All fired up with an idea

Published July 16, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

I just wanted to talk about how exciting it is to be all fired up about an idea.  Now, I have so many ideas I just never know where to start or what to do first, which usually means I end up never finishing a project and having lots of ideas filling up notebooks and ring binders and folders on my hard-drive.  I’m sure most creative people are the same.

I don’t mind too much any more that I have so many ideas because sometimes old ideas get recycled.  When I did my NNEB Nursery Nursing course 20 odd years ago now, one of the projects we had to do was to make childrens books to use in our nursery placements.  Needless to say that was one of my favourite projects on the course.  I made 3 books.  2 were interactive and 1 was a tactile book.  They were all based on a character called Caterpillar Kate and the stories were designed to teach the children about over, under, in, out, round, through etc. and the kids I used my books with absolutely loved them and asked me to read them over and over at story time.

Unfortunately the only one I have left is the tactile one, which took me a long time to make as it was a needlework project.  However I was thinking about the old Caterpillar Kate books and remembering how much the children enjoyed them so I thought I would try and come up with a new Caterpillar Kate adventure to add to my Rainbow Rune series of books for Toddlers.

So I thought I would just share my excitement  with you all and say look out for my new Caterpillar Kate book in the future.  I’m not entirely sure how she will look yet it may be something like this…


some rather terrible Caterpillar Kate doodles – just playing around with ideas…


Not sure if this one will rhyme or not – might not actually but I don’t think it will matter because the pattern will be in the use of the words themselves with the pictures.


3 comments on “All fired up with an idea

    • LOL Well I don’t know about that! I hope it will be exciting for a toddler. I have REALLY exciting stuff for the older kids 😉 Cook up a Story sounds really great – food and reading go hand in hand for kids – wait what am I saying, I always enjoy a good snack when I have a book in my hand 🙂


      • It’ll be even more exciting when she discovers a baby dragon in the nest! :O hope she doesn’t get eaten! Only kidding – she has to turn into a butterfly in the end! I think Caterpillar Kate is going to wish she could fly like the baby dragons who are learning to fly in the story.


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