You learn something new every day…

Published July 13, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

I just wanted to write a very quick blog on how as a lady of 40 who has been a stay at home Mummy and has found it difficult to get back into the work place because of this, I just love the way life constantly throws lessons in your path.

Now I love writing as you have probably all guessed 🙂 but I haven’t had any formal training with my writing apart from my GCSE exams at age 15 (which as you can guess are a tad far back in my memory now) and some top up help with essay writing through doing a few Open University psychology courses.  But my imagination has always inspired me to write poetry and stories and so as you know a couple of years ago I set out on a journey to publish my first books.  I gave up on traditional publishers because I was disheartened by the constant rejection letters and I of course quite naively thought that if I had a good story – surely they would sort out all the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes etc.  Of course now – I know better!  There are far too many wannabes out there sending in their raw manuscripts for the industry to possibly even consider those that are’t polished to the best of the industry standard.

Yesterday I had the hump!  I have been struggling with the “what am I doing wrong?” question and posted these points on Facebook venting my frustration…

“I’m not sure which of these is worse:-

1. Nobody reads your work at all so you just stumble along blindly hoping eventually someone will

2.You know people are reading but you have no idea what they are thinking because you don’t get any feedback at all – so don’t know where you are going wrong.

3. Getting completely negative critique completely slating your work, offering nothing positive about the work and not telling you where you went wrong.

4.Being told your work is absolutely amazing, the best thing they have ever read when they know there are plenty of, if not mountains of errors but don’t want to hurt your feelings.

5.A completely pompous ass looking down at you and giving you complicated technical advice that is completely over your head that you can’t understand and when you ask for it in English they tell you not to quit your day job! LOL

Actually I think they are all as bad as each other.”

And I was quite encouraged by the reponses I got.

At the end of the day I learnt a valuable lesson and that is that I am constantly learning – just like everybody else, and I need to stop beating myself up about it and just do the best I can with the knowledge I have at the time and hope my readers understand that  (as well as my writing) I am a ‘work in progress’  🙂

So where do I go from here?  Well unfortuantely I can’t afford to do a degree and I am going to have to continue to ‘wing it’ and ‘learn as I go’ and – hopefully – get better and better…

So if you read any of my work and think ‘Whoops!  There’s a few mistakes in there!’ I hope you will see through the errors to the heart and soul underneath, appreciate my imagination and creativity and continue to read my work with the knowledge that I can only get better – so the next book should by definition have fewer mistakes and after a few more hundred thousand words experience – improve with age (much like myself!) 😉

btw – I think i’m getting to grips with the dialogue problems I was having now!  Just so you know! 🙂 🙂 🙂

And thank you, thank you so much for all your encouragement and appreciation of my craft and continued learning and experimentation with it, I know I have so much more to offer and look forward to sharing it with you all.

❤ Xx ❤ Laura ❤ xX ❤


2 comments on “You learn something new every day…

  • Very nicely written and always remember the rules.
    1. Believe in yourself
    2. Trust your intuition
    3.write from the heart
    4.ignore the idiots
    5 only be open to criticism when your ready to except it and want it.
    6. Most important of all KEEP WRITING because you love it


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