(Excerpt from The Fire Giants and the Heart of Ice) – CHAPTER FOUR – Prince Bailey and Captain Thief-Heart

Published September 19, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Apparently it is national pirate day or something LOL – so I thought I would post a piratey excerpt :-

CHAPTER FOUR – Prince Bailey and Captain Thief-Heart

     Prince Bailey, the young son of Radsvinn the Light Lord of the Dragon Realm had spent the past four months aboard a ship bound for a land across the Wide Sea named Nordeland, in pursuit of a pirate known by most as Captain Thief- Heart.  So named because people thought he would steal anything even his own heart if he thought he could make some money from it. 

    In actual fact the nickname had grown from the fact that he was searching for a very specific treasure – The Heart of Ice, a fabled diamond that was thought to have the magic to melt even the hardest heart.  Jack (As that was the pirate’s real name) was in love with a princess whose heart, he thought, needed softening.  She secretly had a crush on the sailor but of course could never marry such a lowly man.  He had convinced himself that he would search forever, stealing all the treasure he could lay his hands on until he found the Heart of Ice and could take it to his beloved and finally win her hand.

    Bailey had crossed paths with the blagard a few months previously and he had stolen the prince’s Dragon Bag which contained not only the Heart of Ice, that he was supposed to be delivering to the Giant King Surt for his father the Lord of the Dragon Realm, but also the magic tools made especially to help him on his quest; a magical map that could transport him anywhere in the realm instantly and a magic key that could open any door anywhere.

        Luckily the pirate hadn’t discovered what treasures were in the bag as it was the bag itself that had tempted him.  As soon as he had seen it he had recognized it for what it truly was, a Dragon Bag, fabled to be made from the skin of the legendary Drako, the King of the dragons of old and lined with the same material found in a wormhole, inter-dimensional matter capable of existing in hundreds of universes at the same time and so able to store anything and everything inside it.  (Dragons you see use wormholes regularly and some people even refer to the dragons themselves as great worms because of their long winding bodies.)  Can you imagine the amount of stolen treasure a thieving pirate like Captain Thief-Heart could store inside such a bag?

    The young Prince, just 11 years old but already experienced in the ways of commanding an army had chased the pirate ship from The North Harbour, clear across the Wide Sea and out in the open it was hard to lose sight of the ship but harder to catch up with it. 

    Finally the prince had the scoundrel within his reach and summoning up a storm using a Rune Wand spell he had been given by the Queen of the Dryads, he sat back to wait until the ship and crew were well and truly caught in his spell.


    From a green velvet drawstring pouch tied to his belt he pulled out a yew stick with the Ogham rune of Luis carved into it.


The little stick only slightly bigger than a matchstick glowed and started to grow and change into a wand made from the Rowan and all along its length and on every part of its surface was a spell stamped in Ogham runes.

    With a clear and confident voice the young prince spoke the spell written on the wand and wove the air with the special movements that would set the spell in its intent.



The Rune Wand spell

Heed me, help me ‘whispering tree’

Whose secrets caress the Rowan leaves,

Send your dragon green and wise

To blow out a storm of cloudy smoke

And blind my enemy’s eyes.

The dragon that bids his master Thor

Come weave your magik of weather lore…




    As the storm clouds manifested it was as if the rune spell carved into the wand whipped it into a frenzy.  Bailey controlled the wand as if he were a conductor in a great orchestra, weaving the magic out of thin air with every flick of his wrist and wave of the wand.  His hands dancing the magical movements he had been taught.   

    The dark clouds filled with the power of Thor flashed internally as the lightening fuelled storm thundered and glittered around the enemy ship, blocking out all light and any hope of steering the vessel true.  The dark clouds for an instant looked for all the world like a great dragon belching out the thick dark mist of dust and moisture.

    Soon the enemy was blind and dead in the water while the sea and skies all around it were clear, it was as if Bailey had tied a scarf around their eyes and turned them around and around in a game of blind man’s buff and pushed them back out into the ocean until they were dizzy and utterly lost.

    Pax, the little purple dragon sent along on the trip to aide Bailey in his quest decided they were now close enough to the pirate vessel, called ‘The Jolly Jack Tar’ for him to fly over and try and steal back the dragon bag.  He told Bailey of his plan and the boy agreed.

    “But be careful Pax because Captain Thief-Heart has a fearsome reputation and if he sees you he will try and capture you to use as a bargaining tool.”  The little dragon puffed himself out in pride,

    “I will never let you down my young master”.  He chirruped and off he flew towards the pirate ship.

    The little dragon weaved in and out of the dark clouds and expertly negotiated a path between the fiery bolts of wand woven lightning.  He found himself aboard the Jolly Jack Tar where chaos had ensued and all hands were running about like blind mice in an alley full of Tomcats.  Only the Captain was calmly standing on deck giving clear orders to his crew to form a chain and pass down all his treasure to him so that he could store it in the Dragon Bag.

    The bag was open on the deck and the pirate was shoving chest after chest of his ill-gotten gains into it where they disappeared into some other universe to await safe retrieval at some later date.  The purple dragon saw his chance to grab the bag when the Captain turned in a rage to one of his crew because he had dropped one of his precious chests, spilling its contents all over the deck.  He scrabbled about trying to pick up every last piece of the dragon stamped gold coins.

    Pax dove for the bag, his talons open ready to grab it by its leather strap only to be knocked flying by the storm blown rigging.  His little purple body went rolling through the air straight into the magical bag and he found himself disappearing into an inter-dimensional portal.  Just as he disappeared into the bag, a funny little fly came buzzing out and flew up to the Pirate Captain.  He landed on his shoulder where he started to change shape into a chattering parrot.  The Captain turned to his pet and crooned,

    “Ah my little pollikins where did you disappear to?”  The parrot whispered something in the man’s ear and the fearsome pirate dropped the gold he was holding and the blood drained from his face.  The parrot flew off of the man’s shoulder and as he did its body started to morph and transformed into the outline of a man.  The shadowy shape solidified and there stood the dark form of the devious shape-changing god Loki.  All activity ceased instantly as the petrified crew stood transfixed by the dark god’s presence.  “My Lord?”  The pirate managed to croak, “How may I serve you?”

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