Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights

Published May 4, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

The Well in the Garden

Inner Visionary Verses - personal intuitive insights

Sunday 4th May 2014

Personal Intuitive Insights

Awakenings can take on many forms but all awakenings require awareness, which is Light, literally as if a light bulb is switched on – illumination of the situation. And what is the situation? Today I feel as if the universe is speaking to me. I can feel it deep in my body, a vibration, like a pulsing of a frequency that switches on and off. It’s always been there but today I feel like it has meaning, purpose – a message that speaks of beginnings, transitions and the start of an expanding bubble of energy, and that energy is will, intention, choice, action…let the will of heaven flow through action. These are the words the universe brings to me today.

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2 comments on “Inner Visionary Verses – Personal Intuitive Insights

  • Such a colorful person you are Laura. Indeed, action is the way of the Light and the Living. Even a tree, Unmoving, moves. Do we see the grass grow at the instant, yet who can dispute the fact that it needs cutting, lest it jungle the yard. Krishna smiles upon action, over knowledge, Action in the simplest of terms. Simple, Clear and Miraculous .. That is the natural order of Heaven. Much love to you my friend, and thank you for adding such Vibrancy to this plane, that we all share as One.

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    • Thank you so much for adding those inspirational words – it’s a beautiful point to make. We often see ourselves as the only life on the planet don’t we? But we are just “a part of nature not apart from it” and action comes also through every ‘interaction’ – with others and with life in nature, in all its universal wonder. You brightened my day today thank you. 🙂


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