Strength of the Volcano – NaPoWriMo Day 29

Published April 29, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

Last night I dreamed a volcano erupted.

It was the biggest explosion I have ever seen.

The WHOLE mountain exploded

Into a fiery mega pillar of red hot magma

Reaching right up into space.

It was like the tension in me

Had reached boiling point

And then was released.

People who had been on the mountain

Just evaporated into dust!

Like my old life – and blew away in the fiery wind.

I felt cleansed, refreshed,

Like it was a sign of something new and big

About to change in my life

And I was going to be bold, fierce and strong

Just like that volcano,

And have the confidence to say

I’m not invisible anymore –


© Laura Crean 29th April 2015

4 comments on “Strength of the Volcano – NaPoWriMo Day 29

    • Good question Yoshiko. well I suppose I don’t really, but it is MY dream, it’s coming from my own subconscious and the dream, as well as being a very visual experience also had a ‘feel’ about it. You know, in dreams we feel things as well as seeing, hearing etc – in a lot of my dreams I feel that there is a personal message for me (because it is my subconscious and is linked to all the issues of my own life and how I relate in my daily life) as well as a message about the wider world – the social things that are going on both close and personal to me and wider world issues (because we are all active in the world – we are not isolated. We are influenced by world issues, the media, culture and socio-political issues etc.) So this dream, if I was to analyse it in detail would reflect many wider issues to do with the state of the world, ecology, politics, faith etc. but in the context of the poem – I focused on the personal feelings the dream released in me about my own power in my life, my own feelings about how I am viewed and how I feel as a person in my environment and in general I feel lonely, alone, invisible, powerless, vulnerable, you see? And the dream gave me a feeling of overcoming a lot of those feelings – feeling an awakening of my personal power, I felt, stronger, bolder, invigorated, both emotionally and spiritually and of course because of that – socially too. I suffer with great anxiety attacks in my daily life and depression and I get overwhelmed sometimes (which the volcano could be signifying – however I didn’t ‘feel’ overwhelmed and anxious in the dream. I felt powerful) So I decided to write about those feelings in this dream and not the wider world issues that the dream could also be signifying. Thanks for that question – it gives me a chance to voice my poetic motivations. ❤ xXx ❤

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      • You are not alone, Laura. Even I also feel lonely, alone, invisible, powerless, vulnerable and helpless. I thank my Lord Jesus to hear all my cries though I wish to be with Him.

        Great that you are feeling powerful now. Let’s stand up again. Together!

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  • Yes I have had some experiences recently. I came to a sudden realization that the world was not helping me, the doctors, psychologists, the government work program etc were not helping me with my fears, anxieties and depression. It was like Jesus suddenly stepped back into my life and said ‘I’ve carried you long enough now you have taken my correction to heart and now know that you cannot do it with the world but all things are accomplished through me’ – and suddenly I knew God was alive and present in every area of my life every situation. The more I read the bible (which I am currently doing every day) the more I can see God speaking to me personally through the scripture and through Jesus Christ. It’s so odd because I used to read the bible and it felt cold, like it was written by men in a time that was archaic and not relevant to me or even women now in contemporary Britain – it was just an old book – but now – since Jesus literally woke me up – it’s amazing how the bible speaks to me – it’s life changing actually! I’m so excited by how I feel in Jesus right now! Thank you for taking a moment to walk with me my sister in Jesus ❤


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