Suicide is NEVER the answer

Published February 11, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

Suicide is NEVER the answer


Just thought I would share this Facebook link on Jill-in-the-box today because it just so very true.  No matter how hard life gets, no matter how depressed you are, there is always still a chance for you to get through today and have a better tomorrow.  I have days when I feel so low I just can’t get out of bed, everything seems pointless and I can’t think straight – but that is just that moment, that day.  How many great days with my family have I had after days like that?  Lots!  Just thought I would add that.  I know it’s a cliché but just remember that tomorrow is another day and it might be raining on you today but tomorrow the sun could shine and you could be surrounded in warmth and light.  Never give up on the possibilities of bright and shiny tomorrows!

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7 comments on “Suicide is NEVER the answer

  • This is true – but don’t forget how hard it is to remember this when you’re in the middle of the black morass of depression. Suicide can seem like an incredibly attractive proposition at those times.

    The trick I have found is to find one thing, one fact, one person that you cannot bear to hurt by dying, and cling to that fact like glue. My daughter is this for me. Despite knowing that she would be well cared for by her father (we are divorced), I can’t do that to her. I can’t let her lose her mother and wonder for the rest of her life if it was her fault.

    So far, it’s worked. I dread the day (if ever) when it doesn’t.


    • Absolutely Cat – I am in the same situation and as a single Mother I have to completely focus on my girls. I suffer terribly with depression and I have to say to myself, on those days when I’m so low I just can’t even see the point in feeding myself, get up and be with your beautiful girls, they make me want to try harder to make tomorrow better – and that is hard when you can’t see past the moment you’re in. So yes, I completely understand and that’s why it IS so important to say to others who are feeling that bad – don’t give up on tomorrow because you dont know how you will feel then! You may still feel bad, but you may also have the best day of your life, you might meet someone amazing who could make it all worthwhile, and I don’t mean romantically necessarily. You could just meet someone who just has the right thing to say for you at that moment or do you know what that amazing person you might meet tomorrow could just be yourself! So hang on in there and see what tomorrow brings! And tomorrow isn’t just one day – it’s all the possibilities of every day after that!


  • For so many years I tried to be normal, to fit in a society I don’t resonate with and don’t understand. I’ve denied my intuition and my wisdom to follow the rules. I gave my power away.
    Slowly I’m taking my power back, remembering who I really am, what my gifts are and how to use them.

    This is such a hard subject to talk about. Maybe because we need to admit this state of mind to ourselves first… I’ve been in and out of depression since a very young age, although I was always able to hide it. Until a couple of years ago. The time when I fell so badly and for so long (around three years), that not waking up for another day was my desire every night. (Thanks God I’m to coward to commit suicide, or I’m too afraid of failing and then having to justify my attempt) I reached the point of not even caring to hide it anymore. Getting out of bed, or doing anything really, was a task.
    I fought myself, my brain would say “Get up, take a shower…Do this, do that,” but the body didn’t want to obey and would reply, ” Later, I have time to do that later… Just a few minutes more… I can get that done tomorrow.”

    I had to hit rock bottom to be reborn as a new me. I now live moment by moment, I no longer try to fit in and pretend that I am normal, because I’m not.
    Going inward, re-connecting with my Higher-Self, my Guides and Angels help me to see thinks from a brighter perspective. Stop as many times a day as I need for meditation, it can be only a few minutes to pause, breath and connect with my heart.

    We feel depressed because we are frustrated with our lives, we can BE better, we can DO better, and of course because of our shadow aspects. Writting all down helps to separate from the story. We are not the story. We are not the drama.

    Find a way to express yourself. Find your voice. Take baby steps to do what makes you feel happy. One happy moment at the time, start to collect them. Surround yourself with like minded people, people that remind you of your beauty, people that see the best version of you, people that make you laugh. Anything that makes you feel better is worth to try.

    Just don’t forget that the Law of Attraction in one of the Universal laws, and it states that what you think you create… Stop for a second, look at your life and see what have you created. Is that what you really want? Change your thoughts, change your life.

    Laura, thank you for this opportunity, for bring up this subject. Is the first time I speak so openly and publicly about my personal experience. If my words can help even only one person feeling better for a second, my exposure is worth it. Goodness me I’m getting good at facing my fears and getting out of my comfort zone!


    • Oh Denise, that’s so brave of you to step up to the plate and talk about your feelings like that, I know how hard that is – I genuinely have empathy for you and I think I can safely say you are among friends here. I think we so often forget to express our true feelings in this politically correct modern society that we find ourselves in. You are a lovely, lovely lady and a fantastic Mum and I’m so glad you are facing your fears and coming out of the darkness. Can I hold your hand and walk for a while? ❤ 🙂 ❤


  • Oh my dear, there are plenty out there, but they are still hidden. Mostly because they think there is something wrong with them, when in truth the only thing wrong is this society where we live, that wants to tells us what to feel, what to think, and how to live our lives. Unfortunately we bought it, and we got so numb that we gave our power away. Is now time to wake up, take responsibility for our choices and reclaim our power.


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