MTV – What the? Women as sex objects!!!??? FOR ADULT EYES ONLY!

Published October 20, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

OK so I LOOOVEE my music. I love music of every persuasion and genre and I have either my radio or the music channels on non stop in my house. I love pop music – I love classical, jazz – all kinds – but not the heavy rock or gangster rap stuff! Anyway my kids love music too and so they listen and watch with me when it is on and we are all getting on with other stuff.

However – Today (which is a Sunday Lunchtime by the way as I am writing this) I casually put Chart Show TV on my Sky, which is a channel I watch a lot during the week as background when I’m writing or doing my housework. At first it didn’t click what was going on and then all of a sudden I realised what was playing and I quickly looked around to make sure my 9 year old daughter wasn’t in the room. Now I may have gone to the toilet or gone to make a cup of tea in the kitchen and been gone for half an hour and this would have been playing.

Luckily my kids were off in other parts of the house but I was astounded that on a Sunday lunchtime there was an MTV programme playing what I can only describe as ‘sex songs’. I watched it for a little while because I was curious – I mean how many tweens and young teens are going to be watching? and what were they watching? What am I getting so uptight about? LOL

OK so I am going to post the selection of videos that were shown in the short time that I watched the channel. Don’t get me wrong – I for the most part love the individual artists – they are all very talented individuals and I even like (most) of these songs and as an adult the videos are quite good if you like that sort of thing – BUT – I’m putting my concerned Mummy hat on here and I am shaking my head and wagging my finger and actually I’m shocked and disturbed that these artists who earn so much money from the youth are putting out these videos – that show women as sex objects, often explicitly moving their bodies (sometimes completely naked) as if sex is the be all and end all of life on Earth! Which it isn’t!!! No really!

My 9 year old daughter absolutely loves Miley Cyrus and is still watching the repeats of Hannah Montana! That cute little teen who doubles as a cute pop star!!!! My 9 year old does not need to see Miley Cyrus’ naked body basically having sex with a wrecking ball thank you very much!!!

Oh yes and Justin, Justin, Justin (I love you…) no wait that’s not want I wanted to say lol – yes we all know you are a sexy guy and you can have any woman on the planet that throws herself at you – but really???? Is that how you want innocent little tweens to see you and themselves? Why don’t YOU strip down completely naked and gyrate in front of the girlies (Please!) – I’m sure they would love that! But I shouldn’t think you will – will you? Why not? Think about it honestly for a moment – So why objectify women doing it???? You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

Beyonce – well what can I say about her – I love her music, she is very talented, of course she is gorgeous and she is an amazing dancer – BUT – little girls are prancing around doing your little twerking moves left right and centre now – I mean look how Miley Cyrus twirked herself stupid on stage at the VMA awards or whatever it was (shakes head and rolls eyes)

Come on Music industry – grow a conscience! I know morality is at a premium in the 21st century but I’m seriously worried about what we are teaching our young girls (and boys actually) with this attitude. Needless to say it was a man hosting the program! And when I went on You tube to find the version of tunnel vision that had been on the TV (already explicit enough) all I could find was the EXPLICIT version – hundreds of them!!!!!

I know youngsters are always going to be curious about sex and they should be proud of their own bodies but how early do we want to see them ‘curious about sex’? How early do we want them gyrating their hips in a sexual way at the opposite sex? And do we really want the overreaching message to them to be that girls are there to dance sexily in front of boys and that boys can have their pick of what sexy looking girls they want to have sex with because they are throwing themselves at them anyway???

OK rant over. Here are some of the videos that were playing this Sunday Lunchtime on SKY. Enjoy them – but ask yourself – do I want my kids watching these videos one after the other on a Sunday lunchtime? 😀

I couldn’t find a cleanish version of Tunnel Vision so I’m just posting the song (you’ll have no problem finding it – it’s EVERYWHERE)

This guy made me laugh –


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