Anyone for Camping? Check!

Published July 28, 2013 by Laura Crean Author


Hello my lovely fellow WordPressers.  I thought since it is the Summer holidays and camping is on my mind and probably on plenty of yours, that I would share my new camping experiences with you.  So today’s blog is basically a checklist.  I thought it might be useful to some of you to share my own camping checklists with you – maybe there is something on my list that you have forgotten or you can see something urgently that I may have forgotten.  So here we go…



  • Main tent
  • ground sheet
  • fly sheet
  • pegs and lines
  • poles
  • peg mallet


  • sleeping bags
  • floor mats
  • blow up bed matresses or campbeds and sheets
  • foot pump or battery operated pump
  • pillows or blow up pillows
  • toiletries and towels

                                          OTHER ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT

  • camera and batteries
  • selection of lamps, torches and batteries for them or some wind up lamps might be handy.
  • Image
  • picnic table and chairs
  • folding chairs for relaxing in
  • umbrella for shade and or awning or separate shade
  • windbreaker
  • compass and maps if hiking
  • water proofs and suitable walking shoes

                                          FIRST AID KIT

  • selection of plasters including a couple for larger wounds
  • blister plasters if hiking
  • bandage
  • antiseptic wound spray
  • paracetamol or asprin / calpol for the kids
  • travel pills
  • ice packs for bumps
  • antihistamine for bites / stings / hey-fever / allergies
  • scissors / tweezers
  • insect repelent / mosquito spray
  • sun cream / after sun lotion / sun hats and sun glasses
  • any other essential personal medication



  • cool box and ice-packs (don’t forget spare packs, most campsites will freeze these overnight for a small fee)
  • water carrier (you can even get flat packed ones) / sports bottles for individuals
  • camping stove and or disposable barbeques and spare gas cylinders
  • matches
  • something to cook on i.e a stand or table or portable barbeque
  • kettle / pan / frying pan
  • large fork / sharp knife / spatula for cooking and cooking oil or butter
  • cutlery / plates / bowls / mugs (you can get some nice picnic bags that include all of this and come with a picnic blanket)
  • large plastic bowl for salads etc
  • bucket and tea towels for washing up (or you could just do it under the running water at the campsite)
  • baby wipes
  • tin opener and scissors

                                    BE CREATIVE WITH FOOD

Obviously the amount of food you take is going to depend on your cooking arrangements, space for packing etc.  Here are just a few ideas with space saving and convenience in mind.

  • packet soups and freeze dried meals like dried rice and pasta
  • why not bring a pot noodle and some packet noodles to use in the pot again
  • dilutable drinks rather than trying to take lots of bottles and cans – or be healthy and drink lots of water
  • breakfast bars and trail mixes with nuts and dried fruits (obviously not suitable if you have nut allergies like my daughter – thankfully she’s going away as part of the  National Citizen Service  so I can eat all the nuts I want for the week hehehe!)
  • small individual breakfast box selections for the kids
  • freeze dried oatmeal
  • barbeque selections for the cool box
  • small individual sauces and condiments
  • sugar / salt sachets
  • hot drink sachets eg. hot chocolate / malt drinks / cappachino


  • swim gear / snorkling gear (don’t forget the swim aides and goggles for the kiddies) and any other specialist eqipment if you are on an activity holiday
  • reading materials / puzzle books
  • games / cards (pennies and sweets if you are going to gamble or perhaps indulge in some strip poker – naturalists need not apply LOL)
  • battery operated…wait for it…or wind up – radio
  • money for pub / trips
  • some ideas for the kids :- colouring books and magazines / frizbies / bats and balls or a swing ball / bucket and spade / blow up boat / skipping rope / fold up scooter / bubbles / water pistols / kite / paddling pool / pocket money for sweets

So there you go – hope it helps someone LOL I find it useful to have a checklist but I’m bound to have forgotten something really important so if you spot anything please let me know.

Now this list isn’t exclusive and it of course depends on space.  If you are going on a family camping trip and you have a big old family car and trailer, then you can probably take everything including the kitchen sink, however if you are going on a low key cycling or back backing trip then you are going to have to be even more creative with your packing.  Did you notice that’s without the clothes!  And no I am not going all naturale  🙂



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