Alice in Library Land – A 9 year old’s book review

Published September 2, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Alice’s last book review of the Summer…

Rainbow Rune Reading Room

OK we are back down the rabbit hole for another book review by alice…

Book 5

Mo by Geraldine McCaughrean

A Book Review by Alice Crean Age 9

I give this book *** (3 stars)

A boy wanted a mobile phone but then he found Mo (a phone that kept speaking to him).  She could tell the future.  She knew something bad was going to happen to her.  She got run over and Shane saved her.  He put Mo in a box with batteries and the box set on fire in his school locker so they all had to go out of the school.  Mo fell in love.  Shane tried to help his friend find his Mum’s phone that was confiscated by the head teacher who doesn’t like phones, so they broke into the school.  Mo’s planet has found her and want to send her home so the whole school…

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2 comments on “Alice in Library Land – A 9 year old’s book review

  • So glad Alice is involved in reading like the rest of the Girls in our family, apart from the odd one we are all proficient readers. Well done Alice, sound like you are enjoying the books L:ove Nan xxxx


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