Futuristic plane dream

Published April 11, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

Futuristic plane dream

I just had a strange dream about flying on a plane that felt wrong from the moment I started my trip. It began with a car journey to an airport that didn’t seem to exist. I was in the car with my Mum and we stopped at a strange covered bridge over a motorway that looked a bit like a walkway from an airport to the plane, but it was going over a bridge across a motorway. My Mum and I started climbing this corridor like bridge but instead of going over the road, we turned right and took a different corridor that led to the plane. I asked where Dad was and my Mum said he was parking the car. When we boarded the plane it was a strange environment, a very futuristic bar lounge type area, what I would have expected in a science fiction space port or something, not inside a plane, but we knew we were on the plane even though it didn’t feel right. We went to sit on a settee and have a drink while we waited for my Dad and my sister. My Dad soon followed but my sister was very late, coming at the very last minute. The air hostess asked us for our tickets and I realised we didn’t have boarding passes. The air hostess didn’t seem to notice and everyone was handing over the same looking tickets, so we did too. However an air steward told us we shouldn’t have put our address on it because it wasn’t safe.

Then we were told to go and find our seats for the flight and we went to two curtains. We should have turned left but instead we turned right into what must have been the first class section. We knew we shouldn’t be there, that we didn’t belong but it looked so comfortable we thought we would try our luck and went in. Nobody questioned us so we stayed. It didn’t look like we were on a plane even though we knew we were. It was more like another luxurious bar area, and we noticed some passengers drinking and gambling on a high, round table so we joined them and pretended we belonged there. At one point I tried to go back through the other curtain to see what the other section looked like. I passed through the curtain and found myself in a cargo type area and I saw some strange men who looked like Farengi aliens from Star Trek. They were arguing and planning something, but I didn’t know what it was. I left there and started to go to the other compartment but as I peeked through the curtain, a steward stopped me and said there was no passing between areas while we were in flight. I just caught a glimpse behind the curtain and it was strange like a hologram that was broken, showing the old plane through the illusion. When I returned to the first class compartment I told my family that it was all an illusion, a hologram, and that the plane wasn’t real and someone was planning something but I didn’t know what. I reached up my hand and touched what should have been the wall but it was like touching water and the whole scene rippled in front of our eyes. Strange huh?


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