NaNoWriMo – Day 6 – A very small excerpt

Published July 6, 2013 by Laura Crean Author

A close up of my Mermaid painting in acrylics © 2013 Laura Crean

Taken from Atlantis and the Dolphin of Knowledge – Chapter 3

Pearl’s sleep was disrupted by dreams of dolphins and mermaids amidst dark ruined buildings and even darker waters.  The silence and the pressure of the water on her lungs were suffocating.  She felt lost and out of her depth and when she focused on the faces of the mermaids, she saw that they were in fact the faces of Coral, Angel and Ariel.

Then she saw herself dressed in the robes of the ceremony of the Dolphin of Knowledge.  Her creamy white hair floated wide in the ocean, her ringlets mixing with the seaweed that almost resembled a green extension to her own hair and curled about her body like the delicate tendrils of some strange spiritual octopus caressing her tenderly.  She reached out her arms to her companions who seemed not to notice her trouble; wordlessly begging them for help as she fell silently down into the murky depths, matched only in its total darkness by the pitch black of unconsciousness she knew would soon engulf her.

My attempt at painting a mermaid in acrylics © 2013 Laura Crean


6 comments on “NaNoWriMo – Day 6 – A very small excerpt

    • Well yes it is a nightmare really – but it is also a premonition. She’s an Atlantean but not like you would normally think of an Atlantean, before Atlantis was destroyed. She belongs to an Atlantis that survived the deluge and live in vast caverns under the sea and swim with the dolphins and have a whole new adapted existence to living in the depths. In fact they don’t even know ‘up there’ exists. She is about to take part in a ceremony that initiates her as a ‘Chosen’ priestess and it requires they swim with this mystical dolphin that they call ‘the dolphin of knowledge’. But it requires them to swim further than is usual for their people from the relative safety of the city and she is obviously (as to be expected) somewhat worried she won’t be able to survive the iniation ceremony. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


      • I must say that I love this concept; it certainly doesn’t sound like anything I’ve read before now. Good luck on the editing for this.

        I can see why she’s worried. Are they able to hold their breath any longer than ordinary humans would? If not, then I can see this ceremony getting very dangerous indeed ;).


      • Thanks for that. Yes certainly when I originally wrote this book about 20 years ago now, I hadn’t read anything like it but of course nowadays there are lots of books about Atlantis. I hope however that this is an Atlantis story with a real twist and a different angle. The Atlanteans in my story were of course human, but they had adapted to life in a different environment and would have been able to hold their breath a lot longer. They would still need to breathe at some point though, so even for them this traditional ceremony was very dangerous indeed!


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