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Is life just a game? Just a series of lessons? Or is there more to it? Do I need to dig deeper?

Published May 28, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

Is life just a game? Just a series of lessons? Or is there more to it?  Do I need to dig deeper?

If you are a Christian or a gamer or maybe a Christian gamer or just part of the game of life – read on… (also included if you follow the links Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer and other gaming and book links)

It’s OK to say I have experienced a lot of pain and trauma in my life and I need to learn from it and grow, but what does that look like?  If we have to learn something then that implies that the pain and trauma, the suffering and hardship is a teacher, right?  Well, the thing with having a teacher is, you are and I am the students.  And at some point the student has to learn, grow up and move on and become the teacher – so what does that look like?

Well, as I said, if the teacher is pain and suffering, well that’s what the teacher looks like!  That paints a picture in my mind of Jesus on the cross.  And if life is just like a game and a series of lessons to be learned, then life also is a teacher, right?  We are all in this together – the teachers teaching the students and the students becoming the teachers and so the cycle continues…and life may be a game but we are all characters in that game – without the characters, there is no game and the game would have no meaning.

This week I have been at home on annual leave, trying to take stock a little.  Trying to look inwards and see where I am going.  I started off the week worrying about all the things I thought I should be doing while I had the ‘time’ – gardening, house hold chores, writing my novel, catching up with art projects, paying bills…and the list went on!  Until I felt like it was more stressful to be not out working that actually out working.  So I stopped that and I can’t get that lost time worrying back but I can learn from it.

Now, it’s helpful to have metaphors to use to look at ourselves and our journeys, and I’ve used those metaphors in my art and writing as all artists do.  ‘The Realm of the Purple Dragon’ was a way for me to express myself in a time when I needed some healing.  “There is a time and a season to everything under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 – It’s just a children’s book.  A fun, I think clever, light-hearted story for children (for my inner child who needed it at the time).  And aren’t we all just children at heart?

Lately I have been thinking of just abandoning all the creative stuff that I try to ‘put out into the world’ and just focus writing my blogs as a way to talk to my children.  Sending them to them as personal emails, because I have come to the conclusion that this is all that matters at the end of the day after all – our connection to our children.  And in the same way, our connection to our Heavenly Father as his children!  Because as much as we want to think that we make a huge impact on the world and the global consciousness and effect change on a grand scale by our efforts – that’s just our egos talking.  Maybe a very few do have some impact, but in the most part we are all just tiny parts of a big machine.  We are all just players, programmed and running around the program doing what we have been programmed to do.  And unfortunately the world we are living in is computer gaming on steroids!

If you know me you know I like to learn from my dreams.  The symbolism I see in dreams and the world are a language that seems to communicate to me.  I like to think it is a conversation I have with my creator, and prayer I have found, for me anyway, certainly does get responses or answers, some answers are more profound than others, and sometimes it is loud and clear but more often than not it is harder to hear.  But I continue listening all the same.  Well last night I dreamed I had these huge embarrassing hairs on my chin – which does happen by the way, but these whiskers or hairs in the dream were huge, like hedgehog spines!  Bear with me, this is all related to the game metaphor, I swear…

Recently, last week actually, I watched the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie because when I was in my twenties and a young mother, that was the game we played with our children; apart from Spyro, which is what inspired ‘The Realm of the Purple Dragon’.  But sonic was harder to play in a way, even though it was a simple concept, because it is a fast game.  You have to think on your feet as it were and make quick decisions with obstacles.  It is essentially a race.  You run around like a loony collecting gold rings and trying to get to the end as quickly as possible.  But with that fast pace game (another metaphor for our fast paced living perhaps) you can’t slow down to look at the scenery – to observe the beauty of the artistry of the game’s background design.  And sometimes you also miss the hidden places where treasure is to be found!  Maybe that’s part of what the dream was trying to tell me; to slow down and smell the flowers so to speak.  To sit quietly and look for the treasure in this game of life; to talk to the kids, to read my bible and seek wisdom (God’s hidden treasure in his word) to re-charge my batteries and to have some fun; some joy and peace in the moments.

And what of the spines?  Those hard thorn like follicles of hair on my dream self’s chin?  What message is trying to be conveyed here?  Well, these spines represent a beard firstly.  So a beard, what does that conjure up in my mind?  Well, perhaps as we think of men as wearing beards, it must represent masculinity, strength, power and perhaps wisdom – as the longer you grow a beard, the older and wiser you should technically be!  The image of the statue “The Thinker” also springs to mind.  Stroking your chin or beard or leaning on your chin may be an indication of deep thinking; perhaps wisdom again?  Also hair represents a covering, a protection of vulnerability, more power!  –   To be honest I’m not entirely sure what this imagery is trying to tell me!  Maybe I am spending too much time running around like Sonic the Hedgehog trying to keep myself safe, looking too deeply at things?  Trying to do it all myself under my own strength –  maybe I need to look deeper?  After all those hard spines could be used as a weapon – so maybe that is my strength – my wisdom and power!  Well what do I consider to be wise?  Knowledge worth having?  The only knowledge and wisdom I consider of any worth is that found in the word of God. 

And so this week I am listening inwardly at that quiet conversation between my God and myself and paying attention to the signs.  He says, “stop trying to run around like a loony doing things under your own steam, you’ll only burn yourself out!  Remember that I am in control and have the controller in my expert hands.  After all I designed this game and I know where you are going, even if you don’t” and “I am for you not against you”.  “I want you to win!  And you will win.  It’s just a matter of letting me play out the game.”

So as God takes the controller and I run on under his steam not my own; I can sit back and look at the scenery, the awesome design that I am a part of and keep my eyes open for the hidden treasures as I go.  And as I learn the secrets of the game – become the teacher and pass on those little cheats, those little nuggets of wisdom to my children, perhaps I can pass them on to you too through my writing and my art.  That’s my power, the gifts that God has given me after all, so I shall power up and get on with it.  But not this week.  This week I’m on holiday in my garden – well that’s how you have to roll in this lock down world we are living in.  And yes, I will stop to smell the roses!

Dear God, it’s time for a reboot…

Published May 25, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

I hope you are all heeding the signs of the times!  Paying attention to those signs that help you to glimpse behind the curtain and see the hidden spiritual battles that are going on out there in the world.  I am seeing more and more of these, and so today, I thought I would share the kind of signs I am talking about.  Signs come not only in the physical world through the environment, social happenings and the such, and not only through dreams and visions, but through the media, the arts – signs are everywhere;  if we just wake up and pay attention to them.

I just watched a very interesting movie the other day, considering the times we are in, I thought.  And it was very reminiscent of other films in recent years, such as the Matrix and the Terminator, films about robots and artificial intelligence; It was called ‘Surrogates’ starring Bruce Willis.  I just thought it rang a bell; the similarities with the world we are living in today with this Coronavirus and everyone staying home, many very afraid now to go out in case they catch the virus.

In the film, everyone has a surrogate robot body out in the real world so that they can ‘stay safe’ at home, jacked up to this surreal, fake online life, with their robot bodies doing the donkey work outside.  And of course, they make their surrogate robots – their fake identities whatever they want them to look like – like a mask, hiding their true identities; most beautiful, perfect human dolls.  Like an extreme version of some people’s online profiles now, wouldn’t you say?  They look perfect and healthy while in fact their ‘jacked in’ bodies back at home get neglected.  It takes a cyber attack – a computer virus, to disable the surrogates in the end and bring their real, human bodies back out into the light of the day, so that they can feel and respond as humans once more.  Sounds like an end to lock-down to me!

The signs here are very clear, reflecting our current situation.  To me, the front line workers are like the surrogate robots;  like the Borg in Star Trek, they are masked up, their identities hidden, not as individuals, but of a collective – they are the underpaid, risk taking heroes being clapped by those ‘safe behind closed doors’ while the governments are enforcing the ‘jacked in’ life and trying to promote the start of a ‘new normal’ for the good of the collective – when there is, in fact, nothing normal about it!

Everyone’s at home glued to the daily Coronavirus news updates and hooked on an online world of Netflix, You Tube, Facebook and computer games and online shopping; hidden, unseen, only going out for food, exercise and medicine (all the things we need to keep healthy right?  Except it’s not, and our mental and spiritual health is carefully being manipulated).   Education being redefined so that what it will look like, is children isolated either at home, computer educated, or at school,  in little isolated social distancing pockets, being programmed by the ‘Big Brother’ ‘New World Order’ State to accept their new lot in life, and be vaccinated, chipped and tagged and given their little slave roles to play as long as they toe the line and be completely available to the state’s every whim.

Does it take a virus to wake up humanity?  To get us to unplug and look at the world we have been living in and ask, is this really how we want to exist?  Unplug people!  Open the windows and let the light in.  Step out and smell the fresh air!  Breathe it in!  Talk to your neighbours.  Hug your children.  Explore life.  And then maybe ask yourselves – what’s next?  Are we just going to go back to the way it was, polluting the planet, consuming everything in sight?  Are we going to accept the ‘new normal’?  Be controlled and manipulated even more by the pharmaceutical companies and by the Bill Gates and Elon Musks, The big banking families and the Trumps of this world?  Or is it time for a  reboot of the system?  A change in the programming?  What program are you running on?

That makes me think of the Windows operating system – there is an image of a window and a rainbow.  Everyone is flinging open their windows to obediently clap and whistle the “workers”, the “drones”, the “robots” – the NHS and other key front line workers, of which I am one!  Not much choice in the matter, I might add!  I mean, I love my job but do I get a choice of whether to risk my life or not?  No, of course not!  Just clap for me and stroke my ego and make me feel a little more inclined to go out and do my job, and I should feel proud to be doing it right?

Back to the windows – many of them have pictures of rainbows on them right?  The rainbow was a symbol – a sign – that God gave to Noah as a promise you know; a promise that he would never destroy the Earth by a flood again!  It is a symbol of ‘hope’!  And in this lock-down world we are living in many are using it as a symbol of hope, trust and thanks that we put in our medical workers, our NHS and Care Workers, Police, teachers, shop workers etc.  These people ARE essential to our daily lives, and yet they have no choice – it is all an illusion!  They aren’t financially secure most of them, they are on minimum wages, often working mothers; this is our robot, slave workforce, and I think clapping them and putting up rainbows is, quite frankly, insulting to them.

As a Christian, I would say, it is our hope and trust in God, through Jesus Christ that should be our focus in the times we are in.  I personally look to Christ.  He is the one who, like Bruce’s character in Surrogates or Morpheus and Neo in the Matrix, woke me up, who unplugged me from the system – the fake programming and gave me new eyes to see what a fake life I was living and what a fake world I was living in.  Sin had corrupted the hard drive making it difficult for individuals such as myself to function.

Even if you are not a Christian, I still say – unplug!  Become aware of the corruption, the manipulation, the social programming.  I asked God to step in, wipe the hard drive clean so I could start again afresh.  It is not through ‘works’ or the ‘workers’ that we are saved – but by faith in Christ.  Hit the save button now!  Turn to the creator of the original operating system and ask for a reboot, for yourself individually and for the world as a whole.  This new world order doesn’t need to be about controls and social distancing, being drugged, chipped and traced – it can be about love, joy, peace, true freedom in Christ and hope in a world originally made perfect but corrupted by the sin of man made greed and power.  Don’t let the pharmaceutical companies, the banks, the owners of the internet and the Elite in power isolate and control you – heed the signs people, wake up and unplug before we lose our humanity forever!




Another dream related to Coronavirus… (1 Peter 5:8 and John 10:10)

Published May 8, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

I had a dream a couple of days ago and just before I woke up I started singing to the tune of the pink panther (Like a joke big cat – like it says in the bible… a Lion prowling, I would say) – It went like this… “Outside, outside, where coronavirus hides, outside, outside…where the enemy hides!” Admit it – you’re humming the pink panther now aren’t ya? Altogether now…


“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

So the Pink Panther is a thief – the Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;”  (John 10:10)

But do you know what Devil? The joke’s on you – Jesus will have the last laugh…


Here is a little more of this scripture, taken from;

Therefore Jesus said again, “Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep. All who have come before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep have not listened to them. I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture. 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

11 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 12 The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. 13 The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.

14 “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— 15 just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep. 16 I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd. 17 The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. 18 No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.”

(John 10: 7-18)

I find it interesting in the above link of 1 Peter 5 that it talks about the crown of glory.  You know Coronavirus can be interpreted as “The Virus of the Crown” right?  Well I would say, please read the above scriptures and remember who it is that wears the crown of victory!

Update – Just took another look at this – “I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.” –  apparently also can be interpreted as ‘kept safe’ – so if you think about how everybody is going around telling everybody to “Keep safe” – this can only be done through Yeshua who is the door or gate – we have to keep in his enclosure – his house – is the only safe place to be – IN HIM! Just thought I would go with what the Holy Spirit is showing me! ❤ Keep safe everyone ❤

What in the Coronavirus is going on???

Published May 8, 2020 by Laura Crean Author
I find it interesting but not surprising that a video someone sent me, that I then sent to  others got pulled down a day after I sent it! It was a whistle-blowing interview with some lady scientist, can’t remember who, as I didn’t write it down, saying that the powers that be are basically responsible for letting this virus out, to control the people and that what comes next is mass vaccination, so that the billionaire pharmaceutical companies can make more billions off their patents and control the masses at the same time! It showed doctors confused about what they were being asked to do, treatments being repressed and “wrong” treatments being used, harming and even killing people!
I find it interesting that Elon Musk had as his Twitter avatar a ‘hero’ from a computer game about the Illuminati that put out a ‘virus’ or ‘plague’ that only kills the little people and not the rich movie stars, elite and powerful. This guy in this video asks – is Elon Musk the good guy like he portrays in his avatar, or is he the bad guy – the mad scientist in the game? I just find the whole thing a bit suspicious.
Maybe I’m being watched for causing troublesome posts and maybe not, maybe I’m just paranoid, delusional and need to take my meds – whatever! I know God is ultimately in control and whatever the Devil uses for ill, God will turn around for good! So I will continue to pray for the world in these strange times and if the powers that be ARE doing something nefarious – well I pray that they get theirs! By the way – I have a stinking cold again!

Psalm 22 and the Crimson Worm 2020 Easter Message

Published April 11, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

Seeking God with all your heart thumbnail

This video is a bible study – message about a hidden prophecy or Remez that is concealed in Psalm 22, specifically Psalm 22:6 about the “Crimson Worm”. It is an absolutely beautiful and fascinating message from our Heavenly Father to his children and just in time for Easter 2020, which I’m sure everybody would agree is an unusual one. I know you are going to just love studying the scriptures with me in this video, so get your bibles, notebooks and a cup of tea and come and dig into God’s word with me today.

Click the link below to watch the You Tube video…

Coronavirus – wedding dream and visions

Published April 8, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

copied directly from my dream diary – Dream of 06-04-2020 5:12 AM

OK, so I’ve just woken, I will start writing and hopefully remember as it is fading already…

I know I was at a hotel and I had a week there – like I had a holiday in this hotel.  There was a wedding, but I think there was going to be a week of weddings – while I was there?!  I don’t know, it was strange, like I knew there was going to be weddings, but I wasn’t really sure whether I was really a guest or whether I just happened to be there for a break at the time they were going on – not sure if I was invited or not – maybe I was to the first one – not sure!

I remember that just before I woke up, I had gone back to my room and my Mum turned up (now obviously she has passed away in reality, but in the dream she turned up and it seemed normal).  She turned up with a boy, and I think it may have been my youngest daughter’s boyfriend – anyway, he was being disciplined for something, like I think she was telling him off about something.  Anyway, she said she would take him home and I think she asked if I was coming and I said something like, “Just take my key to the room with you and return it to reception and I will join you later.”  Because I wasn’t ready to leave just yet.  Then she left and I remember getting ready for bed and trying to decide which night dress to wear, I seemed to have a few choices and I seemed to want one that was long and covered my arms and was comfortable, but when I put it on I was too hot!  Not sure which one I put on in the end.

Then I went to bed, thinking I would probably actually stay the whole week, but I was just dropping off when I saw out of the corner of my eye, a doll that had come to life and was pushing a little dolly buggy!  I was really scared and I knew that if she saw me she would pretend not to be alive again, so I did it quickly.  Oh no!  That’s right, I snuck up on her and jumped around the corner and said, “Boo!”; but it was hard to get my mouth to work and it came out really slowly! – anyway, she knew she couldn’t pretend anymore and so stayed “Alive!”  I grabbed hold of the dolly’s hands, even though I was really scared, because obviously, she was a doll right, and she shouldn’t be alive!  I pretended to play with her, which she seemed to like, but all the time I was thinking, ‘how am I going to get rid of it?’ and I just wanted to go back to bed, to sleep.

So I went to the door and opened it and I was on a long balcony and could see across like a courtyard to a small yard or something, where there were some toys and a baby’s buggy, and I thought that must be where she had come from.  Then I realised that my Mum had gone and had taken the key with her, so if I left the room and the door shut, I would be locked out!  I didn’t know what to do.  On the one hand I wanted to try and take the doll to show people she was really alive and just pretending to be a doll, on the other, I just wanted to throw her out across the edge of the balcony back to the buggy and run back inside the room and hide from it!  It was such a scary thing.  In the end, I think I accidentally on purpose let the door close behind me and I was just thinking that I would just tell the reception the truth about my Mum taking the key back down to reception for me and they would give me another key, because I didn’t want to leave when I had a whole week to do stuff and enjoy the hotel and visit the weddings, because I knew they were all going to be different, with different guests.

I think I woke up then but I just remembered some more – so before i had gone back to the room, I remember checking in to the hotel super excited to be there.  I was trying to enjoy the amenities – there was a big bar/pub and lots of people all enjoying a wedding (the first of many wedding celebrations that were all going to be different themes) – this one had a “movie theme” so there were theme songs form these movies playing – it was really cool!  And I was just sort of at the bar with others, and I wasn’t sure whether they were guests either!  Or if I even actually knew them or not, they may have been random strangers – not sure!  I think one of them, she was a bit of an alcoholic was trying to hint that she wanted me to buy her a drink but I don’t know whether I was just thinking it or whether I actually said it out loud but I was like, ‘I’m not going to buy you a drink because I can’t afford it!’

Then I remember at one point, I don’t know if it was before or after the doll that I was down in the foyer of the hotel and they were getting ready for another wedding, and I was looking at a lot of display cases that had lots of art and things in them, including what looked like some vintage photos of – possibly women, possibly in wedding dresses or just period dresses – not sure.  I heard one of the members of staff – possibly a waiter, bar tender or receptionist – not sure, but one of the staff, saying something derogative about me, I think, anyway, whatever it was, the other one shushed them, saying, something like, “Be quiet!  She will hear you and I think she is one of the brides!”

I now remember that before all the hotel wedding, holiday stuff, I was a child riding my bike around the streets when I knew I shouldn’t be because we were in lock-down and I saw something going on at an old church – I can’t remember exactly, but I know it turned out to be like a coven of witches – actually, I think they may have been one of the wedding parties – but all the guests were women dressed in clothes that “weren’t allowed!”  Don’t know – I just knew it wasn’t allowed.  I got the impression that the clothes they were wearing weren’t allowed because of what was on them – like the design etc.  To me they just looked like New-Age, hippy dippy clothes to me, lots of tie-dye, rainbows and peace logos etc.  But apparently they were illegal because of the lock-down!

One of the girls fell down, like she had gone “down in the Spirit” but they didn’t know what to do and I just sort of could see her being put on something and start to be hoisted up – I wanted to get there to help her because I knew somehow I could help her but because of the lock-down I wasn’t supposed to be out on my bike – suddenly I was away from the scene and could see her being held up over or behind and over the top of the church – she was suddenly very big, like a giant and very obviously your typical black pointie hatted witch!  I knew I had to get back to where I was supposed to be and I think a policeman or a priest, or maybe he was both!  stopped me and said I shouldn’t be out on the street and I think I said I was on holiday and he may have said to me Or I may have just thought it; “This isn’t a holiday – it’s a lock-down!”

Anyway that’s all I can remember, and it’s all out of order but it’s hard to remember what order it was in!

I also sort of remember something about waiting for a lift as well – I didn’t know whether to get in it and go to the wedding reception or not because I wasn’t sure I was invited!


Just laid down to try and go back to sleep for a bit when I had a waking vision of me about to step into this river – like a little waterfall in a little river, and then I step up at the same time – like the river sort of goes up as I step up, and it was just like a step.  But it was sort of like in the sky – like going up into another dimension that is alongside the earthly river below it!  Cool – like “On Earth as it is in Heaven!”??

I don’t think God wants me to go back to sleep this morning! LOL – also I was wearing like this really pretty white, flowing dress, very romantic like!

Wrote down the above and then laid down again and had another vision of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory knocking on a door in the middle of literally nowhere – like nothing and this door and he is knocking on the door saying, “Knock Knock” and then my Manager’s name and he did this I think 3 times!

Again I wrote this down then laid down again and had another vision, this time I saw a picture of me from the day before in the garden – I cut my roses down a bit to tidy it up and stuck some of the branches in a pot of Earth by my back door, for no particular reason, just stepped back and pushed them in there out of the way – but in the vision I thought – keep planting!!  Then I laid down again and said to God – “Can I please go to sleep now, laughing to myself and just as I was dropping off, an image of me recieving an envelope in my hand and a voice asking, “Get the message?”

Well – that was a busy dreaming – visioning session wasn’t it?  Praise God for all this super imagery.  I just don’t know where to start, but I think if you are a Christian you will see all the imagery of weddings and planting and stepping into rivers, wedding guests in and outside the “hotel”, the scary witches and the scary doll!  – I think in that respect it is pretty self evident.  But again,  there is a lot in this dream.  Please do bring any interpretation you would like to the table, from any angle you like.

If you have seen my last dream, you will see lots of repeating themes again – the party/wedding theme, movies/TV, families/children/toys/buggies, the drunk woman, the clothes, the giant, coronavirus lock-down acknowledgement…

“A Heavenly Greeting” Painting by Laura Crean – vision by God (<3 creator of the universe <3 )

Published March 1, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

This painting may seem very childlike in its artistic integrity; it IS a simple picture – however it is a vision I was blessed to be given as I was waking from a dream. Our Lord at the gates of heaven, with a line of children going off into infinity, being welcomed into his Kingdom. And Jesus, my Lord – Yeshua hamashiach – Stood and greeted ME, this simple, humble servant, with the biggest smile – and waving and greeting me, as if I was his bestest friend in the whole wide world! What a blessed vision to receive. My art, I know, is not that of a Master artist, and I do struggle with capturing what I really want to reflect, but in this painting, I feel the child-like quality just adds to his beautiful message – we are ALL his children and welcomed into his Kingdom equally as his blessed family. I hope you will appreciate this simple reflection of this vision, but know that it really is just a simple reflection of the most glorious vision that I actually saw! Jesus at the gates of heaven, with God’s glory pouring out on ALL his children, welcomed into his loving Kingdom…

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Celebrating an Artistic Spring

Published February 29, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

Hello everyone I am celebrating a new Spring collection of Art, in time for Mother’s Day and Easter.  So please view, enjoy, shop for and share the Spring season’s celebrations.

The first of my Spring collections is entitled, “Windmill by the Waterside”  –  An Acrylic painting of A pretty riverbank scene with a windmill, kingfisher, poppies, bulrushes and swans.

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My next collection features an artwork that could equally be enjoyed for both Mother’s Day and Easter.  This collection is entitled “A Mother’s Love” – This acrylic and glitter painting was actually inspired by the shapes and patterns I saw on a picture of the surface of Mars – it turned out to be this reflection of a Mother’s love. To me, it shows Mary holding the baby Jesus and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit as the waters of life.

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The last of my current Spring collections, ready for Easter, is entitled, “At the Foot of the Cross” – An acrylic painting of a figure (representing anyone who finds themselves…) praying at the foot of the cross. The pattern in the Water’s of Life pouring from Jesus are reflected in the cross. the patterns in the Heavens and the Earth are reflective of the Holy Trinity and representative of “On Earth as it is in Heaven…”

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Please follow the link to see the “At the Foot of the Cross” collection featured on more products…

The Storms of Life

Published February 23, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

You Tube video – “The Storms of Life”

The Storms of Life

With the recent stormy weather, and knowing all about coping with the emotional storms in the world and my personal life over the years, I took a walk and contemplated ‘the storms of life’. I focused on God and his word and how it has taught me to look for God in the storm, to focus on his awesome power in the storm and have faith that he will guide me, and steer me through it. To have faith that my divine purpose in him will ultimately shine a light through the storm until the sun comes out again. Where’s your perspective in the storms of life?… If you would like to buy a print of my Acrylic lighthouse painting entitled “God is my Light and Salvation’, follow the link below (design also available on many other products including, clothes, mugs, phone cases and cushions) –

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New Start for a new year 2020…

Published January 22, 2020 by Laura Crean Author

welcome to the well in the garden thumbnail

Welcome to the new me – writing more, painting more and blogging and vlogging more.  Please help me to embrace this new chapter in my life by liking, subscribing to my new look You Tube channel and sharing my endeavours.  Please let me know what you want me to blog and vlog about and then sit back and enjoy.

Please note, there is a couple of very small glitches between 3 and 4 minutes in the video but it doesn’t affect the content of the video so please just wait for it to clear and carry on watching.  It took me so long to get the video up that I didn’t want to risk not having it at all.  And hopefully I will have ironed out all the glitches by the time I upload my next video, which should follow within a week.


My first you Tube video introducing The Well in the Garden

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