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Published February 15, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

Saturday 15th February 2014

Bookish Banter is proud to present today’s Featured Author…


Lilian Roberts

She is here today to tell us all about The Immortal Rapture series, a series of  Romance Thrillers that is sure to excite and tantalise your thrill seeking taste buds – just right for our Valentine Special.  Lilian was a runner up in the prestigious MARSocial ( ) international Author of the Year Competition with her paranormal romance novel, Arielle Immortal Awakening, vol. 1 in the Immortal Rapture Series.  I will now leave it up to Lilian to tell you all about herself and her books.

My name is Lilian Roberts. I am an engineer, a wife, a mother and an avid reader. I turned my love of reading into a passion for writing, and have published the first four volumes in the Immortal Rapture Series. Arielle Immortal Awakening (Volume I), which was released in November 2012, Arielle Immortal Seduction (Volume II), released in January of 2013, Arielle Immortal Passion(Volume III), released April 2013, and Arielle: Immortal Quickening (Volume IV), released July 8th 2013. I was to releaseArielle Immortal Journey (Volume V) in December of 2013 but I got a contract with “Booktrope” a wonderful publishing company out of Seattle Washington for the whole series in October of 2013. 

They re-launched the first book “Arielle Immortal Awakening” February the 10th of this year.

There will be 8 books in the series. I am now working on completing the last chapter in book 8.

All four novels that were self- published prior to receiving a contract,  appeared on Amazon’s top 100 list three times and held their place for 4 weeks.

ARIELLE IMMORTAL AWAKENING  is the first book in the series:

A mortal soul…From the time college co-ed Arielle Lloyd had been young, she had been able to hear the thoughts and feel the pain of certain others, and those she comes to think of as her special group. One friend’s dabbling with spells and magic showed her the power of love that can endure beyond the grave. But another friend’s terrifying encounter with a warlock left Arielle wary of those who claim otherworldly powers. On holiday in the south of France, a chance encounter could change her mind. Or could cost her life.

An Immortal man…Sebastian Gaulle is the wealthy, handsome owner of an international company. He is also an Immortal. For five centuries he has sought the one soul who can fulfill his dreams of everlasting love. Then he meets Arielle, whose heart calls out to him like no other.

A timeless love…Sebastian has made his choice clear. But jealous Immortals from his past threaten retaliation. They have vowed to destroy any woman who becomes involved with him. In spite of the powerful protection amulet Sebastian gives Arielle, death stalks their newfound love. Their love may be eternal, but they may be running out of time.

Click the book to buy it

Click the book to buy it


A time of waiting…Arielle Lloyd has found the love of her life, but his business as the owner of an international company calls him away. She longs for Sebastian, but stays busy with school, and finds comfort in spending time with her best friends, Gabby and Eva. It is during Sebastian’s absence that a stranger enters Arielle’s life at the university and threatens to shatter her joy with a vicious assault.

A time of renewal…The return of Sebastian Gaulle, Arielle’s Immortal love, brings a return of joy. Her terrifying experience has her rethinking her vow of remaining chaste until marriage. Arielle already knows Sebastian is the one man she will love for eternity. Sebastian has longed for Arielle, like no other. He has carried a ring in his pocket for her almost from the first moment they met. He’s only waiting for the right moment to pledge his eternal love for her.

A time of danger…But Sebastian’s past still threatens their future. A trio of jealous Immortal women has vowed Sebastian will belong to no other woman for centuries to come. Arielle, Sebastian, and their friends must join together to fight off the Immortals bent on utter destruction, if they are ever to find their eternal happiness.

Click the book to buy it

Click the book to buy it


An interlude in paradise…St. Jean De Luz, in the south of France, is the gorgeous setting of one of Sebastian Gaulle’s family estates. It is to this lush place that the Immortal takes his love, Arielle Brown, and her friends, to relax and spend their holiday exploring the surroundings and learning about his family’s history.

A snake in the garden…There is no safety in this paradise, however, as Sebastian’s past continues to haunt him. The Immortal, Annabel, still lusts for vengeance on Sebastian and seeks to destroy his new love. While exploring, Arielle’s life is endangered when she discovers dangerous hidden strangers occupying the house.

Evil that will not die…Trapped, threatened, and nearing her last breath, Arielle must call on the powerful magic of her friend, Eva, for help. Sebastian must rally his Immortal friends and family to protect his love and expel the evil before his paradise is forever lost.

 Click the book to buy it

Click the book to buy it




A fatal night….College co-ed Arielle Lloyd is on vacation with her immortal love, Sebastian Gaulle, when they receive word of a dreadful accident. Her dear friend Gabrielle hovers near death. But it’s much worse for her beloved friends, Eva and Ian. In spite of Eva’s magical abilities, their lives have been cut tragically short.

An immortal choice…Troy Vasser’s only love is Gabrielle, but on the night of the accident, his deepest concern is for their dying friends. While the life force within Ian and Eva flickered dangerously low, Troy had to make a hard choice. He could either let them die or lose their humanity and live as immortals. So he did the only thing he could: he gave them immortality. Now it is up to Arielle to break the news to Eva before the transformation is complete.

A quest for vengeance…Danger continues to stalk Arielle’s life. Unknown to her, her new professor is an immortal, and he is furious when he discovers that Arielle is wearing an amulet, that should be owned by immortals only. Sebastian’s nemesis, Annabel, has also not given on up on her quest to destroy Arielle. What Annabel doesn’t realize is that Arielle’s circle of friends has drastically changed. There are two newly minted immortals that adore her and have vowed to protect her.

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Here is a an Excerpt from Arielle Immortal Wakening, so snuggle up in a cosy corner of your library and enjoy…



“The next time she opened her eyes she realized that she had fallen asleep. “Integral” by Pet Shop Boys was playing through the headphones. Arielle sat up slowly, reached for her iPod, and shut it off. She looked around and noticed that the beach was completely empty. The sun was going down, and the water had lost its bright blue color. Now it looked dark and uninviting. She pulled the headphones out of her ears and threw them into her beach bag along with her iPod and the unused tanning lotion. She rose to her feet, took another look around, and decided that it was time to head home. She bent over, picked up her beach bag, and threw it over her shoulder. With the other hand she picked up the corner of the beach towel and turned around to shake the sand off.

She was absolutely panicked when her eyes fell on a young man standing about ten feet away from her with a soft smile on his face. She felt a strong sudden jolt course through her body and fear overcame her. She couldn’t imagine where he had come from or how she could have missed seeing him standing so close.

He was shockingly beautiful, as if he had jumped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. He was tall and thin with broad shoulders, a muscular body, light, sandy hair, and the most captivating, intense green eyes she had ever seen. His features were flawless. His lips were sensuous, beautifully curved into a soft smile, showing a set of perfectly white teeth. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a light blue shirt open in the front, revealing his muscular chest. She felt an unusual shiver slide across her muscles. She stared at him and quickly swallowed. She wondered how long she had been standing there watching him, completely mesmerized, when his voice made her jump.

Bonjour!” he said, his lips curved slightly.

Her throat suddenly felt swollen. She realized that she was completely alone on this beach with a stranger. Not a good situation!

As she started to speak their eyes met, and immediately her mind went blank. She felt a jolt that made her body quiver, and extreme heat surged through her veins. She was in a complete fog with absolutely no clear thoughts at all. Time stopped as their gazes locked, and a strange sensation coursed across every muscle, intensifying the heat that was already enveloping her. She had absolutely no idea how long she stood there gazing into his eyes. When she finally decided to move she felt off-balance, frozen in place. What a strange feeling! She didn’t remember ever having had such a reaction to any other human being. This man was so beautiful that she literally didn’t have the strength to take her eyes off of his face.

She tried to collect her thoughts and act normal, but she didn’t seem to be able to do that as long as their eyes were engaged. It took every ounce of strength she possessed to finally drag her gaze away. She inhaled deeply, and tried to act as if the sight of him was not absolutely turning her body and mind upside down.

Strangely, after the initial shock of seeing him, she didn’t feel fear, though in an abstract way she was aware that she was in a dangerous situation. It was a very odd feeling. She did still feel a bit guarded, not knowing what he could possibly want from her, or how long he had been standing there looking at her. There was something about his eyes that dazzled her so that she had to look away from his face, until his soft, beautiful voice filled her ears and made her look at him again.

“I’m sorry,” he said, still in French. “It looks as if I have startled you and that was not my intention. I live here a great part of the year and I have never seen you on this beach.”

He was startled with the sudden passion that surged through every muscle in his body as his gaze examined Arielle’s undeniable appeal. She was absolutely gorgeous. Tall and lean with beautiful long legs, an intoxicating body in that barely-there, little blue bikini, and that amazing face. She was the absolute definition of his perfect woman. Her lips were alluring, sensual, luscious, and the sight of them was dangerously arousing to him. He drew a deep breath and locked his gaze on hers.

Arielle blinked, swallowed hard, and forced herself to look away, averting her gaze down to her feet, unable to speak. What in the world was happening to her? She was acting like a complete moron! And she now realized that she hadn’t been able to make out a single word he had said after the words “I’m sorry…”

As she started to regain her composure she looked up to make sure that he was still there. It only took a second as their eyes engaged one more time; then she lost control of herself again. She felt like she was suffocating and she couldn’t utter a single word. In a flash she realized that he had some kind of power in his eyes that was affecting her in a very strange way.

She drew a deep breath and with a great force of determination, yanked her eyes away from his mouth-watering body and his gorgeous face. She was sure that every time she looked into his emerald eyes she wouldn’t be able to act like a normal human being.”

If you would like to learn more about Lilian Roberts and The Immortal Rapture Series you can find her at the following links.




E- mail:

All that’s left to say, is thank you to our guest Author this week for taking the time to show us around her wonderful series of Romance Thrillers and here’s wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.


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