The King is at the Gate? – by Laura Crean – Day 7 poem for NaPoWriMo 2015

Published April 8, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

The silence of dawn is disturbed

By a soft scratching like a sword on wood

And my dream of battle is broken

As my weary ear catches the King’s call

To open the castle gates and bid him entry

To let him claim his throne.

His Knightly adventures over with

He boldly enters the castle gates

To Lord it over his Kingdom.

His cries to the castle cook resound around the walls

Until his fast is broken

And he at long last can rest

The royal household now disrupted

Breathes a sigh of relief

That his demands have been met

And they can now return to bed

The king, unaware of his unreasonable ransom

over the early hours

now partakes of his morning rituals

which include licking the queen’s arm raw

and purring relentlessly down her left ear

so loudly that sleep is now impossible

so she abandons sleep

to partake of the news of the Realm

on the royal TV

© Laura Crean 7th April 2015


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