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Published August 14, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

Wednesday 14th August 2013

Bookish Banter is proud to present our first Featured Author.

Introducing…Image                                          LeTeisha Newton

LeTeisha Newton is the author of a plethora of novels ranging from hot Interracial Erotica, Paranormal biters, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy genres. As a Goodreads, NightReading, Amazon, Kindle, Sony, and Diesel author LeTeisha has begun to reach out to fans. She began writing long before she ever thought about publishing. Thanks to an amazing teacher, that kept telling her to STOP reading in class, she decided to go further than she ever thought possible with her writing. Baile, her premier novel, is the only one written in the first person, and, at times, her go to novel for inspiration. As a mother herself LeTeisha truly felt the way Yfel did about doing anything for one’s children, go to any lengths, and smile at the end. She enjoys hearing from her fans. Follow her on twitter @LeTeishaNewton


(Laura) – Where do you hail from?

(LeTeisha) – I’m from New Jersey (No I don’t fist pump J ) but I now live in Texas!

(Laura) – Do you write full time or do you have to fit it in with working to pay the bills?  

(LeTeisha) – I am a full-time author, as hard as that truly is. I work between that and my Press. A World of Literary Fantasy Press (or A WOLF Press for short)

(Laura) – Why on Earth have you chosen to be a writer – in this digitally obsessed age?

(LeTeisha) – Because I could be nothing else! I danced for a long time, and then, after my term in the Army, had a bad knee. The only thing I loved more than dancing was writing, and I picked the pen back up. It saved my life, and I give thanks to it.

(Laura) – What’s in the pipeline?  Give me the lowdown – I need plot, characters and dare I ask – is there a twist in your tale?

(LeTeisha) – Well, I have three upcoming novels (boy am I tired!) Dragon’s Ward comes out September 20, 2013 from Amira Press. Taken by Lust and A Date to Remember will be release later in 2013. Dragon’s Ward is the story of Brook , Cadoc, Stefan and Nero. Brook has been running from a stalker for two years named Roach. He’s determined that her death will make her entirely his. When she sees a dragon turn into a man she goes to him for help. Lord knows it doesn’t stop there though, because she finds out she means more to these shifters that she ever thought possible. Now they are racing against time to stop her stalker, find out who Brook really is, and get a happily ever after to boot!

(Laura) – Where did the idea spring from for your latest masterpiece?

(LeTeisha) – I have always loved dragons and I’ve always wanted to write a romance for one. I don’t want to be a dragon rider, I want to have a dragon of my own and that idea spawned Stefan and Brook’s story.

(Laura) – Which genre do you prefer to scribble in?

(LeTeisha) – Hmm. That’s hard, but I guess romance, in several different sub-genres, from Fantasy to Paranormal, all with romantic elements.

(Laura) – Do you spend months buried in books, article cuttings and pages and pages of interesting internet stuff on your chosen subject to research – or does just a quick google search suffice?  (sometimes google does the job my friends – don’t judge!)

(LeTeisha) – Honestly I’ve studied a lot of what I write for so long that it’s second nature, and I use real cities I’ve lived in so I know them. I guess it’s a mixture of life studies, Google, and book research. I have books and binders full of information for all sorts of things from wolves to the Tarot. You ask, I probably have it!  

 (Laura) – Ooh!  I may ask!

(Laura) – How do you think you are getting better at this writing lark?

(LeTeisha) – Every book I write, every editor I deal with, and every publication date is a new experience. I learn from the last one and expound on it in the next one. I’m not just a writer but a Twitter head, marketer, Facebook queen, and blogger. I try to be a one-woman show for my publicity team, and just don’t wait for my publisher to do it. They need help too, and the book is most important to me: meaning I should flagship it. I’ve grown as a writer in every sense of the word.

(Laura) – Any stumbling blocks in the writing process for your latest book?

(LeTeisha) – Probably that I was writing three at the same time. I had the stories all in my head and just had to get it on paper. I had to fight to find time to write them all and make sure they didn’t bleed into the other. It was tough going for a while!

(Laura) – Come on tell me – why do you love this craft so much?

(LeTeisha) – I love it because it takes me to another world. When I pick up a book I do it because I want to, for a few hours or days, be somewhere else. I want to fall in love, feel passion, and see sights that I never would. I gobble books up in no time; writing takes much longer. It saves my pocket!

(Laura) – Are you a plotter / planner or do you just jump in head first with nothing but a torch and a lot of coffee to keep you going?

(LeTeisha) – I’m a bit of both. I can plot a story but I don’t make it so steadfast that I can’t change it. Then, other times, the story is just there. Like my book A Date to Remember, I just wrote it straight out in three days. After editing and cleaning it up I was like wow! I couldn’t believe what just came from my head. By contrast Dragon’s Ward was planned out from beginning to end to make the twist and turns sizzle through the book.

(Laura) – Do your fans help you out with ideas?

(LeTeisha) – Yes they can. Sometimes a fan will tell me something crazy that I just can’t let go of. Like for my book Murder by Ritual, a fan wanted to see what paranormals would do if they could live in the public, and had to police themselves. I took that idea, and totally flipped it and popped out the nearly 75k word book!

(Laura) – Indie or old school publishing?

(LeTeisha) – I am against this whole argument considering that I feel I am both. Boxes and labels just to put on above the other. I was an Indie author first, and whether I get a huge advance when I send it to my publisher or not, doesn’t matter to me. If someone had to actually accept, edit, or reject my work, that’s traditional publishing. So, I am both.

(Laura) – Is this book just one in an amazing series?  What do you think of serial killers (eh I mean writers…?)

(LeTeisha) – This book is a standalone novel. As for serial killers, love them. Murder by Ritual had a serial killer in it. They were in a race to save lives, and fall in love! As to writers: we are a splendid and treasured group of people!

 (Laura ) – good answer LOL

(Laura) – Can you give us an overview of your series? (if you have one that is – if not – move along now kiddies, nothing to see here…)

(LeTeisha) – Sorry, not a series. However I do write series, but that is for another interview J

(Laura) – looks like We’ll have to have you back again on Bookish Banter then 😉

(Laura) – Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers?  If you do can you clue me in – cos ~ I’m lost!

(LeTeisha) – Well, a few things: I make a Facebook page for my books and then offer free copies to reviewers I know have blogs that they post reviews on. I also gift advance copies to bloggers, book reviewers, and…the top reviewers on Amazon! From there I also provide giveaways with no strings attached. You know word of mouth travels fast, and giving always seems to put you in a good place.

(Laura) – Would you do it all over again or become a fireman or something? (Don’t ask me why I said Fireman – Randomness is my middle name!)

(LeTeisha) – Not a chance. I love where I am at and the journey it’s taking me on. Would I do things different in the beginning with the knowledge I have now, who wouldn’t? But I’d still want to be a writer.

(Laura) – Which iconic author got you fired up for reading –  and/or writing?

(LeTeisha) – Ohh…there are a few. How about the old Anne Rice, Gena Showalter, and Laurell K. Hamilton? They just do it for me!

(Laura) – Book trailers – to do or not to do?

(LeTeisha) – To do! I have a book trailer for every single one of my books that is published (and even teasers for those that aren’t). Why not? It gives a fan a chance to see the book come to life so to speak. We go see movies based on the trailer right? Sometimes a synopsis is not enough.

(Laura) – I have to totally agree with you there LeTeisha

(Laura) – Do you relax between caffeine fuelled and feverish writing episodes?  Please tell me how you do it – please, please?

(LeTeisha) – Not really. I have a set schedule. I work 8am – 5pm everyday on marketing, writing, Twitter, Facebook, and other things. I drink tons of coffee and very often only stop to cook for my family and spend some time with them before my laptop is back on my lap. My son says my laptop is my best-friend. For a three years old that’s a big deal!

(Laura) – Do you have a friendly bunch of peers in a writers’ circle to motivate you?

(LeTeisha) – I have some. eLo Group is one that I always turn to for support. I absolutely love those ladies, and the book is even dedicated to them. They are a phenomenal groups of ladies that are poets, authors, public speakers, and the works!

(Laura) – Editor?  No!  I don’t mean your significant other – unless they really are an editor of course…

(LeTeisha) – LOL. Yes I have and editor for all of my books. It can be anyone of three: Erin, Stephanie, or Jessica. The ladies are great and really know my writing, as they’ve worked on several of them. It’s great knowing them, even if they make me cry sometimes!

(Laura) – Tips / secrets / covert plans? – wait!  I’ve turned into a spy!  Tell me everything and I’ll give you the antidote for the poison I just put in your tea!  Ahhh I gave you the wrong cup!

(LeTeisha) – Guess I’ll stay alive then. Ha! No secrets for you. But a tip: write. Write, write, write, write, write, and then study. Don’t just sit back and hope your words will magically appear in the right readers hands. Get to know them, do reader appreciation, market yourself, not just your books. No one likes someone that always toots their own horn. Let them get to know, and love, you, and the readers will follow.

(Laura) – Give us all your links – every one in your carefully constructed chain…

Not a problem. Here they are:


A WOLF Press:




Facebook Like Page:

Amira Press:

Kickstarter Project:




Jeez! I’m all over the place. Google might be your friend here too! Thank you very much Laura for having me stop by!


You are very welcome Leteisha.  Thank you so much for stopping by Bookish Banter and spilling the beans.  There is a lot for my followers and fellow lovers of all things Bookish to get their teeth into here.  You are certainly someone new writers can learn from and I hope lots of our fellow WordPressers, Twitterers, Facebookers and Good readers etc. will check out your books and add them to their ‘to read’ list – they are certainly going on mine.

So that was LeTeisha Newton on Bookish Banter.  We will be featuring another brilliant author soon so keep your eyes peeled in your Readers WordPressers – until next time…

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  • That was a very enjoyable interview and welcome info on the Author and her work. Good luck on selling everything you are working on Leteisha. I admire your enthusiasm and your perspicacious attitude to writing.


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