Dreaming in Purple – A Daydreamer’s Guide to the Messages and Symbolism of Dreams.

Published February 25, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

picture courtesy of Gale Titus at publicdomainpictures.net


Hello everyone.  I am planning to write a book about dreams and would love to include some of your dreams.  And between us I hope we can come to understand the images and symbols in the dreams and therefore the hidden messages within them. I am open to others’ views and interpretations also, as different cultures and disciplines use different ways to interpret and understand dreams. If you post your dreams here please be aware they will be open for public dissection in this blog – if you want a private interpretation I would be happy to give you my personal view via email at laura.crean@yahoo.co.uk – please put ‘Dreams’ in the title.


If there is one thing I can say about humanity that sets us apart from all other life on this planet (that we know about), it is our unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  Perhaps even before we had any form of a complicated spoken language that would be recognised by modern humans, our early ancestors would have been searching for meaning in their lives.  Language as we understand it may not have been the beginnings of this.  Because after all, what is language but a series of spoken symbols that represent the ‘things’ around us in our lives.

I believe that dreams are a language all of their own.  they take the ‘things’ and the ‘happenings’ of our daily life and weave them into a complex ‘story’ that our subconscious mind uses to tell us things about ourselves.  What it is – this story – this dream imagery is still a subject for debate in our modern, scientific, computer dominated world.  Are these dream images just our own subconscious using the symbols humanity has learnt through language in a random firing of the brain’s neurons while we sleep – just a consequence of the knowledge language has given us?  Or maybe there are other elements to our dreams that we still do not fully understand today.

People have always been fascinated with dreams and the way dream images appear to tell some sort of a story.  However, understanding the stories being told, why we are having them and the mechanism behind them is still something people are trying to discover.  There are almost as many different explanations for the reason we dream as the types of dreams people have.

The symbolism of language and therefore dreams is something that has always fascinated me, and I have found myself wondering if we were dreaming ‘before’ we could speak.  Were primitive humans using cave art to represent their primitive worlds?  In other words, were they just drawing what they could see in nature and the world around them or were they also drawing their dreams? And if they were drawing their dreams, were they already speaking and communicating with each other or did that happen as a consequence of trying to communicate to others what they were dreaming?  So basically I wonder what came first – language or dreams?  Or did it all just happen together?  Now I’m not a scholar.  I don’t have any degrees, so I may sound like a complete rambling nut job – but – by exploring dreams in my own way with the help of you, I hope to at least feed some of my hunger on the subject of dreams and dream imagery.


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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