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Published October 5, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Saturday 5th October 2013

Bookish Banter is proud to present today’s Featured Author.



A.G Moye

Could you start by telling us a little bit about yourself…

Born in the cotton fields of Arkansas (USA) where I lived until I was sixteen then went to California where I finished school and went to college. I was present during all the riots that gave me the idea of writing my first series called Lightning in the Tunnel, (Dystopian/Apocalyptic series). I am married with seven children, twenty-one grandchildren and three great grandchildren. I retired after thirty plus years in the metals industry management.  Writing books is my second career and I prefer to write science fiction but what caught my brain was seeing what happened in Los Angeles when the riots occurred and the panic that set in. I asked myself what would happen if a nuclear bomb hit LA, so I wrote that story first.


Thank you for joining us here at Bookish Banter so without further ado let’s get stuck in with the questions…

Which part of the globe do you consider home?

I consider the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas as my home world. I was born in Arkansas and retired to Arkansas after spending years in LA and a few years in North Carolina.

Do you make writing your full time gig?  

Since retiring, it has become a full time occupation unless working on house repairs!

Why writing – when there are so many equally mad jobs you could be wasting your time with?

I used to write a little long hand when growing up making up stories but I started writing seriously as a stress reliever while working and bringing up my children. It relaxes me because I can take out the day’s frustrations by killing a character I hate or having one of my favorite characters do something bad. You can do things on paper that you wish to do to others when things are going bad without going to jail. LOL!

😉  good point A.G 😉

Latest work – can you give us a quick overview of your most up-to-date project?

I just finished writing the last of the Dystopian books in the series that I changed in the last two books to science fiction called “Lightning Rages” it is in editing now. It ends just after an epic battle in space that kills off a lot of the characters in the series. Now I will finish writing the final book of the Chronicles of the Marauder trilogy called book three. It is three quarters done!

Where did the idea come from?

My ideas for my books come to my head normally while I am falling asleep or sitting staring out the window by my computer. I write the story mostly in my head then transfer it to the computer. Sometimes it changes by the time I get it on the computer and I have to make sure the scene I am writing make sense after I get it down, sometimes losing parts of it in the process.

Is this a collaboration?  Can you tell us something about that?  If not – forget I asked!

I write alone never having another work with me.

Which genre do you write in or do you cross them?

I mainly write in fiction- science fiction but I do write other books like a mystery called Brandi’s Nightmare and a time travel book called “T.T. Gristman” about a one armed mountain man that travels through time.

🙂 I have to say T.T. Gristman got my attention – I’m definitely buying that one 😉

How do you approach research – are you a quick search or a buried under mountains of books kinda guy?

I usually do quick research but in my Dystopian series I walked most of the path that the characters traveled to their new home in Zigzagging Home just added some things that weren’t really there to create the scenes in the story.

How do you think your writing has improved?

 I believe my characters have become more real as I went along in each of the series. I think that the stories I wrote after “A need for Lightning” have become better than the first books of the series. Each book I write I see improvement. Just some people have a little trouble with my style.

🙂 Well, you know it is YOUR style that your readers keep coming back to – I love your style – you’re like a Space Cowboy hehehe 🙂

Were there any problems in your latest work that made life difficult for you?

Most of the problems with my first series were due to the fact the main character had so many wives. Unless they read the first two, they didn’t understand how it happened. The only problem I have with the latest work has been getting it done fast enough for my regular readers to keep following the series.

🙂 Well you had better invent a Time Machine that stops time for you so you can satisfy your readers’ demands! 🙂

So why do you love writing so much?

I love writing because it keeps my mind from going stale after I retired. I always have five or six books floating around in my head but only work on them two at a time to keep from mixing them up. That has happened in my Lightning Rages and Chronicles of the Marauder, I started calling the Lightning the Marauder and had to go back and correct.

Plot, plan or dive right in?

Normally, I just dive in after writing the first few pages in my head and get some sort of plot line down, then let the story write itself.

Do you get ideas from your fans and do online communities help?     

My story ideas all come from my head even though I do stay active on social media, as of yet none of them have given me any thoughts about other books. Most of those suggestions come from readers of my books that suggest mainly a sequel to the story and how it could go.

Self-publishing or Traditional and what are your thoughts on this issue?

I am published by both traditional and self-published. You can tell my traditional books, they are higher prices but I prefer to self-publish; I earn more off them than the traditional publishers. I plan when my contracts with them expire to self-publish those books again.

Are you writing a series of books and how awesome do you think serials are?

I have written two series, the Dystopian is ten books long and the Marauder Chronicles is three books planned but might do a fourth. Several people have asked if I would do a sequel to Brandi’s Nightmare. I love serials, can’t you tell!

🙂 Yup!  I can tell and your readers obviously love your serials too… 🙂

Quickie low down of your series? (if you have one that is – if not – sorry – keep walking…)

The Dystopian/Apocalyptic series is about a family after world war three and their struggle to build a new peaceful world. My Chronicles is about a man that has nothing go right in his life until he wins the lottery and fulfills his dream to go into space where he encounters problems and aliens that create more problems for him. Along the way, he finds out what true love is and what destructive love is!

❤ 😉  I’m hearing that! 😉 ❤

How do you find good reviewers?  Would you pay for reviews or do you want to wait for the readers to make the first move?

I rarely ask anyone to review my books. I surely wouldn’t pay to have them reviewed now. I did that once on my traditional publisher and they couldn’t get the story right. Otherwise, I just let those that want to review them do so. I like the reviews that unsolicited reviewers post, even the bad ones because it creates interest in my books.

🙂 I agree – honest reviews are the best 🙂

If you didn’t write what would your dream job be?

If I didn’t write, my dream job would be to travel the world over playing NSL- spades games!

😀 I have to be honest I don’t know what ‘Spades’ games are but it just adds to your cowboy mystique – personally I’m addicted to Spider solitaire 😀 

Are there any Super-hero Author types who really, really inspired you to write?

I guess you could call Robert Heinlein my hero even though I did read others; I come back to him a lot like a comfy blanket when I just want to read. I just love to write not copying anyone else.

🙂 I thought I would just stick a link in here A.G so that our readers could find out about your hero 🙂

What are your thoughts on book trailers and do you have an awesome one?

I don’t have a book trailer and most likely never will.  I know it is another good way to get my message out but haven’t invested in generating one!

When you have a chance to unwind and peel yourself from your laptop – what do you do with your time?

To unwind, I normally will read a book or work out in the barn on some project for the house. My favorite is to play cards, especially Spades- NSL style.

Do you mix with other author types and are they mega friendly and super helpful?

I don’t socialize much with author types, none live close. Mainly through the Internet and they have been really helpful.

😉 There certainly is a big Author community out there on the internet – and they are a very mixed bunch 😉

Editing – how do you manage this boring, monotonous task?  Do you have a professional to help you?

I hate editing especially the first time but now I have learned to edit finding things that don’t make sense or spelled incorrectly (Usually wrong spelling of a common word like would and wood). I usually have to edit several times before I feel it is right. Once it is right, I let a professional handle it unless it is one of my self-published books then I have friends sit with me and edit it. They edit and I looked over their shoulder. I have found a lot of errors that way.

Have you got something in your bag of tricks that you can share with others – pearls of wisdom as it were?

If you can afford it, hire a professional to edit and proof your book because just when you think you have it right, someone else will find little things you miss but never let an editor change your writing style or your story.

Link party – anything and everything that exists on the www to help us find you and your work…

Links where my books can be found:-

Amazon –

Goodreads –

Facebook –

Google –

One of my blogsites –

My books can be found on Shelfari, Author’s Den, World Literary Café, Cultural Club, Black Caviar, Author’Info, and Smashwords:-

Chronicles of the Marauder –


A Stranger comes Crawling-


Lightning in the Tunnel Begins –


T.T Gristman –


Changes a Bullet Makes –


Brandi’s Nightmare –


A Need for Lightning –


Lightning in the Tunnel – Rescue –


Of course all my paperback books are available!

Thank you for joining in the fun A.G.  You are one busy guy and I have loved having you join us here at Bookish Banter.  Your books are awesome and I can’t wait to dive in and get to know you through your work.

🙂  Xx ❤ Laura ❤ xX  🙂

If you are an author and you would like to be featured on the Bookish Banter please email me at and put Author Interview in the title and I will get back to you as soon as I can with the details.


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