Alice in Library Land – a 9 year old’s book review

Published August 21, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

My daughter’s book reviews on The Rainbow Rune Reading Room…

Rainbow Rune Reading Room

Alice in Wonderland image.1Let’s see what’s lurking in the library…




Paws off, Cheddarface! – Geronimo Stilton

A Book Review by Alice Crean age 9.

I give this book ***** (5 stars) – this author writes really well.  I thought writing about mice and rats was a good idea

Well – he wakes up and he was working all night – so he was late for work and he jumps out of his bed, getting ready, he starts walking to work and he’s behind this old lady and she suddenly starts whacking him on the head with an umbrella.  She says ‘you stepped on my foot on the bus yesterday and never said sorry!’  Well – it’s basically about that he finds out that he has a double that is helping his enemy – Sally – from a rival Newspaper called the ‘Daily Rat’.  He works at the ‘Rodent’s Gazette’.

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