<3 Sharing my winning poems <3

Published August 31, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

I won this week’s competition! YAY!!!!

This was my poem:-  http://marsocial.com/groups/new-poets/

He sits on the shelf
and there he stays
that cursed elf
that haunts my days
nobody sees his evil smile
but I and I alone.
His wicked grimace wide and vile
like a trickster gargoile made of stone
he taunts me, tempts me
lures me close
and whispers cleverly
and I just listen as he boasts
of how he always wins the game.
And every day he tries so hard
to win and wear me down
and he says he’ll share his power too
if I’ll just give up my crown.
But he will never break my shield
that keeps me safe from harm
I do not bow to fear or yield
to Lucifer’s broken charm.

© 2013 Laura Crean

Not only that but I featured in the top ten list of  New Poets on MARSocial – how awesome is that?  And such a flattering review by Kelly Knox http://marsocial.com/kwknox/  who says:

“Laura Crean’s impossible to pronounce title “Corporatocracy” does little to explain the sing-song rhymes of the frist few lines. The great poet Archibald MacLeish said, “a poem should never mean, but be.” And he was probably right. Still there are some ideas, some extant, gestural ephemera that can only be expressed in poetry. These ideas are usually the ineffable, or what cannot otherwise be said. So when we look at poetry we try to see it as a living thing–no longer words on paper but something sitting next to us or in front of us–that somehow gets our attention. Crean’s poem does that: in the title, in the sing-song rhymes; and then throughout the meditation that follows. Protest songs are most potent when they are not too prescriptive; protest poems ring truest when they fail to adequately describe the problem. This may sound horrible and aphoristic; but it’s true, how many poems have ever solved a problem in the real world?”

This is the poem he is referring to :-


Energy, energy everywhere,

free for all to tap,

but most of the Earth is unaware

that few control the cap.

The Earth is just a “system”

that exists in an infinite loop,

nature has this shape as its totem

the micro and the macro too.

And yet my energy bills

continue to expand,

money into someone else’s tills

and constantly out of my hands…

What is the nature of the human experience?

What is life supposed to be?

Is it to strive for personal freedoms

such as the right to be creative, reach our full potential and live in dignity?

How can we preserve such a way of life

and still be free and sane

when corporations rule “the system”?

They seem to have everything to gain,

while reducing the human experience to commerce –

which can only lead to pain!

It seems that corporates run the world economy

through corruption and control,

they bribe our politicians –

but this is legal “lobbying” and “political gifts”

we all are told.

And the laws enforce this system

through misguided commercial red tape,

how can we change this polluted perception?

Humanity needs to re-evaluate!

Revolution can only come through evolution

in the consciousness of every heart,

we need transparent political systems

free from “division” and “corruption” for a  start.

The world needs to run in “truth” and “unity”

not “the system” versus life itself!

There are so many crimes against humanity

affecting our global health.

From food toxins and pollution

and wars and terrorists now running rife,

to genetically modified mutant crops – nice!

–       nobody knows what is safe to “consume”.

Then there are the crises with fuel and our water

and the ozone will be gone all too soon!

But the people are afraid to question authority

because their freedoms are already worn down,

“freedom of speech” is no longer policy

and will lead to the speaker becoming criminalized

by their government, state or crown.

The trouble is we can’t fix the problem

until we really know what the problem is

and so the world needs a brand new awareness

of the “programming” that gives power to this social disease.

But the truth is that this reality is but a reflection

of ourselves – each of us in turn

and the barriers are our own constructions

that we must remove if we are to learn

that freedom for the human experience

is through integrity and in respect,

integrity in each of our actions

and respect for ourselves – and not to neglect

to speak up and be a part of our community

because it’s not “the system” we all have to fight.

The doorway to human transformation

Is through forgiveness, compassion and Light!

© 2013 Laura Crean

If you would like to join in this revolution of poetic voices and perhaps join in some discussions, competitions and mix with an awesome group of writers then click the link and join in 🙂  http://marsocial.com/


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