Space Between The Universes – Moving Mountains

Published August 22, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


At first I was confused.  As I opened my eyes I didn’t see the ocean or a beach, but a meadow – full of purple flowers!  And I was lying amongst the tall stems with a canopy of purple above my head.  I stood up and looked around me.  Sure enough there was a sea of purple blooms as far as my eye could see – in all directions.  I began to walk and the flowers gently swayed in a calm breeze perfumed with their sweet scent.  I began to wonder now why I was here, when there was a shimmering in the air just ahead of me and a strange archway appeared, hovering in the air like a thought made real – plucked from a memory, my memory!  Through the archway I could see the space between the universes – my lovely beach, bathed in a warming sun.  So I walked towards it, stopping just in front of the iridescent façade of Heaven’s gate.  It was so strange – an archway leading to my space between the universes.  So why was I here – a scene from one of my books?

I looked all around again at the purple flowers and then walked around the strange arched portal, hovering in mid-air.  Behind it was exactly the same as the front side and in fact, because there was nothing in this place to determine direction, it was as if I was now standing in front of the archway once more.  I again walked around the portal to the back side of it – only to find myself once more in front of it.  The portal shimmered and rippled like rainbow coloured water and in the beach scene I saw my Lord wave at me.  He smiled and beckoned me to come through the portal to meet him at our special meeting place by the rocks.  So I stepped through onto the sand, leaving my field of purple flowers behind.

The sea was glittering in the full glare of the sun and my Lord was sitting on the rocks with sea gulls flying around him screaming in their shrill voices.  They almost sounded as if they were singing to him, praising him – and were my eyes deceiving me or were they angels in the air above him?  Their forms were faint as if they weren’t quite a part of the scene but ghostly like a mist of flying human – like shapes with a mere hint of wings – or was it just flapping material from their robes?  I brought my other foot through the portal onto the sand and turned just in time to see the portal and the purple flowers disappear.  How strange!  I mused, how surreal, to have been a part of one of my very own stories!

I sat beside him on the rocks and he stroked my cheek as he always did.  I relished his touch and leaned into his caress.  Then he lightly kissed my cheek and asked,

“Did you like my diversion?”

I nodded but of course he could tell I was distracted by it.  “What’s wrong?”  He asked, “Didn’t you like where I took you first?”  I thought for a moment.

“But it was a scene from my book – how could I be in a scene from my own book?”  He nodded and laughed gently,

“The same way you can be here or anywhere for that matter.”

I sighed at his riddles and he took me by the hand and led me up the beach towards a cliff.  When we got to the cliff face – a sheer white chalk wall crowned with a green grassy hairpiece – he stopped.  We were now standing with our faces towards the chalk and I turned to him in question and shrugged my shoulders as I asked him,

“Why have we stopped here?”

“Because I want to show you something!”  He answered simply.

I looked around us.  I saw the sea and the beach behind us.  I saw the sky above and the rocks further down the beach, where we had just come from, and then the cliff face in front of us and the cliff top above that!

“What do you want to show me?”  I asked my Lord, turning back to him as he was still facing the cliff face.

“Everything and nothing!” My Lord replied in his usual cryptic sort of way.  “What do you see in front of us now?”  I shrugged my shoulders again,

“What – the chalk cliff?”  He nodded.

“Is that all you see?”  He quizzed me.  “Are you sure?”

I looked at the chalk cliff again and my eye was drawn to all the cracks on its surface.

“Do you mean the cracks?”  I asked him, clutching at straws!

“Partly.”  He said quietly and he touched the cliff face and the chalk seemed to dissolve but at the same time was still there, hidden to my eye now.

I squinted and strained to look into the cracks in the wall of chalk.

“Try and look at the space between…”  I looked closely

“The space between?”  I asked quietly, half-heartedly, dreamily distracted by my own deep concentration as my eye was drawn to the space between the chalk and the cracks – it seemed to be alive with dancing sparkles of ‘something’ – like glitter but alive and flying like energetic particles of microscopic dust that my eye was focussing in on for the very first time.

“Do you see it?”  He whispered in my ear.  I nodded.

“Yes!  I see it.  I can’t believe it – but I can see it – with my very own eyes!”

As I focussed harder, the sparkly particles seemed to be vibrating at a frequency my ears couldn’t quite tune into.  “I can sort of hear something – but not properly.”  I whispered to my Lord who I could see smiling out of the corner of my eye.

“You need to feel these frequencies and use them rather than trying to hear them.”  He explained.

I tried to let my body tune in to the frequency and sure enough my body started vibrating with the same frequency as the energetic sparkles.  As they did my body began to feel lighter somewhat and the space between started to shimmer in much the same way Heaven’s gate to my beach had done.  He took my hand and we walked into the vibrating, shimmering particles of strange energy, and as we did he said, “Use your own energy and that of the things around you to make changes – to move mountains we must become one with the mountain – our energies combining to change our states from physical to simple – thought and spirit are simple states.”

All at once we were surrounded in a radiant light that carried us through the cliff face to the other side.  We stepped out into a beautiful garden simply bursting with colourful flowers and beyond I saw my field of purple flowers.  My Lord kissed my hand and whispered,

“Heaven is in you and all around you.  It is in every rock and flower and yes – even in the Earth itself.  The gate is always open to those who want to find it…”

I could feel the tear fall just as he moved in to catch it on his finger.

“This one belongs to heaven!” he whispered and with the tear drop still on his finger he drew a large arch in the air that became a rainbow.  I blinked and the rainbow arched high in the sky over the field of purple flowers.


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