What in the Coronavirus is going on???

Published May 8, 2020 by Laura Crean Author
I find it interesting but not surprising that a video someone sent me, that I then sent to  others got pulled down a day after I sent it! It was a whistle-blowing interview with some lady scientist, can’t remember who, as I didn’t write it down, saying that the powers that be are basically responsible for letting this virus out, to control the people and that what comes next is mass vaccination, so that the billionaire pharmaceutical companies can make more billions off their patents and control the masses at the same time! It showed doctors confused about what they were being asked to do, treatments being repressed and “wrong” treatments being used, harming and even killing people!
I find it interesting that Elon Musk had as his Twitter avatar a ‘hero’ from a computer game about the Illuminati that put out a ‘virus’ or ‘plague’ that only kills the little people and not the rich movie stars, elite and powerful. This guy in this video asks – is Elon Musk the good guy like he portrays in his avatar, or is he the bad guy – the mad scientist in the game? I just find the whole thing a bit suspicious.
Maybe I’m being watched for causing troublesome posts and maybe not, maybe I’m just paranoid, delusional and need to take my meds – whatever! I know God is ultimately in control and whatever the Devil uses for ill, God will turn around for good! So I will continue to pray for the world in these strange times and if the powers that be ARE doing something nefarious – well I pray that they get theirs! By the way – I have a stinking cold again!

4 comments on “What in the Coronavirus is going on???

  • I would love to get tested, unfortunately, I’m not eligible to be in my area. I believe you have to be passed on by your GP and the drive through testing place is a long way away, and I don’t drive anyway to get there. Like I said – not for the little people!

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