Captain Ozone – A real live Time-Travelling Super Hero – Ecology Champion for Today

Published August 15, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

<3..........Laura Crean...........<3

How can we save the planet?

Let’s ask a Time Traveller from the future – from the year 2039 to be exact!

I am very proud to be Introducing to you all – a Super Hero with a Super ‘Green’ ego…

Captain Ozone

Captain Ozone


When I first came across Captain Ozone, on my Facebook page ‘Time Traveller’s United’, I had been waiting for a real live Time Traveller to stumble across my page and give us the gossip from the future and to hopefully give us some really useful information that would help us to clean up the planet here in the present.  When Captain Ozone flew by ‘Time Traveller’s United’ and left us a video showing how he materialised into our present time on his amazing Time Travelling Toilet, little was I to know just how useful and important his message to us could be. Ozone's time toilet2_hy5L0


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