50 years of Whoville and a tribute to the Science of Doctor Who

Published November 25, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Time Travellers United

Time Traveller’s United’s Doctor Who  50 Years Anniversary Tribute posting…

I am such a Doctor Who fan – and this weekend I have been more than a little excited to be sitting at home watching all the 50 years anniversary celebrations.  I have been in my element.  I can’t wait for the Christmas special now but I just wanted to collect together some videos that I think are cool.  However there are just too many fantastic Doctor Who episodes, clips, fan reviews etc. etc. on You Tube that I never know which little clips to post on Time Travellers United – so I don’t, I usually keep Doctor Who away from here. Today I have decided to post some of my favourite fan vids and a little science, just a little bit of fun and say to all you lovely, lovely fellow Whovians and to my beloved DOCTOR WHO –  HAPPY 50th…

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