Sravani – Sreerama Chandra (with words in English) by Chaitanya Kolluri

Published November 7, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

Hello everyone.  You may know if you follow my blog that I have absolutely fallen in love with Sreerama’s voice!  LOL  I love his work.  Well I wanted to know what he was singing about in this beautiful, beautiful song and the writer Chaitanya Kolluri has very kindly sent me a summary in English of this amazing song.  So here is the video once more with the words (in English) underneath.

“I asked the shadow behind me about the moonlight which cast it. It called a light in return, do you know that its you, Sravani.
As long as you are in my heart as a memory residing like a guest we never get separated, your smile keeps our friendship going.
Yu abandon sorrow, you fill joy, you are the words and form to what I write about us. Like a temple, like a wish to god, like a goddess, like a boon, like a gift, like time, like rain and like the sky, you stay with me, even if our memories sulk and hide when we are away from each other, they come back and speak to me.”

❤ ❤ Oh my goodness – I love it even more now!!!!  Thank you Sreerama and Chaitanya for your amazing creativity ❤ ❤



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