Book Launch Date…

Published October 6, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Hello everyone. I am tentatively setting my book launch day for “Vision – Space Between the Universes” for Friday 18th October. You can join my Facebook event here –

You don’t have to buy a book to join the event – I appreciate the creative and emotional support too – although if you buy a book later that would be nice too 😉

Please come and join in in my excitement at launching this book that is very close to my heart. It is a book of poetry, prose and short stories – set on the shoreline of my consciousness and asking the question “What is vision and how can we use it to see our place in the world more clearly?”

The secret kiss is a poem from the book and is basically sets the scene for The Space Between the Universes. I am hoping to create a new video for the launch day that will feature another poem taken from the book.

I will leave this post with a quote from the book…

“What is reality? What is the soul? What is God? What are the processes in our brains that ‘do’ all this experiencing? Are we just biological machines with the accidental side effect of ‘experiencing self-awareness’ that leads to us labelling such things as the soul, spirits, heaven, angels, aliens, God or gods or goddesses? Are the senses just mechanical? Or is there more to it than that? Are our sensations and perceptions linked to the ‘unseen’, not yet understood realms that I call ‘the space between the universes’?”


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