In the “Waiting Room”

Published October 24, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

❤ In the Lord's waiting room be at peace and wait for his sweet voice in his time not ours ❤

I Sing Because I'm Free


One Christmas, a wise cousin of mine shared something with my oldest daughter.  Katie was going to be turning the magical age of 8 in a few short months- the long awaited age we told her she could possibly get her first American Girl doll.  On that Christmas Day, she confessed that she couldn’t bear to wait 3 more months for this beloved doll!   My cousin told her that she was in the “waiting room” and that this was a very special time- a time of anticipation!  This was a time to dream and imagine what it will actually feel like to hold that long awaited American Girl doll!

Waiting for something is just no fun!  We want something we can’t afford- no problem!  We can just “charge it”!  We look for something in a store we need and they don’t have it-no problem!   We’ll just hit a…

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