RainSong in Laura’s Garden – a poem by dr todd harris

Published January 4, 2015 by Laura Crean Author

A beautiful little offering to my well in the garden by Dr Todd Harris @BlueBirdsPoetry

The Well in the Garden


winter breezed rain
lightly tossed about
drops lilting subtlety relieving doubt
coats one busy bird

two wetted wings
fluttering intently
beneath drier things
taking chances
spotting grey-striped kitty’s dances
seeking treelike ledges
hugging sheltering eaves

alighting quickly
returning avian-melodic surds
droplets spurning bird-foot rests
gathering weed bits
beak’s proper placement
weaving twigs
chance’s immuring coin
mending unpracticed skills

pausing chirps providing westwind jest
feathers cuffing wind-dried sleeves
falsely edging airs deceived
daring gravity’s revengeful sting

parting clouds providing cause
prompting one damp bird’s
fresh December’s lines
reshaping Fall
hoping gentle song
just one more time
might recall faraway Spring

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