The Future of Children’s entertainment?

Published October 9, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

AwesomenessTV boss talks YouTube networks for kids:

‘I don’t think we’re replacing television’


I thought I would just add my own little thoughts about children and multimedia entertainment after reading this article about my cousin Brian’s warning to children’s TV Broadcasters to get with the times LOL 

I think the future of entertainment in general, whether for children or adults, is most certainly going to be an amalgamation of passive and interactive programmes and programming. Young people today are busy in their technology. A lot of adults think these kids are unhealthy and stupid because of their consumption of technology and pop media content but I disagree. I think we do children a disservice by dismissing their interests, their imagination and the wonderful social and intellectual benefits that are available through multimedia content. These children are far from stupid and they ‘use’ this content in very interesting ways. I think it is about time we stop trying to find things wrong with the way children use technology and really embrace it – go with it, I mean children learn through play – yes? So let them play with this technology, let them enjoy the content and then I promise you that when we sit back and watch these youngsters grow up, we will see them using these new technologies in more and more socially constructive ways – and having been inspired by the content in their childhood, they will be producing products and technologies in the future that would otherwise have been impossible. Children are so constrained in their education these days, in my opinion – so forced to conform – and these multimedia technologies give them an outlet to be free to express their frustrations and share their views and creativity.


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