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Published May 3, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

Saturday 3rd May 2014


Bookish Banter is proud to present today’s Featured Author…


George L. Duncan


What part of the planet do you hang your hat?

In Loveland, CO, although I’m a native of Florida. Climate is a bit different here. Plus there are mountains in Colorado. Don’t have any of those in Florida. Highest we get down there are speed bumps. But besides those irritating floods and snowdrifts of eight feet high, it’s not a bad state.

Why on Earth have you chosen to be a writer – in this digitally obsessed age?

Because my golf game was not nearly good enough to get me on the PGA tour. Oh, well… As with many authors, I had an inclination to write since childhood. I was scribbling stories when I was ten. My first story was a Western, if I remember correctly. The second was an episode of a popular television show “77 Sunset Strip.” Of course, these were not very good stories but… So I’m not sure I chose writing, writing may have chosen me.

What genre do you prefer to write in – the mystery thriller stuff or the Christian oriented genre?

I basically combine them. “At Play in the Seas of the Lord” has a Christian theme but is a thriller, a modern-day treasure hunting tale with action, adventure and truly evil bad guys. And features the only female heroine in Christian fiction who looks fantastic in a bikini. Or at least the only female heroine who wears one. I enjoyed my two political thrillers “The Scorpio Directive” and “The Gemini Apocalypse,” but I lean toward the Christian genre.


 Where did the idea spring for your latest masterpiece?

My latest masterpiece is “Last Stand at Lighthouse Point,” and it’s at the publishers. It went through a number of modifications. There is not much left of the initial draft. It’s a retelling of the story of Job, which I think is misinterpreted by many in the Body of Christ and by secular folks too. There is no greater or better plot than the classic good vs. evil. When the forces of evil team up to kill or destroy a decent man, you have a good novel.

Give me the low-down – I’m guessing Miss Scarlet in the living room with the spanner – oh wait that’s Cluedo – well dare I ask – is there a twist in your tale or a red herring or two?

Have a few twists in my aforementioned political thrillers but “Last Stand” is pretty straightforward. But the climax will take your breath away.

Did you spend months buried in books, article cuttings and pages and pages of interesting internet stuff on your chosen subject or have you got an old detective friend feeding you cold cases?

I’m a former reporter so I have experience in covering odd police cases, such as a crossbow murder case. That was made for fiction. Then there was the case of the woman who shot her husband seven times and (this is true) left a suicide note with the body. Of course, she wrote the suicide note first and planned on shooting him just once. But he kept moving so…

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction! :O

How do you think you are getting better at this writing lark?

Well, a number of people have told me “At Play” was a one night read. They picked it up and could not put it down until the final page. So I figured maybe this writing thing isn’t a passing fad after all.

Well the fans should know, always great to have great reviews…

Any stumbling blocks in your latest novel?

No, actually “Last Stand at Lighthouse Point,” went relatively smoothly. I was helped by the fact that my critique partner is an 18-year-old genius. Well, she hasn’t told me her IQ but I suspect it’s about 160. Two of my main characters are a 19-year-old former beauty queen contestant (the pageant was rigged so she lost) and a 13-year-old girl with an apostle’s faith. Jayln gave a thumb’s up to both of them and really liked the characters.

Having an 18 year old genius on board has got to be good, a particularly great target audience I think!

Come on tell me – Why do you love this craft so much?

It must in the genes. It can be exasperating. But so can golf, and I haven’t given it up yet.

Are you a plotter or a planner, or do you just jump in head first with nothing but a torch, a badge and a bottle of whiskey for company?  Oh no wait – that’s a character from one of your books isn’t it?

I don’t outline. I jump write in. Dean Koontz, a fantastic writer, said once that an author must outline because he has to know where his book is going. I agree with that 100 percent – I’ve just never been able to do it.

Ha-ha! I love Dean Koontz’s writing but I have to agree with you 100% on that one George! 😀

Do your fans help out with your ideas?

No, the lazy bums haven’t suggested anything. What can you do?

Indie or Old school publishing?

The latter. I’ve always been fortunate in that I’ve found a publisher for my novels. “At Play” was sold to “Moonshine Cove Publishing,” which I thought was a great name for a company publishing a treasure hunting tale.

Yes – had to be fate!

Is this book just one in an amazing series?

There may be a third book in my political thriller series. The two books have the same two main characters.

Which author got you hooked on this mysterious adventure called writing?

Initially, the authors of the Hardy Boys mysteries. Really enjoyed those books. Then I read the classic science fiction novel “The Dragon Masters” by Jack Vance and “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” by Ray Bradbury. I was forever hooked on science fiction and reading.

Book trailers – to do or not to do and do you have a cool one?

I don’t have one but may get one with my next novel.

Do you relax between caffeine-fuelled writing episodes.

More like coca-cola fueled episodes.

Ha-Ha!  I hear ya, Coke is a favourite of mine too – oh wait!  I think that classes as caffeine-fuelled too! 😀

Do you have a friendly bunch of peers in an AA meeting to motivate you? – sorry that’s the character again – I meant writers’ circle of course!

Not here. Although I recommend writing groups. When I was an editorial writer in Virginia, I was in a writing group and enjoyed the critiques and conversations.

Do you have an awesome sidekick, er, editor to help you?

I Have my aforementioned critique partner, Jayln, who is awesome and of course my wife, Denise, is wonderfully awesome, but doesn’t do a lot of editing.

Wives and husbands are often too close to be good editors I think – maybe they are meant to be there just to bounce ideas off of and scream and shout at when the writing isn’t going so well!  A Hardy bunch, the writer’s spouse! 😀

Tips / secrets / covert plans? – wait!  I’ve turned into a spy!  Tell me everything and I’ll give you the antidote for the poison I just put in your tea!  Ahhh I gave you the wrong cup!

Well, I did have a covert plan to take over the world but I gave it up. I’m semi-retired now and I just didn’t want another nine to five job.

Give us all your links – every one in your carefully constructed chain…

Blog is – you can find all my books at Amazon.

Well all that’s left to do is thank George for being our fabulous guest author today.  If you would like to be featured on the Bookish Banter please drop me a line at and put ‘Bookish Banter’ in the title.

❤ Laura Crean ❤



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