The Easter Turnaround – A Poem by Laura Crean – Day 5 NaPoWriMo

Published April 6, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

I used to think the church was just a musty old building

With a priest

Who stood up on high and shook his fist

I used to think that Christians were a stuffy bunch

Of know-it-alls that stood and judged the world

Of course I knew there were lots of good Christians – sure there were

But that building looked pretty cold to me!

Not my scene at all

Then one day God spoke to me

He really did

Just whispered in my ear

Like he was standing right there!

I’ve told this story before

But not to you

I was walking quickly with my kids

Trying to get past the church without the preachy Pastor seeing me

I had just too many unanswered questions about the church

And then God said “Turn around!”

Actually it was more of a quiet command now I come to think of it

It stopped me dead in my tracks – well as you can imagine!

There was nobody next to me

And anyway – I just knew it was him

That was about 14 years ago now

And he has never spoken to me like that again

Not so commanding in my ear like that, so that there was no question I should listen

But I hear him every day – in my heart and in other more subtle ways…

I haven’t been the perfect Christian – far from it

I’ve spent more time questioning God than listening

Maybe that’s why I don’t hear him!

Today is Easter Sunday

The church I have just started visiting was packed – full to the brim

I cry so hard inside when I think of Jesus up on that cross – his body battered and bleeding

I still have so many questions

And today – today he told me it’s OK to question

He told me it’s natural to want to run in the other direction when you’re scared

But if you don’t turn around once in a while and ask those questions

You’ll never know the truth – only have more questions

So I’ve learnt to stop and listen once in a while

Because God speaks to us in so many different ways

And sometimes he even whispers in your ear

But the biggest lesson I have learnt

Is that the church is not a cold musty building

It’s the people in it – and they are the body of Christ

Most of the time he talks through them

But now I know that he listens through them also

He tells me every day that he loves me

And I tell him that I love him too

I’m learning to listen really hard

Because as a part of his body I know that it’s important to love the whole body

Or it won’t be healthy and won’t be able to function properly

We have to keep the body fit and healthy, with lots of nourishment and Love

So now I know that if you are in Christ – you are a part of his body

And you can hear him too

Next time you feel like running away from the truth

Just remember to listen really hard

Because you never know when you’ll hear God telling you to “turn around”

Better do it quick or you might miss something really important

Like I almost did

© Laura Crean 5th April 2015


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