotion not spoken of during traditional ceremonies.  Love was a strange emotion that wasn’t easily defined by Atlanteans, being a people not used to sharing intimacy.  Duty, honour and commitment to the Temple ways were a socially solemn affair not usually given space for such personal emotions as love and grief.  She looked once more to Reef’s parents.  His father was supporting his mother who made shy eye contact with Pearl and smiled weakly.  She glimpsed her own parents out of the corner of her eye and turned to see that they were both crying.  This social display of emotion from them shocked Pearl and she tried to smile at her mother, hoping she hadn’t upset her too much by what she had said.  The lump in her throat returned and she couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.

“Reef had so many loving friends and family around him.  I think that is why he was Chosen – because he really knew what love was.  The dolphins sensed this in his character and the gods themselves wanted to share his love of life and all those around him.  That is why he drowned.  Not because he was wrongly Chosen but because he was needed for a higher love – the love of the very gods.  His fate was sealed within the Tablet of Destinies from the beginning of time and this is his lesson to us.  That we should put aside stuffy ancient traditions that push love to one side and ignore it over duty.  Duty should come from love and through love and in love – and we should be honourable to each other and ourselves and in everything we do by putting Love at the highest point of our traditions and ceremonies.  Not as a half-hearted attempt at emulating the dolphins’ love bonds.  They love unconditionally.  The dolphins do not follow ritual – we do!  Put Love first I beg you Atlantis – as Reef did.”

She stopped crying and wiped her eyes.  “I would like to introduce you to two of Reef’s closest friends, they were as family in the First Temple and I know they have so much to tell you about Reef; I give you -Triston and Angel.”  She beckoned for the two to come forward.  They explained what Reef had meant to them personally, prompting more crying from the assemblage.  Then Pearl returned to the stand and continued with the ceremonial speech that was ‘written’ and must be read by reef’s Chosen group leader.

“ ‘Geshtu-e (the intelligent god) was slaughtered to make Man.  Nintu (the womb goddess) mixed clay with his flesh and blood.  Womb goddesses, seven and seven, seven created males, seven created females, for the womb goddess is ‘creator of fate.’  Likewise so we are Chosen, from male and female – ‘chosen by the fate of the gods’ through their messengers the dolphins.  It was Reef’s fate to perish in the great ceremony so it must have been written in the tablet of destiniesNow it is Reef’s turn to return to the Kingdom of Erishkigal where eventually all souls must return so that Geshtu-e can be reborn.  So it is written – so it is read – so it must be!”

When she stepped down to let Bel Enu take his place at the lectern, the elderly priest held her in such a tight embrace for a minute that Pearl began to feel suffocated.  He released her and waited for the people to settle before committing Reef’s body to the sea.  Pearl still felt suffocated and as she looked around at the priests and officials at the ceremony she could feel the walls pressing in on her from every side.  ‘I need some space’ she thought to herself.  ‘I need to breathe my own air.  I need to run free from these temple walls, not just swim within the boundary of Atlantis and this confined city of temples!  If only I had more space!’

She turned her attention back to the High Priest who had begun to speak,

“May your journey to the depths of the Apsu be pleasant and may the spirits of the gods and the seven sages greet you in their kingdom of glory.”

The body was sent off with a multitude of spontaneous song.  The Song Priests were positioned as usual, where the acoustics had been studied and maintained to complement their voices and lend their aesthetic waves to direct the bodies down into the deep dark waters.  The effect was truly spectacular as the body was lifted as if by magic and levitated up before diving into the water where The dolphin of Knowledge swam off after it to see Reef safely on his way to the after life.

NaNoWriMo – Day 6 – A very small excerpt

Published July 6, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

A close up of my Mermaid painting in acrylics © 2013 Laura Crean

Taken from Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge – Chapter 3

Pearl’s sleep was disrupted by dreams of dolphins and mermaids amidst dark ruined buildings and even darker waters.  The silence and the pressure of the water on her lungs were suffocating.  She felt lost and out of her depth and when she focused on the faces of the mermaids, she saw that they were in fact the faces of Coral, Angel and Ariel.

Then she saw herself dressed in the robes of the ceremony of the Dolphin of Knowledge.  Her creamy white hair floated wide in the ocean, her ringlets mixing with the seaweed that almost resembled a green extension to her own hair and curled about her body like the delicate tendrils of some strange spiritual octopus caressing her tenderly.  She reached out her arms to her companions who seemed not to notice her trouble; wordlessly begging them for help as she fell silently down into the murky depths, matched only in its total darkness by the pitch black of unconsciousness she knew would soon engulf her.

My attempt at painting a mermaid in acrylics © 2013 Laura Crean

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