Silent but deadly

Published August 16, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Whispering, whispering behind every door,

gossip and judgement that’s hard to ignore.

Malicious, vindictive, spiteful and planned,

all done in a vacuum, all spread second hand.

The bully is silent, sneaky and worse,

spreads subtle rumours like casting a curse.

The magic is dark and it creeps through the cracks,

it isolates, violates, cuts like an axe.

And it’s hard for the victim to understand why

such lies and deception to them is applied,

when nobody speaks of the truth that can cleanse

because nobody asks for the victim’s defence –

Why would they? How could they? When they’ve already been told

by the wind and the grapevine – that news is so old!

Often the judged don’t even know they have been,

that’s the plan of the devil – the truth can’t be seen,

it is buried and hidden, locked up with a key

that is only known to the liar on their murderous spree!

It is funny how nobody questions the facts,

they are happy to follow in one person’s well laid tracks.

And as the life of an innocent falls down round their ears

the karma just builds more momentum through the years.

God knows who is guilty and whose heart has been stained

by the snake of deception – by Lucifer trained,

and he asks for no proof, he needs no defence

because God judges all people at the sinner’s expense.

© 2013 Laura Crean



2 comments on “Silent but deadly

  • Well written, Laura!

    I can relate to this poem very well. Some of my nemesis’s (real-life super villains) have unsuccessfully attempted to defame me in the binary heavens, falsely alluding and accusing me of murder, rape, sexual harassment and pedophilia. Some people on Facebook believe these stories about me even though there is no evidence to support them. I have a good inclination as to why such lies and deception have been applied to me, Could it be they fear me because I am different? Are they afraid because I think freely, pave my own path and stand alone? It’s not easy being blue. 😉 .


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