‘Vision Competition’

Published October 10, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

The Well in the Garden

'Vision Competition'

I am looking for entries to my competition to win a signed copy of ’Vision’. I would love a few entries to choose from. Here is one entry from the Facebook events page https://www.facebook.com/events/705867676108037/permalink/708141409213997/


A vision softly creeping
came to me while I was sleeping
it stuck its tentacles in my brain
but it didn’t cause any pain

There’s no pain receptors in a brain cell
and this is just as well
because I it would otherwise really hurt
when those pincher start to insert

The vision is swimming in my head
I am sure I will soon be dead
I am not sure what I will be
maybe some kind of undead zombie.

I really fear the sound of silence
That comes to me from violence
But as my vision fades to black
I know like Arnold, I’ll be back.

© 2013 Edward Frank

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