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The Birth Mark – National Novel Writing Month

Published October 29, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

The Birth Mark - National Novel Writing Month

I have decided to have a go at NaNoWriMo – never tried before and I’m not sure if I will be able to keep up the pace or even finish it, but I had an idea for a story via a dream last night, so I thought, what the hell, let’s give it a go! LOL I will be using Wattpad as a vehicle for writing too as they are running a NaNoWriMo competition to coincide with the event. If you fancy checking in on me from time to time, this is where I will be –

OK so this is my synopsis – have a read and let me know what you think!

Chaser Switch is a Time Agent for the “Genetic Marker Agency for the prevention of crime through Time Manipulation” or G.M.A.P.T for short. He finds out an old friend of the family has been killed and he decides to take on the case. All children are injected with a genetic ‘Time Marker’ at birth, which is switched on and registered with the agency on day one and links each child to the place and time of their birth. When a criminal decides to go on the run by using time travel, their marker is activated and they can be traced through time. Coincidentally the murderer has the same genetic marker as Chaser, which means he was born the same day as chaser and in the same community. The registration shows they were born in a different part of town but Chaser is convinced he must know the perpetrator as the registration number shows they attended the same community college. The race is on to catch the killer but will the similarities they share make the case as simple as Chaser hopes or will Time throw some strange obstacles in his way?

Heaven’s in your Hand

Published October 27, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Heaven's in your Hand

This is the poem that is at the beginning of the Realm of the Purple Dragon –

Bookish Banter – Featured Author – Peter Wake

Published October 26, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Saturday 26th October 2013

Bookish Banter is proud to present today’s Featured Author.


ImagePeter Wake

Author of the blog Beyond the edge of Reality

Please just give us a short intro all about you. 

I suppose I have always been a closet writer, that is to say not many people ever really knew, with the exception of a few friends and family it’s been kept relatively quiet.

I have seen it more as a hobby or interest along with all my other hobbies and interests over the years and although I do have my name to a number of articles for metaphysical magazines, games magazines and across numerous websites I don’t consider myself a published author, although others will beg to differ on that point.

I beg to differ 😉 And hey!  I think a lot of writers have had to come out of the closet at some point 😉

What part of the planet do you call home?

The county of Essex in the UK since the year 2000 although born in SE London and spent most of my years of life in Kent

How long have you been writing? 

I used to love writing stories at school back in the early seventies, and again that love was rekindled in the late seventies, in fact some of what I am doing now derived from old drafts from back then.  Over the last year and having  a bit more time on my hands the idea of completing a couple of large writing projects has become more of an obsession than a hobby and become a far more realistic prospect of it happening.

Have you got a book to promote at the moment and can you tell us a little bit about it please?

 The easy answer is no.  I am writing my first sci-fi novel and am pretty well near completing the first draft but will still be padding out some areas such as my main characters.  The name may yet change but at present it will be called Past Tense, and based on an idea I had many years ago about someone going back in time to change their life for the better.

🙂 Time Travel!  My favourite subject. 🙂

Are you working on anything else at the moment? 

Yes, I tend to keep myself fully occupied and I am actually writing a second novel unrelated to the one above that has actually been published as a wargames world scenario the idea has now become very deep and becoming more of an off world sci-fi fantasy set in the past and the future again.  At the moment it is called The Survival Wars but because I have now changed where it is going I may have to rename it, writing two gives me something to do if I get stuck on the other.

 Where did the inspiration for your latest book come from?

Past Tense is an old idea from the late seventies and had a fair bit done from way back, most of what I am doing now has been rattling around in my head since the Eighties but I never had the time or inspiration to do anything about it.  I’m fascinated by time travel so a lot of what I do is based around that.

Yay!  You are a man after my own heart with all this talk of Time Travel

Which genre do you write for or do you cross genres? 

Mainly sci-fi/ fantasy, but I have found ways of crossing into the world of metaphysics; whether it’s a genre I don’t know.

Well – to be honest I write a lot about spiritual and metaphysical ideas as do many other people too Peter, so I suppose it must be a genre – it is certainly something I would read. 😉


Did you do a lot of research for the book and how did you tackle it?

Yes lots, the trouble is the more you find the more questions I have, so that is one of the biggest parts of what I am doing.

I can definitely relate to that Peter – especially with sci-fi research – I get lost on the internet sometimes when I’m researching and usually lose the plot completely (or so my kids keep telling me – Mother you’ve lost the plot! They say – I know it’s just my age!  I tell them 😉


Do you think you have improved as a writer since beginning your book and what lessons have you learnt about the process? 

I have seen improvement yes, my writing tends to flow better, I’ve even noticed it on the various blogs I do and I’m less likely to go back and edit articles.

Any stumbling blocks in the writing process for your latest book?

 Stumbling blocks? Well in a way, describing a time travelling process is always going to be difficult but my way of thinking is – make it believable.

 What is it that you love so much about writing?

 Mainly the peace, I write during the day, turn off the phones and get on with it; I’ve never known 6 hours to pass so quickly.

I’m with you there Peter!  Sometimes I lose so much time in the process I think I must be a Time Traveller! 😀


Did you craft a carefully well thought out plan for the book or did it just flow naturally? 

This one flowed well because the idea has been with me so long, a couple of short stories I’m doing and The Survival Wars require a lot more planning, especially Survival Wars as time lines may become important for a future sequel

 Do you have a blog and do your fans encourage you? 

I have a blog, although quite new, so still feeling the ground.

 Self-published or traditional or both? 

That depends on a few things, self-published first although would like to take the traditional route.

 Is your book a part of a series?

 No ‘Past Tense’ is a one off

What other passions do you have apart from writing? 

That’s a good one although most are just as obsessive for me as writing, I’m a collector of old stuff that nobody else seems to want, mainly old technology and electrical items, love the designs and looks of the older machines, one day they may even be worth something.

Ooh!  Intriguing!  Maybe you’ll invent a Time Machine out of all the old parts (jumps up and down clapping hands together) – my imagination is running away with me! 😉 – when you do come back and I’ll interview you for Time Traveller’s United – I love interviewing real live Time Travellers!

Do you have any inspirational heroes, literary or otherwise who have really influenced you? 

Micheal Morecock was and still is a favourite, the best trilogy I’ve ever read was by Mervyn Peake, the Gomenghast trilogoy, very descriptive and very readable.

 🙂 Excellent selection – I am including links for our readers. 🙂


How do you pace yourself with writing and do you have a special place to do it? 

I have had targets of about 5000 word a week, in some cases I have done that in a day, and probably the only reason my first draft is done, as of a special place, no, the same computer and desk I use all the time

Yes I think a comfortable and calm place to work is a must – my life is too chaotic to write religiously – must get that sorted!


Do you belong to any writers’ circles and does it help you to focus?

 No, not got around to it, never seem to have the time

I would highly recommend it – however the MARsocial internet group that you belong to is just as good as the face to face in your local community kind.  It is a place to talk to like-minded people and ask questions, get advice and network  etc.


If you could give one piece of advice to a budding author – what would it be? 

The first and I believe the most important is write it, don’t spend too much time thinking about it or researching details, get in down on paper or the computer and out of your head, I found this the most useful piece of advice and is why I have the first draft done.  Yes it does need padding and yes it will need the grammar and pronunciation checking but it’s sitting quite happily on my computer rather than in my head for the first time, that in itself is an achievement.

🙂 Well done Peter and may I say you should be very proud of yourself.  And by the way – that is an excellent piece of advice – I need to take heed of it myself as I spend far too much time (years) in the writing of my novels!  (Rolls eyes and smacks forehead – get it done!  Yes!  I agree completely!) 🙂

Where can we like your fan pages? 

My main points of contact are the blog at    or on Twitter

Thank you so much Peter for joining in the fun here on the Bookish Banter – look forward to reading your books and possibly featuring you on Time Travellers United when you invent a real live working Time Machine  😉

❤ Xx Laura Crean xX ❤

If you are an Author and would like to be featured on the Bookish Banter please email me at with ‘Author Interview’ in the title and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  Oh yes and if you are a Time Traveller get in contact too because I just loooooove interviewing time travellers for the Time Traveller’s United blog ;


Books for free!

Published October 26, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

I’m sure many a writer feels the same


Should authors be giving away their books for free? It’s a question I’ve been thinking about since a conversation I had with a group of other authors on Facebook recently.

Gold_BarsIt came as part of a wider discussion about the financial rewards (or otherwise) of writing a book. Cards on the table – at my level of authorship there simply aren’t any significant financial rewards! My book is a literary novel by a first time unknown author, published by a small press – it’s not going to sell like Fifty Shades of Potter. So I didn’t expect to make very much money at all from my book – and have not been disappointed in that expectation.

In fact, it still comes as a surprise and a pleasure to me when a tiny royalty cheque lands on the mat – a novelty if you like. I am amazed I get any…

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Jill-in-the-box – The Angel on my Shoulder

Published October 26, 2013 by Laura Crean Author



So I realised I started this particular blog and was too cowardly to carry it on.  It’s hard to admit in public that you have a mental health problem – people completely get the wrong idea and think you are going to murder them in their bed or something. But  I’m just  an ordinary lady (a loving Mum and daughter) who has ‘coped’ for so long and then couldn’t ‘cope’ any more and the feelings overwhelmed me and depression and anxiety set in.  Some days are better than others, the therapy was helping – well the second lot the NHS decided I could have.  Unfortunately you are only allowed so many sessions on the NHS and then it stops.  The first sessions I had were called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT for short.  They started out OK but I soon realised that I wasn’t progressing the way the therapist thought I should be.  She thought I should be cured and well – basically I wasn’t!  In fact in the end I felt like those particular sessions made me worse.  So then I had to do without for a while – can’t remember how many months.  I had some pills to help take the edge off of my anxiety but then I started having some ‘talking’ therapy and it soon became apparent to me that this was really helpful and I stopped taking the pills and relied instead on my therapy sessions to help me get through the weeks.  But now they too have come to an end and I am missing them and my therapist already.  She really helped me get from Friday to Friday.  She has suggested I keep another journal – this one about my battle with going out and fighting the agoraphobia, so you might see some entries to that effect soon, although I will probably keep most of that journal private to just lil ol me!  My writing does help me, but I have realised that I can only write the novels when I am feeling happy and normal which, frankly such moments are few and far between.  I hope any family and friends of mine don’t find these posts embarrassing or uncomfortable to read, but I feel like I just should not be afraid any more to say it how it is – I find life hard – really hard to deal with and if I didn’t have my family I think I wouldn’t be here – and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people, women, especially who are having the same problems, the same feelings and thoughts and it is to those people I’m really speaking to with this particular blog.

I am leaving  Jill-in-the box  today with a poem inspired by one of my last therapy sessions.  It is called The Angel on my Shoulder.


I dreamt I had two angels

one on each shoulder, left and right,

both whispering in either ear,

trying to influence my actions – with all their might!

And on my right the angel would speak gently

in truth and with respect,

and on my left the little devil

with his vile tongue he would inject

every hateful lie he could invent

into my burning ear

and he would deliver every foul-mouthed curse

with dark deceit and fear.

And the devil was so clever

he would twist his words in glee

so I would then believe him,

those lies he told to me.

And everything that angel dark

whispered with such hate

I began to take into my heart

and believed it was my fate.

I began to live in darkness,

repeating all his lies,

I was worthless, I was lazy,

I was someone to despise.

Who would want to know me –

when I was such a waste of space?

I soon became so lonely

and didn’t show my face.

But as I withdrew further

and he had thought that he had won

his whispering was silenced

by the other one.

She whispered even louder

about how powerful I was,

that I was funny, I was clever

and I was so beautiful because,

I was a loving Mother

whose children on me did so depend

and I was a worthy daughter

and could be a noble friend.

The angel on my shoulder

breathed in my heart new life

and as I became much bolder

the devil dropped his knife,

he had tried to plunge it deeper,

but my armour now was truth

and God had sent a little messenger

from heaven as my proof.

So I want to thank that little angel

and give a little cheer,

long may she sit upon my shoulder

and whisper in my ear.

© 2013 Laura Crean

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