Ripples in a Pool

Published August 8, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

(taken from the book ‘Vision’ coming soon!

I had a simple vision

of ripples in a pool,

they created division

like classrooms in a school,

I imagined each ripple

a universe – each one

and each universe a riddle

like a knot to be undone.

As the ripples starting radiating

out across the pool

I could see the spaces grow between them

and my curiosity was fuelled,

If each ripple was a universe

then what was in-between?

And would the space just keep on growing

until there was nothing to be seen?

If I could climb on board one ripple

and ride it to its end,

where would that ripple take me?

Would the limits it transcend?

I thought back to its creation

when it was just one single point,

just a force to begin motion

that caused the stillness to disjoint.

I thought the logical conclusion

was that the ripples would disperse

each separate universe an illusion

now just one dimension to traverse.

I sat beside the water

my daydream fading fast

and watched my lovely daughter

playing in the park.

She ran past me all excited

with a pebble in her hand

and I knew this just invited

a simple game unplanned,

to throw that little pebble

as hard as she could thrust

and watch the water tremble

with ripples as one must.

But then what she did next surprised me

as she took out a few more stones

and threw them all together

all those ripple making clones.

The ripples they created

were far from simple now

and I knew that they were fated

to create chaos – but how

did this effect my vision

with the ripples running wild?

I watched as each collision

made more ripples – and I smiled.

Life is not as simple

as ripples in a pool

and it takes the innocence of children

to remind you you’re a fool!

© 2013 Laura Crean



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