Alien Abductions caught on tape? Plus The McPherson, Strieber, Hill, Walton, Romanek and Penniston Stories

Published January 24, 2014 by Laura Crean Author

Time Travellers United (that means me lol) has been looking at the subject of Alien Abductions – there is also the full Communion movie starring Christopher Walken on the post if you fancy it 🙂

Time Travellers United

This post deals with the very strange, somewhat scary, unbelievable to some subject of alien abductions. Let’s start with a video introducing John Mack and his work with ‘Experiencers’

The McPherson Tape.

I was going to just make this a post showing one video that I happened to watch about a family supposedly called the McPhersons, who according to urban legend went missing and a  home video showed up apparently documenting an extremely terrifying alien abduction in progress.  However as I was trying to poke around You Tube and find any more interesting info about this case I came across another video also supposed to be the ‘original’ McPherson tape and it was a completely different cast of characters and another version of the story – so – yeah if you look for the McPherson tape you may come across many different versions of this story.  If there really is…

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